The Autism Epidemic, Seen Through A Day in the Life of my Facebook Newsfeed…

Warning: This is going to be a long one. Do not try to read at one time.
April is Autism Awareness Month.
You have the whole month to read this and become Aware!

THE AUTSIM EPIDEMIC: A lot of people do not understand why I am so passionate about this topic. I wish you could see my daily fb newsfeed. Maybe if you saw what I saw everyday, you would be more AWARE. And then my passion wouldn’t be so odd. And then I might be more understood. Not that I need to be more understood. But Autism definitely needs to be more understood. So here is my effort to help bring AWARENESS to Autism.

And what better way to do it than through A Day In The Life of My FB Newsfeed: 

New Autism numbers were released by the CDC.

These numbers do not count anyone under 12 years old. This new statistic is based on children who were 8 years old in 2008. The real numbers are:
1 in 48 for 7 year olds;
1 in 42 for 6 year olds;|
1 in 37 for 5 year olds;
1 in 33 for 4 year olds;
1 in 29 for 3 year olds.

These are the projected Autism numbers in 10 years:

Remember when Cigarettes were Safe?

After the CDC announced the new Autism numbers, my newsfeed was filled with reactions from Autism families. Here is a small glimpse into the world of Autism. Shared through posts that filled my fb newsfeed.

“To whom it may concern:
So, your four-year-old statistics are now out. One out of 88 children with autism. One out of six children with a developmental disability.

There is no epidemic. Nothing to see here. Just keep moving.

It’s time to stop playing games. Our children are sick and are dying at an alarming rate, yet you’re more concerned with Jim-Jim in Uganda who got a (vaccine-strain) measles virus. (We forgot to mention the vaccine-strain part of that, and that he didn’t die.) We are very focused on, however, fear-mongering the rest of the country into thinking that the flu and chicken pox are deadly and these are pandemics of epic proportions.

As the mother of a vaccine-injured child, I speak for thousands of parents when I say that soon, the CDC, the FDA and pharma will have to account for its actions. We will no longer sit idly by and allow the destruction of our children” -Autism Family

“Nonexistent to 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 110 to 1 in 88. All because of better diagnosis? Riiiiiight. Yeah, i know I was surrounded by kids in grade school, wearing diapers, spinning in circles, banging their heads, slapping their teachers all while screaming uncontrollably. I just can’t believe i didn’t notice it. Silly me. Please people. You have to see a spin when you see one. Please tell me you see this?!?!?! Please read this article for real history and reasons around this epidemic…….no….”urgent public health concern”. Trampoline emergencies are “epidemics” – my bad. Oh, and don’t forget – these are 2000 numbers. Noah is not even counted in this. That tidal wave will be coming in another 10 years or so? By then, I’m sure they will have found the “autism gene” so we will all will be safe. In the mean time, make sure your 6 year old gets all 34 shots. Wouldn’t want someone to catch the chicken pox. Nothing to see here – even though 100’s of thousands of parents just won’t back down. Crazy conspiracy theorists” -Autism Family

“1 in 88 children now have “autism” as declared by our CDC today. They do not know the reason but they are certain it is not the massive amount of vaccines our children are receiving. What is a parent to do? Here is what we did. We watched our third child (the only one to receive Hep B vaccine at birth) have an obvious adverse reaction to his first hep b at birth (hives all over and inconsolable crying). We then witnessed him regress at about age two. He lost all speech, flapped his hands, stimmed and hummed with hangers constantly, lost all eye contact, acquired a look of apathy, became clumsy, developed frequent diarrhea stools that were frothy and full of undigested food. We lost him. Not one doctor or pediatrician could tell us what happened. When we questioned the vaccines and their ingredients we were met with angry and firm negative responses. WE DID OUR RESEARCH! My husband is a Laser-Optic Engineer and I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing. What we found was appalling! The amount of mercury given to our son was hundreds of times greater than the EPA limit! We were never told he was getting mercury at all! Should I have known? Maybe. I was never taught much of anything about vaccines in school. The only way for me to know was through my own study. Then we found aluminum, formaldehyde, fetal tissue, human and animal blood products and tissues, msg, polysorbate, contaminants, foreign DNA, antibiotics, and the list goes on. We were shocked. We regretted ever allowing our children to have any vaccines. At the age of 43. We found ourselves having another baby. We did not want to lose another child to “autism” so after many hours of research we made serious decisions of changes we had to make for this new baby. One of which was NO VACCINES. How ignorant would we be to continue to do the same things and expect a different result? By the grace of God Almighty, we have a three year old son, about to turn four, no signs of “autism” for which we are so grateful. He is blonde headed, blue eyed, and same blood type as his brother that reacted negatively to vaccines. With 1 in 88 children succumbing to “autism” and no answers in sight from the medical cartel, I encourage everyone to do your own research. It used to be 1 in 10,000. Still no answers. Educate before you vaccinate”
-Autism Family

