The New Autism Numbers…

This Friday, the CDC will finally release the new Autism numbers.

They will reflect the number of children with Autism in the US who were born in the year 2000.

We expect they will be very bad.

You may or may not hear about the new numbers.

Friday afternoons aren’t traditionally the time most of us watch the news.

They know that.

But if you do, here’s what you can expect to hear.

It’s a mystery.

It’s over diagnosis.

They aren’t sure if it’s a REAL increase or not.


They will remind you it’s mostly genetic.

That’s it’s lifelong and that you outgrow it.

That these children have always been with us.

And that all of us have just imagined they weren’t.

They will tell you not to panic.

That in the 90’s they broadened the definition and that’s the reason for the increase.

They’ll remind you Autism is a gift.

That Einstein was autistic (he wasn’t).

That everything is fine.

That school districts are going broke because of greedy parents, not because there’s a problem.

And that no matter what.

No matter WHAT they don’t know about Autism.

It wasn’t the vaccines.

It wasn’t the mercury.

And it wasn’t them who caused it.

That’s what they know for sure.

Cause they studied themselves.
Pharma, The US Gov’t, and the Medical Community.

The 3 entities that will be held accountable have studied themselves to see if they are guilty.

And their science, we’re told, proves them innocent.

And if you object to that conflict? Or question that science?

You are a dangerous fool.

Color me a dangerous fool.

April marks Autism Awareness Month.

You’ll see lots of pretty buildings lit up blue.

And commercials with Celebrities.

There will be World Autism day.

Where kids around the world will be shown in various classrooms.

Some people will mention celebrating differences.

Accepting Autism as a gift.

Yes, it’s a gift.

One that bankrupts families.

Ruins marriages.

Steals siblings.

Increases the likelihood of abuse and bullying.

Overwhelms teachers and caregivers.

Leads to wandering and drowning deaths.

And destroys the life potential, health, relationships, and dreams of human life.

What a gift.

I ask you to do something different during this month of Autism Awareness.

Instead of partaking in some meaningless “Awareness” Campaign.

Aware of what, by the way?

That it’s a problem, but it’s not?

That it’s genetic, but it’s not?

That it’s a gift, but it’s not?

Instead of buying into this propaganda…

Do me a favor.

Don’t do anything.

Don’t say anything.

For 5 minutes a day.

Throughout April.

Or 5 hours.

Or 5 days.

Or 5 seconds.

Imagine you can’t say anything.

Imagine you can’t do anything.

You can’t communicate anything.

You can’t write it.

You can’t speak it.

You can’t sign it.

Maybe, just maybe you can point to a picture that gets your needs met.

If someone gives you the right picture.

Put on a diaper.

Surround yourself with loud, irritating noises.

Pretend you have a stomachache.

That you have diarrhea, or sever constipation.

That you can’t sleep even though you are absolutely exhausted.

That your skin is full of itchy eczema.

And that no one.


Can understand you.

For these 5 minutes.

If you last that long.

Pretend you are being forced to learn.

Punished for screaming out in frustration.

Locked in a closet for misbehaving.

Or stuffed in a duffle bag.

And you’re a little kid.

Cause see, that’s Autism folks.

That’s the real Autism.

The above were clips provided by a SILENT VIDEO put on by the Canary Party.
Click here to watch the rest of this powerful & educational video. 

6 thoughts on “The New Autism Numbers…

  1. I saved this one… this one hits everyone right between the eyes. Because you see, unless they know BEFORE they vaccinate their babies what it does, they can’t PICTURE it. This writing PICTURES it; REAL, UGLY and an OVERWHELMING reality.
    You did it, the nail has been hit… Good Job Jes!!!


  2. Thanks, Jess for your eye opening and often tear inducing blogs. I can never see autistic children in the same way again. I can only hope that someday the people who are causing this unnecessary affliction may come to their senses and discontinue vaccinating healthy babies and children when they realize the extent of the damage they have done to generations.


  3. Are there any numbers of autistic children who were never vaccinated? I would be interested to hear Pharma’s reaction to those.


    1. Cici, There have many studies done on vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, but they are mostly small scale studies. The public has been asking for a large scale study to be done for years. There’s a private clinic in Chicago called Homefirst Health Services. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is the Medical Director. He’s written a great book. “‘We have a fairly large practice. We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children that we’ve taken care of over the years, and I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines,’ said Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Homefirst’s medical director who founded the practice in 1973. Homefirst doctors have delivered more than 15,000 babies at home, and thousands of them have never been vaccinated.”

      Also, read my blog:


      1. Thanks, Jess! After reading that blog, I have a positive feeling about the outcome of any study that pits vaccinated children against unvaccinated children. Your kids are certainly data!


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