Truth Always Wins…

Truth Always Wins.

A big win for truth just came our way in the case of Vaccines.
Autism. Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Crohns Disease. Chronic Gastrointestinal (GI) Problems.

This win can be best summed up by
Contributing Editor to Age of Autism: Julie Obradovic:
“This is so huge! So. Huge! Finally good news! Professor John Walker Smith is basically the godfather of pediatric gastrointestinal disorders. Wrote the text book, literally. HE was the man working with Dr. Andrew Wakefield when they did a case study on 12 children with Autism and bowel disease, publishing a paper in 1998 that suggested there MIGHT be a problem with the MMR for some kids…further study needed.

In 2004, a journalist named Brian Deer, working for Murdoch no less (who sat on the board of Glaxo Smith Kline (maker of MMR) started a series of newspaper reports claiming Wakefield and Smith made the whole thing up. From the sick kids, to the lab results, to the diagnoses in the first place. He claimed all of it was a lied and that they purposely experimented on children and scared the world for money. Two men with impeccable research and professional records. None of the parents involved in the study complaining. Still, IT WORKED.

Last year Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Walker Smith lost their right to practice medicine. Dr. Wakefield has been so vilified, he has lost his country, his reputation, and his career. CNN, CBS, FOX, you name it…the whole world indicted him for vaccine uptake decreasing and the entire autism controversy.

Well, today, Dr. Walker Smith WON. He appealed and was exonerated of ALL CHARGES. These men did NOTHING wrong! Except indict the entire medical profession, pharmaceutical industry, and government in the worst medical malpractice case in the history of mankind.Vaccines CAN and DO cause Autism for certain kids. And they DO CAUSE BOWEL DISEASE. You’ve been lied to.”

Read the full story HERE  

“In 1995, Dr. Andrew Wakefield came to a fork in the road. As an academic gastroenterologist at the Royal Free School of Medicine and the University of London, Dr. Wakefield was presented with a professional challenge and was confronted with a moral choice. Previously normal children were, according to their parents, regressing into autism and developing intestinal problems. Many parents blamed the MMR vaccine. Trusting in his medical training, the parental narrative, and above all, the instinct of mothers for their children’s well-being, he chose what would become a very difficult road”.

I highly recommend Dr. Wakefield’s book:


Subject: Autism. Suspect: Vaccines. Victims: Children
CALLOUS DISREGARD is the account of how a doctor confronted first a disease and then the medical system that sought and still seeks to deny that disease, leaving millions of children to suffer and a world at risk.

“Dr. Wakefiled provides the facts and explanation of the problem that confronted him and his collegues fifteen years ago. He does this in a detailed forensic anaylsis of the lies, obfuscation, cover-up, and dystopian science and medicine that panders to the commercial interests at the expense of your children”

After Dr. Wakefield’s controversial finding, linking the MMR vaccine to autism, he published another 19 papers on the vaccine-induced disorder. ALL were peer reviewed. NONE of these 19 papers are discussed in the media.

In addition to Dr. Wakefield’s fiercely contested MMR study, he has published about 130-140 peer-reviewed papers looking at the mechanism and cause of inflammatory bowel disease, and has extensively investigated the brain-bowel connection in the context of children with developmental disorders such as autism.

In the pursuit of possible links between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurologic injury in children, Dr. Wakefield lost his job in the Department of Medicine at London’s Royal Free Hospital, his country of birth, his career, and his medical licenese.

READ HERE: “Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield”

*Did you know 28 Studies from around the world support Dr. Wakefield’s controversial findings? 

Sadly, the studies that have “proven” vaccines don’t cause autism do not hold up to scientific standards. When you really look at each of the studies, there are major flaws. clearly shows the flaws in each of these studies and why they do not hold up to scientific standards. Here’s a great place to start researching the published studies showing a link between Vaccines & Autism.

What this verdict means is that the allegations of fraud propagated against Dr. Wakefield, by journalist Brian Deer, the Murdoch press and the British Medical Journal (rubberstamped by the GMC) are therefore also unfounded.

This decision vindicates Prof. Walker-Smith (one of two world pioneers of pediatric gastroenterology) after years of false allegations. Truth always wins.

Next comes Dr. Wakefields vindication.

5 thoughts on “Truth Always Wins…

  1. You know what the problem is, is that no one who doesn’t already believe will read this, or even acknowledge this as truth. I was reading your cupcake story, which amazes me, and i have been here reading since. But I’m always reading and worrying about these things. My friends who believe in vaccines and aren’t necessarily concerned with their eating habits, don’t read these things or anything else. They don’t want to know. They want to keep on living the way they do and think that we are crazy. Maybe we are, but I don’t think so and I applaud all you do. ( I’m not sure how you do it , I only have three kids and I rarely find the time to shower.) I have, as of lately, kind of backed away from arguments with anyone, because I always come across as a conspiracy theorist. I’m not, I just want my children and your children to have a beautiful life. Thank you for your words, they are very encouraging!


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