“1 in 88 and yet still no one seems to care, unless it happened to you. The only response in many is just “Thank God it’s not my kids” and then “Hey, where are we going on vacation this year?” Many autism moms are just plain angry. Can you blame us? It’s hard NOT to be angry” -Autism Family

“Here are the new autism rates according to the CDC. As expected, 1 in 88 ( 1 in 54 boys) . When will this be taken seriously? Autism is an epidemic. Lord Jesus, shine your light. Make a away where there seems to be no way” -Autism Family

“The CDC says the increase in autism is due to early recognition, better diagnosis and a broadening of the definition of autism.

Hmmm… really?

The numbers released today (1 in 88; 1 in 54 boys), are a count of children who were born in 2000 and were part of the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. The number released today includes only those children who are (1) enrolled in the study; (2) have been formally diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder; and (3) were 8 years old in 2008 when the data was collected. So the children who were included in the 1 in 88 number are now 12 years old. I’m scratching my head and trying to remember when the diagnostic criteria for autism was changed to become “more inclusive” and I’m thinking it wasn’t that long ago…

Makes me think that if the CDC were to include those children who really WERE diagnosed since the criteria was broadened and awareness was increased, these numbers would be closer to the 1 in 38 rate found by researchers from George Washington University and Yale, when they actually counted real children from a real town and did real assessments to confirm the diagnosis.

It just seems to me that if the CDC is going to claim improved diagnosis as a cause for the increase, they should actually include younger children who have actually been diagnosed since the broader definition was initiated” -Autism Family

“The prevalence rate has gone from 1 in 10,000 in the early 1980s to 1 in 88 in 2008 (number released today but data is 4 years old). CDC says it’s because we’re just more aware and that we used to miss all those children who couldn’t speak, screamed constantly in pain, had blow-out diarrhea or chronic constipation, skin disorders, immune system problems, walked on their toes and spinned in circles” -Autism Family

“That’s it! Autism isn’t a national emergency… it’s really a “good thing!” What this says is that our children aren’t really getting chronically ill and dying early at an alarming rate… our adults are actually becoming smarter and more attentive! Wow! Thanks, CDC” Autism Family

“New Jersey autism numbers are in. 1 in 49 kids. 1 in 172 girls, 1 in 29 boys. 1 in 29 BOYS. Let that sink in. We are losing a generation of kids. No words, just sad. New Jersey has one of the highest compliance rates for vaccines. I am sure it is a coincidence” -Autism Family

“The symptoms of autism directly correlate with the symptoms of mercury and aluminum poisoning. Younger children today are experiencing an epidemic of expressive speech disorders, low muscle tone, reflux, and seizures – directly due to aluminum in their vaccines. Look at what happens to people who go through dialysis with aluminum-containing fluid, it is the SAME THING” -Autism Family


“I went to see the Lorax tonight with my girls. An obvious criticism of unchecked capitalism, it ended with one important quote, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will change. It will not.”

I cried when I saw it, holding everything back from just sobbing. I care a whole awful lot. And nothing is changing. It is not.

I cried for my friend who testified before Congress 12 years ago almost exactly and called me sobbing today. I cried for all of my friends who work tirelessly for our kids and for the truth. I cried for all of the moms and dads who think this won’t happen to them and who think they can trust propaganda. I cried for my friends who have yet to hear their child speak.

If you are not frightened by today’s news, I don’t know what to say. If you had a baby boy in the year 2000, there was a 1 in 88 chance he was going to get Autism. A girl? 1 in 252. I HAD NO IDEA. Did you?

There is no reason to believe the epidemic is showing any signs of abatement. It is quite possible that if you are pregnant now, your baby’s chance could be as high as 1 in 20.

You can listen to me now, or you can be like the dozens and dozens of others who come to me when it’s already too late. Please, please, please listen to me. I never want you to know the pain of watching your perfectly healthy child slip away in front of your very eyes. I never want you to wonder what your child’s voice sounds like, or to pray to be able to have a conversation with them. I never want you to hear your child screaming in agony, throwing themselves around in pain, and have no idea what is wrong or how to help them. There is no greater pain, I am thoroughly convinced, than that of watching a child die who is still alive….and being able to do NOTHING. Told it’s all genetic. Told lie after lie after lie.

