Lioness Arising Mom #1: Lisa Joyce Goes

This is the first blog post in a Series called Lioness Arising Mothers 

Lioness Arising Mother #1: Lisa Joyce Goes. She goes by LJ.
Don’t mess with LJ.


Lisa Joyce Goes is co-founder of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, co-author of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution and President of the non-profit, Team TMR, an organization that strives to bring treatment to families who’ve suffered the tragic effects of environmental autism. She is a contributing editor for Age of Autism, and former Human Rights Panelist for The Academy of Excellence in Learning. She is wife to Dave Goes and mom to three beautiful children, Madeleine, Noah, and Liam. Noah is presently recovering from iatrogenic/environmental autism.

Lisa’s beautiful boy Noah has been medically diagnosed with “leaky gut” which can be thanked for the elevated titre of measles in his intestines that are destroying his bowels, metal levels off the charts and no immunity to polio despite being vaxed. In addition, he cannot stop producing antibodies for varicella. Noah suffers greatly with mitochondrial dysfunction, bowel disease and immune compromise; all serious medical conditions that were diagnosed as autism. He is one sick boy in addition to his diagnosis of Autism.

The best way to tell LJ’s story is through her own words. LJ writes about her world in daily posts on her fb page.

I’m going to share only a few of LJ’s posts. These posts are raw, emotional, gut-wrenching, and awe-inspiring. LJ is truthful, honest, and scientifically & medically sound.

Written from the heart of a mother. A mother who is fully and dangerously awake.
A Lioness Arising…


POST #1:

This evening, my 3 yo Liam opens a book. It was a picture book about helicopters. He sits at the kitchen island and pretends he his reading…this is what he says about his brother Noah:

“Noah is screaming. Noah, for longtime always, screams. He is sick. He jumps on the counters and mommy can’t get him off. He is very mad and he yells and cries and shakes. My ears hurt so bad. Mommy looks mad and she is tired …in her eyes. Mad is upstairs. She goes away. I’m sad.”

For you parents who don’t get it yet, I had a delightful baby. So good, I got pregnant again 6 months after having him. He was a breeze. Delightful. Except he was a little jaundiced, a bit swollen, didn’t really wanna eat and had eczema. If this describes your child currently, keep vaxing on schedule and you too can soon be me. You can listen to your super smart, sweet 3 year old tell you about what it’s like to watch his brother suffer. What it’s like to be potty trained when his brother isn’t, what it’s like to express himself when his brother can’t. What it’s like to live day in and day out with OCD so powerful it prevents his brother from setting foot on the ground, he must, at all times, be on the countertops. He must at all times, be screaming. He must at all times, be jumping, running, stimming, screaming, repeat. He fights getting dressed, he fights going to the bathroom, he fights brushing his teeth, combing his hair, learning how to properly eat and sit in a chair. His whole life, since his 12 month vaccinations he has been fighting.

Dear Morally Bankrupt Omniscient Pharma, This boy is my son. His NAME IS NOAH PATRICK GOES. He is a human being. You took his central nervous system. His vestibular system. His neurological functioning. His bowels. His eyesight. Tomorrow you plan to take away the supplements that give him peace. You wear me down. You break my children’s hearts. You take our money. You attempt to destroy my family on a daily basis. But, you will never ever win. I will. I WILL…ME…Lisa…Joyce…Goes….I WILL DESTROY YOU. One FB post, one letter, one phone call, one parent, one neighbor, one doctor, one school, one community, one city, one state at time. Remember his name, Noah Patrick Goes. NOAH. PATRICK. GOES. HE MATTERS. HIS LIFE MATTERS. From the bottom of my heart… LJ


Poor Innocent Person to me: You know, LJ, you are such a strong person. I know you will see what a blessing autism is. Really. Look at your Noah, he is such a blessing.

