Dear Matt Lauer…

Dear Matt Lauer,

I really want to like you. I want to trust what you say.

You’ve interviewed Dr. Wakefield more than once on the TODAY show. You know the story. You’ve covered the story. Yet, when his colleague is exonerated of all charges, and wins a 7 year trial, you say nothing. Nothing.

Just one year ago you covered this segment, watch HERE. During this 2 minute segment you use the word “elaborate fraud” and “fraud” 5 times.  You sit across from Nancy Snyderman as she describes it as the “shock heard around the world”.  Now a year later, that same doctor accused of fraud is exonerated of ALL charges and found innocent. Don’t you think you might want to tell the American public about it? Is that too much to expect from you? You covered this story. You started the story. Don’t you think you might want to finish the story?

I know that you know what this means. It means that Dr. Wakefield did nothing wrong either. And we both know that Dr. Wakefield has truth so powerful, that if you ever even thought of covering it, your career as a “journalist” would be over.

In our society today, news media (like TODAY show) has become the chief purveyor of information to the public. Your role is to act as a mediator of truth between the public and government/policy, etc..

To me, that’s what journalism is. It’s telling the story that no-one else will. It’s upholding the foundations that keep journalism alive. Truth. Loyalty to citizens. Discipline of verification. And an independence to those in power.

You call yourself a news anchor. In essence, you are the modern day journalist.

As you know, there are 9 elements to journalism. You can read about them HERE.
Here are the first 5:
1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.
2. Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
3. Its essence is discipline of verification.
4. Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
5. It must serve as an independent monitor of power.

Just the first five of these guidelines are NOT upheld by you or Nancy Snyderman.
No truth.
No loyalty to citizens.
No verification of anything factual or true.
No independence from who the segment is funded by (pharma) or who is in power (pharma).

Without these things, journalism is dead. So what exactly are you?

I don’t care if you are Matt Lauer (an anchor) or Nancy Snyderman (a contributor), as someone who is reporting “news” through the media (aka modern day journalism), you have a duty to tell the truth. What you and “Dr.” Nancy do is unethical. You present segments with a conflict of interest. And you withhold segments because of that same conflict of interest. And it should be illegal.

Your credibility as a journalist is based upon accuracy, intellectual fairness, and ability to inform–not your devotion to a certain group or outcome. What happened to the professional discipline of a journalist that verify’s information before it is given to the public? This discipline of verification is what separates journalism from other modes of communication, such as propaganda, fiction or entertainment. Your vaccine segments are based on so much ridiculousness and lies and deception. You have no credibility anymore. It’s a tragedy that journalism or whatever you want to call it…mainstream media has come to this. I know you don’t have a choice. But I blame you. You allow it. You condone it. You go along with it.

My question to you is: Why do you do it? I know the answer. You don’t have a choice, neither does your Producer or even your Executive Producer. Not even your network has a choice. But I still wonder when it became acceptable to compromise truth? What happened to upholding your duty as a mediator of truth?

When a parent turns on the TODAY show, they deserve to be told the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the truth.  You have gotten really good at anchoring your one-sided, pharma-funded segments. But your job is to provide the public with truth. You aren’t doing your job. Since when did this become acceptable?

There is an entire generation of vaccine-damaged children whose parents have a story to tell. How about you tell their story one day?

Your silence is a crime.

So are your segments with Nancy Snyderman.

I won’t stop believing that one day, a journalist like yourself will be able to stand up for truth. Or maybe just report the truth. Like the fact that this week, a judge has now ruled that the GMC hearings were a farce. Basically, what that means is the segment you covered a year ago was also a farce.  And until you follow up with the rest of the story you stared a year ago, then what you do as a journalist is a farce. It’s a sham, a mockery, a charade, an embarrassment, a disgrace, an absurdity.

Until then, I just can’t like you anymore.
And I really wish my mom would stop watching you every morning.

7 thoughts on “Dear Matt Lauer…

  1. I hardly ever watch the Today Show to see Matt & Nancy although I know who they are. I’ve rarely agreed with Nancy.

    I do watch GMA….and their doctors are just as bad.



  2. One of the best things I have read in a long time. I remember when this happened a year ago. I remember watching the interview and being completely discussed with what I was hearing. OK, so now the question is “Now What?” Seriously! Behind all this is a moral obligation to the public. RIGHT? (Number two elements to journalism: “loyalty is to the citizens.”) So let’s see. Let’s see if this is made right. Journalism is supposed to be fair and balanced. (If it is not, what is the point?) That means, NBC “TODAY” should make this right. Admit, a year later, they reported something that was false. Incorrect. Proven NOT to be a fraud. However, I know too much. They can’t. Matt can’t. It would turn the game upside-down. It’s criminal. However it should shed light on the bigger picture at hand here. We are only told and reviled what “they” want us to hear and understand. Simply, not what the truth is. This is a fact. If NBC makes this right, I will be the first to to say I was wrong. However, I don’t think that will happen. Let’s see the bigger picture here my friends. Aren’t we smarter than this? Jessica, an amazing job summing it up! Well done my friend. Well done on exposing shameful journalism at its finest. Sad, but we, as American’s, are accepting this type of journalism even when it’s been proven to be false. To me, THIS is “elaborate fraud”.


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