Lioness Arising Mothers

Over time, I have been met more and more women who fit the title of a
“Warrior Mom”.  I have met these women from all different parts of the country.
They come to me in unexpected ways, that only God can ordain.
They all have the same thing in common: Their children were taken from them.
They all have one common purpose: To spread truth.
They want to spare other mothers from the pain of watching their own child disappear before their eyes. And knowing exactly why.

These mothers will never go away. Ever. And everyday they are growing in numbers.

“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known”
-Matthew Arnold, Nineteeth-Century British Poet and Philosopher


During this season of my life when the Lord started placing these mothers in my life, I had a righteous anger to tell their stories and share their truths. During this time, I was also getting a lot of slack from my community of Christian friends and mentors. At one time, someone I looked up to called me and said “Jessica, you really need to watch your facebook posts on vaccines. They are very controversial. Jesus wasn’t controversial”. Really?!? I’m not one to get into religious debates, but I’m pretty sure Jesus was. None the less, I know how to follow instinct and truth.

Shortly after this disheartening conversation, I read the book Lioness Arising. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this book was written for me and all my new Warrior Mom friends. It almost gave me the permission I needed to shout their truths from the rooftops. I found an injustice and I was ready to tell the world.

 While reading the book Lioness Arising, I started feeling like maybe the name “Warrior Moms” wasn’t a strong enough title for these mothers. I decided my Warrior Moms needed a new name, so I named them Lioness Arising Mothers, after the book. This is a blog series highlighting these different mothers, all of whom I am humbled and honored to not only know, but to call friends.

First, what is a Lioness Arising?
Here are just a few highlights from the book (which I HIGLY recommend)
Have you ever read a book that single handedly changed the path of your life? That’s what this book has become for me!


Lioness Arising :Wake Up And Change Your World
by: Lisa Bevere

“To all my lioness sisters
who feel something wild, fierce,
and beautiful stirring within them.
You are stunning.
You were born for this moment.
Don’t be afraid of your strength, questions, or insights.
Awaken, rise up, and dare to realize
all you were created to be.”
-Lisa Bevere

How will you respond when you are fully, dangerously awake?
What history will you make? Will you, like the fierce lioness, awaken from a tranquilized state and rise up to defend your family, your community, your world? Are you awake? Even now, what is stirring in your heart?

 Could it be we’ve been awakened in this moment?  I challenge you to ponder this idea of women coming together for good. Will the women of our time yet rise above the many conflicting and limiting worldwide cultural and religious images? Will we in the Western world turn from frivolous distractions and focus our attention on worthy and noble causes? Will we apprehend the gravity and urgency of our time and lay aside our doctrinal differences and opinions in order to join ranks?

Even the lioness knows she must stretch before she attempts to pounce.
I’ve seen many women terrified by their own strength. They recoil in fear if ideas, questions, or passions arise unbidden within them. Strength is not to be feared; it is to be embraced. Walking the realm of good outside of God limits us. Our present world issues are so incredibly vast they need limitless answers. So, lovely one, will you dare to believe that you might be a part of this revelation of good and therefore gather with others and strategize so God’s goodness will be seen through us?

I have intentionally not limited this “good” to the realm of “nice” or even “safe”.
It is a force, after all. I have likewise heard virtue described as a force.

Can we be trusted with this charge? Will we enrich the lives of those around us?
Will we be at once both capable and virtuous? We need an honorable gathering of virtuous women who are well able.

Talented and gifted
Fearless yet honoring
Connected yet self-contained
Present yet far-reaching
Compassionate yet fierce
Pure not naïve
Strong and gentle
Simple yet highly strategic

Far too many of us are discouraged, sedated, or sadly unaware of what’s really going on in the world.

The world needs you, lovely lioness sister, not to merely wake up, but to give expression to your God-given fierce side. What does it look like for a Christian woman to be fierce? Is it yelling, screaming, clawing, and kicking. There might be a time for that.

“Like a bear whose cubs have been taken away,
I will tear out your heart.
I will devour you like a hungry lioness
And mangle you like a wild animal”
-Hosea 13:8

God does not need a band of domesticated daughters who spend their days baking and behaving well. Nothing wrong with baking, but if that is all we do, God won’t use us to change history.

“Well-behaved women rarely make history”
–Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

And now I proudly introduce the Lioness Arising Mother Series! Sharing personally stories from mothers who are fighting an injustice and want the world to know their truth!

Whatever injustice you’ve found in this world…go fight it.
The world is waiting for you!



Lioness Arising Mom #1: LJ Goes (Thinking Moms Revolution)

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Lioness Arising Mom #4: Rebecca Ferguson (Regarding Caroline)

Lioness Arising Mom #5: Melissa Vega

Lioness Arising Mom #6: Kim Spencer (Thinking Moms Revolution)

Lioness Arising Mom #7: Rainna Moran (Chase Answers)

Lioness Arising Mom #8: Robyn Charron (Huffington Post Interview)

Lioness Arising Mom#9: Robin Maiocca 

29 thoughts on “Lioness Arising Mothers

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  2. Hi, I received your comment on my blog asking me to send a submission for your series. I sent it to the email address associated from the comment but haven’t heard an acknowledgment. Should I send it somewhere else? Thanks, Robyn


  3. A friend posted your #8 story on facebook today and I’m looking forward to looking more through your site. So thankful for other Christian moms (and non believing parents alike) who are standing up and speaking to the vaccine issue. We have a similar story (see my blog under My Story). The internet is such a friend in that we can all band together with quality information sharing and support!!


  4. You DO NOT decrease the chance of your baby getting complications by waiting until they are older. I was working as an RN in a doctor’s office in ’93 and the entire staff had to get Hepatitis B vaccinations. I had never been sick before that time. I have had multiple food sensitivities ever since, and the number of foods keep increasing. I am now up to 48. Have you ever tried to cook without using wheat, milk, eggs or corn? Try it with just those 4 and try to imagine 48 and counting. Food sensitivities are less threatening than allergies that can cause your throat to close, but they cause rashes, constipation or diarrhea, inflammation, leaky gut, lack of absorption from your gut being “messed up”, mucus in the colon that kills the celia, just like in celiac disease only less obvious. I have 7 grandchildren and my advice to my kids is NEVER give immunizations. Pharmaceutical companies are nothing but drug pushers, and they tell lie after lie and resort to fear tactics (terrorism) to get parents to accept toxins being injected into their children.


    1. I am an RN and vaccinated my kids and they are all very allergic like me. I found NAET to reverse my allergies and became a practitioner to help my family, friends and have a busy practice. Vaccines can be reversed! It won’t reverse the damage 100% but it can reverse a lot of the damage, see the NAET autism study on youtube. 26 out of 28 autistic kids were able to go into regular classrooms.


  5. Can you please share my contact info with Robyn Charron? I think I can help her son. Reading her story was reading my son’s story. ( Although her son does not have autism, he has the same physical issues my son did – encephalitic reaction from DTaP, food allergies, eczema, respiratory issues. My son is now 12, 100% healthy, no food allergies. Not one. I would love to talk to her. Thanks!


  6. This is a very very good read! How can I start to follow this blog? When I tried to click on another story to read, it asked for my password???? How do I get a password so I can read more???


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