LJ: Yes, he is a blessing. He, his siblings and their father are my greatest gifts on earth. But, I do not consider the daily pain with which he struggles a blessing. I do not consider that a blessing. I do not consider the measles infesting his intestines, nor the colonized bugs in his gut and the resulting clostridia overgrowth making it impossible for him to control his body and actions, a blessing. I do not consider his aluminum and cadmium poisoning, a blessing. I do not consider his neurological, nervous system, vestibular system, immune system and bowel dysfunction blessings. Would you say to someone whose daughter had just been raped, what a blessing it was? Would you say to the parent of a child diagnosed with leukemia, what a blessing it was? No. But to a parent who took their child in for their 12 well baby visit and subsequently lost them to “autism” society gives the green light to tell said parents they have been “blessed.”

Our son Noah is an extraordinary blessing. It is for that reason that I must correct you and anyone else who sees fit to call his daily pain and suffering a blessing. He wouldn’t want you or any other human being thinking the damage he endures every second of his life was a divine gift. The divine gift, the “blessing” is knowing what we know about his condition, communing other seekers, healers, scientists, doctors, and educators–so that Noah, and others like him, can prevent this heinous damage from happening to someone YOU love. Rubella destroying his eyesight, a blessing. I do not consider the measles infesting his intestines, nor the colonized bugs in his gut and the resulting clostridia overgrowth making it impossible for his to control his body and actions, a blessing. I do not consider his aluminum poisoning, a blessing. I do not consider his neurological, nervous system, vestibular system, immune system and bowel dysfunction blessings. Would you say to someone whose daughter had just been raped, what a blessing it was? Would you say to the parent of a child diagnosed with leukemia, what a blessing it was? No. But to a parent who took their child in for their 12 well baby visit and subsequently lost them to “autism” society gives the green light to tell said parents they have been “blessed.”

POST #3:

I seriously love Prosecco. It’s such a festive drink and it’s my favored libation during the holidays. For the most part, it just makes me feel giggly and light hearted. As I sit here, hammering away at my computer, investigating oxalates, vitamin D, and autistic entercolitis with the fervor of a grad student, I admire the glass I’ve poured. It’s a pretty pale champagne, little bubbles popping to the top, the elegant glass is which it was poured is the only one left of 6. Our beautiful son Noah, despite the removal of three island stools, four kitchen chairs, and two sitting chairs, has managed to learn how to scale the kitchen cabinets to get on top of the counters. He likes to shatter glass. I think, mostly because, it’s very rewarding. A million shards, firing off in all different directions, it’s a violent and bloody act. It’s his way of communicating to us what is happening in his body. What it feels like when he tries to digest food the rest of us take for granted. Food that seeps through the hundreds of painful holes in his intestines caused by the measles virus from an MMR that was manufactured without a quality check point. A vaccine manufactured without concern for damage to babies and toddlers because of it’s great and unchecked legislative freedom. This virus wreaks havoc on Noah’s neurological functioning, his nervous system, his immune system, and of course his bowels. Several times of day, a foul smelling yellow and black paste is emitted from his bowels, terrible welts on his bottom and legs, open sores, yeast, die off, and periods of blank stares. And shattered glass.

Go right on continuing to believe that autism is psychological. I will save you my glass of Prosecco so we can have a long chat when you come around. For some reason, I’m just not in the mood for it anymore. I’m off to study immunological disease, mitochondrial dysfunction and chronic dysbiosis. Yeah, us autism moms. What a bunch of celebrity following dimwitted numskulls…

POST #4:

Dear Pharma, Today you win. You do. I have nothing left to give you. No fight. I wish so much that would satiate you–that taking all these good and productive people would satisfy your greed. But, sadly, no. Thousands of kids around the world will be born into chronic disease today. Thousands will return from their well baby visits with their voices stolen, the damage to their swollen brains …undetected for months before the great benefits of “early diagnosis” kick in. Today, utterly defeated and totally histrionic I have only one plea. Parent, soon-to-be-parents, know your rights. When it comes to preventative health care those rights are dissipating with each passing day. If your child is harmed you will not get answers. You will not get help. You will be given pills, a pamphlet, and a pat on the back while you are told “no cure.” And the few researchers left who still employ their medical and scientific curiosity will become the needles in a haystack YOU will have to find. With no sleep, no help, no resources, and every single person with a stethoscope telling you recovery is not possible. Searching the haystack on your own. You know they are wrong. Do your research. Avoid this reality. Best, lj

