Lioness Arising Mom #2: Laurie Annie

This is a series of blogs highlighting different warrior mothers that I know.
If you missed the Introduction to this series, you can read it here:
Lioness Arising Mothers

Now I’d like to introduce Lioness Arising Mother #2: Laurie Annie

The best way to highlight these amazing mothers is through their own words.
This is written by my friend Laurie. It’s about her life and the life of her precious son.

The Mother Lion
C. S. Lewis wrote, “Experience is a brutal teacher, but you learn. My God, do you learn!”
I often use this quote as I share our experience with our son’s vaccine injury. In just one morning of reading the newspaper headline – “you must vaccinate your child or they cannot attend school” – I chose to vaccinate. Little did I know that this choice would change our lives forever. In hindsight, I wished I’d listened to that still small voice in me cry out – don’t vaccinate – but my worries of breaking the law overshadowed the instinct I felt in my heart about vaccine safety.

Just as many other parents do, I allowed the media’s lies to fearfully override my Godly instincts. I sadly chose to believe the message of government entities like the CDC , FDA and big pharma. This message is tainted with their vested interest in the current vaccines, which causes them to be often swayed by greed and control. To learn more about the vaccine-injury controversy, I highly recommend , Deadly Immunity by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. His article in the June 2005 issue of Rolling Stone magazine unfolds the disappointing truth behind the efforts to conceal the negative impacts of vaccines on children and their families. That was years ago and now, having educated myself on the subject, I want to share what I’ve learned so that everyone can make an informed choice.

Just one hour after allowing my son to be vaccinated with the required M.M.R and D.T.P , he began to run a fever between 102 and 104, lasting two weeks followed by a rash. For the next four weeks he would struggle with the smell cooking food and couldn’t consume food without gagging or vomiting. This went on for almost a month along with chronic diarrhea, until he dropped five pounds. Everything he attempted to eat would either come up or run out of him. What was happening to my once healthy, happy, bouncing boy that I nurtured and nursed for the first eighteen months of his life? Wasn’t this vaccine suppose to build up the immune system?

The following months were spent running from doctor to specialist and three different medical clinics resulting in not one answer to give him hope! As he slowly turned to skin and bones, the mother lion in me awakened! In the following months through my research I came upon a promising article online from Dr. Joseph Mercola. He spoke about vaccine-injured children and shared success stories of recovery. After tears and prayers in the evening while my son would experience more stomach pains than he could handle as he’d speak those haunting words he’d say to me often, “Mommy I just want to go home to be with Jesus!”, I decided to make an appointment to visit Dr. Mercola’s clinic in Illinois. Mercola’s nutritionist enlightened me with a final diagnosis on our son called “leaky gut syndrome”.

Mercola’s team were not the only doctors trying to make sense of what was happening to children after vaccines. Dr. Wakefield, a British gastroenterologist is well known for his controversial study that links the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine with autism. Many doctor’s want to discredit his research, it is fueled with many stories of parents describing their children as developmentally normal until they have their MMR vaccine at around fifteen months old. Then as we experienced shortly after they develop severe bowel problems. Why were most doctors unwilling to make a connection? I’m so thankful for doctors like Mercola and Wakefield who are willing to go against the grain of Western medicine, which is so heavily influenced by the Pharmaceutical industry.

That was more than five years ago. Since then, Wakefield has studied bowel disease in children with autism. He has identified an inflammatory condition that seems to be linked to the MMR vaccine, which at that time contained a mercury preservative. His study was published in The Lancet, a British medical journal. Dr. Wakefield lost his job after refusing to back down from the findings . (

After learning so much about this condition and how my son could no longer digest the difficult proteins in gluten/wheat or casein/dairy. I now had to learn how to cook that would bring healing to all of the damage that had been done. I followed Dr. Mercola’s nutritionist advise and purchased a book written by Jordan Ruben called “The Makers Diet” which taught me about healing with foods as in fermented kraut and purine from slow cooked meat on bones. Little did I know that this would become a passion in my life as we saw our helpless 39-pound son slowly regain his health and weight in just six months. The stomach pains subsided after about one year and I knew we must move forward and make this lifestyle change. I was motivated to quit my job, sell our beautiful home in the country and downsize to make important sacrifices that would regain our son’s health back again. Most of the doctoring was out of pocket and not supported by insurance. The daily supplements were not covered as well because they were not approved of by our FDA even though they helped him recover.

Through this all, I’ve become a hero in my son’s eyes as he experienced healing….. the Mother Lion never gave up. But I now ask, why didn’t the newspaper include the truth that in Minnesota we are allowed all three exemptions for vaccines…being medical, conscientious and religious? By turning over to the backside of the required vaccination forms all I needed was a public notary signature along with mine to exempt my son instead of turning my son’s life over. Thankfully, through prayer and research I found that light in natural medicine. I’ve become actively involved in our community giving classes on gluten-free lifestyle as well as teaching the benefits of fermented foods. I’ve become an advocate of educating before you vaccinate by providing sound resources and research. I’ve also learned to cook, create and modify recipes to accommodate a gluten/casein-free nutritional diet.

In closing, I’d love to share another famous quote from C.S. Lewis, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world” . Through this difficult experience, I hope to make a change and pray that as a country we are roused and learn that when our body says pain, its time for a change…a lifestyle change in healthy living!

Knowledge is Power! Go get some…
Until then….many more Lioness Arising Mothers to come…

These first billboards made their appearance on August 5, 20122 in Evansville Indiana.
Paid for by parents of vaccine injured children. 
No shots, No School…Not True billboard

7 thoughts on “Lioness Arising Mom #2: Laurie Annie

  1. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for sharing and spreading your story, as well as all the work you do in helping others. I loved reading this.


  2. I’d love to be on your weekly/ monthly email addresses if you do that. I have a 3 mo old I’m following the DR SEARS. Vaccine schedule. I to am very weary and scared of these vaccines. Thank you for sharing. And look to reading more of your knowledge! God bless.


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