Truth meets the Vaccine Champion…

This story fascinates me.

Here is the short version:
Dr. Goldstein is a pediatrician who has recently been named a “Vaccine Champion”, I think because he is known for kicking out patients who don’t vaccinate. Recently he held a vaccine seminar, open to the public. For $5 dollars and 1.5 hours, you could come and learn everything you needed to about vaccines. You would walk away being convinced that vaccines are the amazing solution to keeping our kids healthy and safe and protected. And all would be well in the world of lies. The problem was, truth has a way of finding lies and exposing them.

In this situation, truth came in the form of educated & determined mothers who showed up to the vaccine seminar. Only, they were silenced and met with bodyguards. Why? Because they are a threat. They have truth. And they also have vaccine-injured children.

 “Like a bear whose cubs have been taken away,
I will tear out your heart.
I will devour you like a hungry lioness
And mangle you like a wild animal”
-Hosea 13:8

OK, they didn’t really do that. But I do think they have every right to show up at these meetings yelling, screaming, clawing, & kicking.

But they don’t. They remain civil.  And silenced.

If vaccines are truly what they say they are: safe & effective. Then any pediatrician would allow any mother to be able to ask any question. Why? Because truth is truth and when something is true, it has no boundaries. This pediatrician, the Vaccine Champion, should be confident enough in his truth (that vaccines are safe & effective) that he would allow questions & discussions. But this pediatrician knows he doesn’t have all the answers. He doesn’t know if what he has been taught to believe is really true, so he has to silence those who do.

Those moms may not have been able to speak to a room full of parents at a Vaccine discussion, but they are able to share their story to thousands, maybe even millions.

The Thinking Moms Revolution shares the entire story in this must read post: THE REAL MD.

“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world
come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind,
it will be a force such as the world has never known”

One thought on “Truth meets the Vaccine Champion…

  1. Thanks so much for reading Thinking Moms’ Revolution blog and spreading the word.
    PS – your kids are GORGEOUS!! 🙂 xo


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