POST #5:

It turns out a child in the throws of mitochondrial disease, encephalitis, bowel dysfunction, and die-off can indeed climb a wall. Something so truly terrible is happening within them their physical being can actually defy gravity. And, they can do it consistently, for hours on end, from 3:00 in the morning to 6:47. While they scream, cry, scratch and sob. This post brought to you courtesy of the greatest psychiatric ponzi scheme ever known to man. The medical disease disguised as AUTISM.

Guess what America? Your chronically sick kid? Got a neurological problem? Autism? OCD? Docs tellin’ ya to jump on the anti-psychotic bandwagon? You really need to read this paper. Autism: Oxidated Stress, Inflamation, & Immune Abnormalities

Really. Stop saying you can’t. You’re not smart enough. You’re not a doctor. Please. Because that is what your doctor and the pharma reps that take him out to lunch everyday are hoping and praying you will say. If you want to KNOW, TRULY REALLY KNOW what happened to your kid, it’s all right. There. Do not read this book in the same room with a firearm. DO read this book with a glass of wine and a medical dictionary. And when you are finished, give it to your doctor and your local state representative and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. This epidemic could have BEEN STOPPED. WE COULD STOP IT NOW. But our government and their financial backers, pHARMa are banking on the fact that you will not figure it out. They keep recycling powerfully flawed science (late life babies, babies with big heads, babies by the freeway, babies with mean moms, it’s always been around) because they know when enough of us discover the truth it is going to mean lawsuits. Lots and lots and lots of lawsuits. They know our country cannot survive this sort of financial stressor. They know the public’s faith in our system with all but disappear. Frankly, I don’t know what the answer is. I just know the truth has to come out, for all our damaged children. Please, for your child’s sake.

POST #6:

I’m just a mom. A mom with a really sick kid. I spend my days reading books and calling doctors. It’s what I do everyday, and have done everyday, for over 3 years now. All I can say for SURE…as a matter of FACT…is this:

If your pediatrician DOES NOT ask you if you have a history of allergies, asthma, autism, ADHD or auto-immune disease in your family BEFORE he vaccinates your baby, he is NOT IN POSSESSION OF THE KNOWLEDGE required to vaccinate your child responsibly. PERIOD. PERIOD! FIND A NEW DOCTOR WHO UNDERSTANDS THE SCIENCE. If he does ask and you answer YES to any of the above and he tells you “you should be fine” he is guilty of MEDICAL MISCONDUCT and should be reported. Carry

POST #7:
Dear Concerned “Autism Specialist”,
Thank you for letting me know your opinion today about the path we have chosen for our son. I understand you feel that an organic diet and medically accepted and endorsed treatments in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany are not “normal”. I am fairly certain you used the word “normal” 4 times. My son is not “normal”. Autism, is not “normal”. What he suffersdaily is not “normal.” And your desperation to make him and all his friends “normal” will eventually make you crazy. Thank you for your opinion. I choose not to take it. I choose hope and recovery. And, frankly scientific evidence. Your opinion, while very normal and acceptable to many, offers neither. How I feel for the families you counsel.
Best, lj
Oh and P.S. medicating kids, doesn’t make them “normal” either.
Just makes em medicated (but still sick!) 

POST #8:
A little girl was playing in her yard to my left, all by herself. She was wearing sunglasses and pretending to model. She was playing with her toys, having a ball. As I gazed at her the great peace and appreciation I had for the moment shattered into a million pieces. “Will she get sick with her next round of shots? Will they say what they have said to so many of my friends…sometimes…this just happens, we don’t know why. Kids this age (2, 3, 5, 10, 19) frequently develop (fill in the blank) asthma, allergies, auto-immune compromise, juvenile arthritis, juvenile diabetes, juvenile arthritis, neurological dysfunction and learning disabilities. It’s very common now. Don’t forget to pick up your 6 prescriptions on the way out.”

I do not know how to stop it. I do not know how to condense everything I know and make it into a digestible message that can help people instantaneously. Because no matter how hard I try to package, re-write, re-state, edit it…the underlying fundamental truth is always the same.

You children are NOT safe in the confines of the current medical system. Your doctor is shielded from incredibly important and life saving information and studies because they do not jive with the current flow of pharmaceutical interventions. They do not know how to treat the body as a whole anymore. They have lost their ability to investigate and question because anytime their findings are not in agreement with the groupthink that controls the message, they are blackballed and professionally slaughtered. Many of them have lost their moral compass. I have been told by many they know the harm that vaccines do but they feel “powerless” to stop it, because pharma runs, everything. I tell them they are powerless, if they continue to choose silence over the truth.

Babies are being sacrificed everyday. It is time to stop it. To take a stand. It’s time FOR A REVOLUTION. Please, educate yourself and your neighbors. Respectfully, LJ Goes

POST #9: 
Today I was told that autism, at the very greatest was a disability,
but it is in no way an illness. This was my response.

With deepest respect, I am a full time autism activist and essayist. I have dedicated my life to the political and medical investigation of autism. My son has metabolic and methylation failure, resulting in neurological and central nervous system dysfunction that presents as Autism. I thought, after doing years of research, traveling around the country and talking to research physicians that are under threat of losing their licenses because they are uncovering the very real environmental impetus to “autism”, that my son was a rare bird. That, perhaps, it was just him and everyone else’s child had “the real autism”. No. Not the case at all. Many, many children have undiagnosed mito, undiagnosed autistic entercolitis (which my son suffers from) and many other auto-immune viral anomalies that contribute to the breakdown in mental function of children severely affected with “autism”. Most doctors are unqualified to diagnose and taught to look away from the very real iatrogenic implications of this profound problem that is on it’s way to bankrupting our nation. Full time. This is my job. 7 days a week. Research, speak to doctors, to universities, to other parents, to labs, to government officials. This is what I do. It is what I KNOW. Children are very very ill. No one wants to believe because of what it means. I am terribly sorry to present the facts in this manner. I do not know what else to do when I see the needless suffering of precious precious children on an ongoing basis. I always tell parents to take a step back. Observe their precious one. One night, when my boy was crying and screaming inconsolably I just stayed by his side. I let him hit me over and over and over and over again. He was barely verbal at the time. After and hour and half of this, after bloodying my cheek and scratching the skin off my nose, he finally whispered as he looked into my eyes, “it hurts.” Many parents, when they stop to pay attention to what THEY see, instead of what they are told to believe, make the same observation. Then, they get to work. Respectfully, LJ

POST #10:
Dear AAP,
With all due respect, when you have a parent whose child became ill and developed cerebral palsy at the age of two weeks from Pertussis speak, is it your intention to suggest that we start vaxing our children at two weeks? Because, my son at 12 months had a horrible reaction to Dtap and is now violently allergic to several foods. Please, PLEASE, do your research. Please, at the very least know what is in the shots. And please, inform parents that if they have a genetic history of allergies, asthma, AUTO-IMMUNE illness or autism, the odds are very very likely just ONE SHOT could cause irreparable auto-immune and inflammatory damage to a vulnerable child. I implore you to educate yourselves. You cannot continue to consider yourselves authority figures when you patrol facebook for educated moms who may be sharing the truth with others and treat them as criminals who must be on lock down. We are educated. There are many of us. And we know what you’ve done to our children. We know this first step, “the balanced conversation webinars” and “End the Controversy” dictates are because we have begun to affect sales figures. Our truth is undeniable. We know the science. Sales go first. When you get desperate what will happen? Sales are already dropping. Pharmaceuticals (which pay your salaries) are our number one export as you know. What will you do? I will tell you what we will do. We will educate ourselves and rebuild our country. A country that now knowingly harms many, for the good of more. UNACCEPTABLE dirty, lazy, medicine.  Best, lj goes

images (19)

So there you have it friends. 10 posts from a facebook newsfeed in the life of what autism looks like. This is the real world.  

Update: *This post was written in 2012. Noah is now potty trained and verbal, thanks to the many interventions Lisa and her husband Dave have pursued. HE struggles still with metabolic issues and has yet to overcome his varicella, as IVIG has been proved the most effective treatment, but is not readily available to families in the autism community. He continues to inspire his family and those around him everyday with his powerful faith, determination, and grace.

13 thoughts on “Lioness Arising Mom #1: Lisa Joyce Goes

  1. Oh Jes,

    praying…wow, i am in tears…Lord open OUR eyes…that we may see, our ears that we may hear!! Come quickly Lord…

    LJ, I am praying right now for your precious family! My heart breaks for Noah and for his siblings and his parents…


  2. Wow what an amazing mom both you ladies are… I don’t know either of you personally but I know your pain…. we are on the mitochondrial disease/dysfunction path right now as well and pray that everyone will find peace….


  3. Thank you, LJ. Your story is heartbreaking, and there is no doubt in my heart that it is true. You see, I have a sister who is autistic. Much of her teen years and early twenties, about 16-23, could be summed up as HOURS of screaming, relentless violence, and destructiveness. My mom describes holding her at bay by holding a chair between herself and my sister for hours, I think, of one day. She was full of rage, determined to injure someone. Or if she wasn’t, just watch–ANYTHING could set her off. (And of course family tension escalated because whoever set her off was the person blamed.)

    Thank God my family discovered the gluten-free, casein-free diet for her, and her behavior improved by leaps and bounds. Much better than on medication. I have much higher hope for children whose parents discover real interventions earlier. My parents too were left with few to no answers.

    In addition to calling out vaccines constantly on FB (I have lost at least one FB friend and keep a list of those I block from seeing my posts), I also try desperately to let people see how bad autism really is. I am beyond frustrated by people calling it a blessing. By people saying “Have you thought about sin!…Sometimes it is just what God has for us!” (Yes, I ponder sin deeply, all the time, and here I am trying to call it out!) Autism is by no means the only issue implicating vaccines, by a long shot, but it is the issue that touches my family the most obviously.

    Thank you for your help in this, LJ. I pray your life gets better. I have shared this on FB and it has already been re-shared three times.

    Jesus will judge righteously someday!


  4. Hi there. I’m expecting my first child in a couple of months, and I’ve had a lot of friends mention the dangers of vaccinations. I worked in medical research for some years, and I love science so I figured I’d see what scientific research showed on this subject. I struggled to find any peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable medical journals proving a casual link between vaccinating on schedule and the diseases the vaccines are often linked with in mommy blogs. (After working in medical research studying a disease from an “anti-pharma” approach and still getting many articles published, I personally feel it would be very hard for something like this to be covered up.) We were planning on vaccinating on the CDC schedule, but after reading things like this that mention research, I feel like I must have missed something. Do you do your own medical research studies with patients? Or do you mean reading other research papers? Either way, could I see some links to peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable medical journals proving (or even strongly suggesting) a casual link between vaccinating on schedule and the diseases the vaccines are often linked with? I respect all the parents who believe not vaccinating is better for their children, and do not wish to attack them. I really just want some assistance before making a final decision for my baby. Thank you!


    1. Emily,
      Peer-reviewed scientific articles in reputable medical journals is endless. Have you done any searches on PubMed? As I’m sure you know, PubMed is the most thorough online database of medical literature. Another great place to start is the book: “The Vaccine Safety Manual: For Concerned Families and Health Care Practitioners”, which provides over 2,000 published studies.

      If you are looking for the vaccine/autism link, this autism blog has compiled over 80 studies:

      If you have an exact illness you are looking for, I can link you directly to a certain study showing the link to vaccines.


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