If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, do the following:

1. Get your mercury levels tested. Hair or urine, preferably both by someone who knows what they are doing and what to look for. 1 in 6 women of childbearing age is mercury toxic. (and that’s old stats) Is it you?

2. Get all of your silver fillings replaced before you get pregnant, one at a time, by a mercury free dentist. Those fillings are mercury. Wait at least 6 months before getting pregnant.

3. Do not eat fish. Ever. Any more. At all. For any reason. None of it is safe. NONE.

4. Have your breast milk tested. Breast, unfortunately, is NOT always best anymore. We have ruined it, tainted it, toxified it. There’s rocket fuel in it. Jet fuel. And yes, mercury.

5. Do not get a mercury containing vaccine. Ever. For you or your child. Not even a trace. It’s NOT a trace.

6. Educate before you vaccinate. Autism is the manifestation of microbes and mercury penetrating the central nervous system while simultaneously destroying the immune system in a susceptible individual. Vaccination is one way of getting it, but not the only. If your family has a history of autoimmune problems, Celiac’s disease, or psychiatric disorders, you are susceptible. Know your rights. Fight for them if they are being taken away from you. No government should ever have the power to force you to inject yourself or your child with something that could hurt you for the chance possibility it may save someone else. It’s really that simple.

7. Trust your gut. If you think something is wrong, it is. Don’t wait. Don’t delay.

8. Understand that of the first 20 vaccines given to children ZERO have been tested for their relationship to Autism. Understand that the only science on mercury being used to tell you injecting it is safe reflects only the last 15 years of research, done by those who will be held responsible. The last 500 years of research clearly show it is not safe and is responsible for Autism. Period.

9. Remember that this is not just about Autism. It is speech delay, asthma, ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, peanut allergy, seasonal allergies, food allergies, psychiatric disorders, autoimmune conditions, and more, including epilepsy. Do not limit your concern to Autism. That would be a big mistake.

10. Email me if you ever need anything. Demand an end to run-away mercury pollution. Pray every night for an end to the holocaust. And help those of us growing weary from lying on the tracks of the trains being loaded by speaking up, speaking loudly, and being informed.

Thanks. If you do this, you will make my child’s life and the 1 in 88 like her have been for something”

THE HEART OF A MOTHER: ‎”I didn’t ask for this fight. None of us did. We followed the rules. Did what we were told. Didn’t question authority. Trusted the “experts”. Showed up on time. Held them down. Over and over and over. Gave the antibiotics. Ignored our guts. Loaded them up on Tylenol. And chalked it all up to coincidence. We didn’t do anything to deserve this. Most certainly our children didn’t either. But I’ll be damned…I’ll be DAMNED…if I allow my daughter’s life and those of her generation like her…to be discounted, chalked up to the “greater good”, and poisoned at the hand of those she trusted without someone, someday being held responsible for what they did. I can forgive. I cannot, and will not, ever forget. And I cannot and will not ever give up.”  

A Post by one of my Lioness Arising Moms LJGoes:

CDC Boss: 1 in 88 kids with autism? This will NOT do. You guys are going to have to go back and rework the numbers.

CDC employee: But we did, over and over and over again. This is the best we can do.

CDC Boss: It’s still too high. 1 in 88? This is a PANDEMIC! We have to keep a lid on this.

CDC employee: Boss, we already didn’t count kindergarten aged kids. We already shut out a huge portion of the population by not counting preschoolers and toddlers. That’s already going to look fishy. So, we had to settle on this. After all, we are the ones who said 1 in 6 kids have some form of neurological impairment or learning disability. If anyone starts digging they are going to see that. At least we aren’t still holding to the 1 in 110 number. I feel good about it. This is a number people can believe in. It’s not so awful, and it kinda sorta sounds true.

CDC Boss: Yeah, I guess. Don’t forget to beef up the better diagnosis stuff, say a lot about that to the press.

CDC employee: well, we kinda can’t do that if we aren’t including ALL the children. Because, “better diagnosis” kinda implies we caught it early.

CDC Boss: Shit, you’re right. Okay, well play up something else. Like, a good refrigerator mom study, or, more kids that live near freeways are autistic.

CDC Employee: Uhm have you seen that new group of moms? The Thinking Moms Revolution, I think they call themselves. Sorry to say, they can smell bullsh*t a mile away. IN all honesty sir? They are on to us. I think…I think it might be…over. Too many people know. We’ve been sitting on it for too long.

CDC Boss: Alright, get the team in here. We need to discuss our damage control strategy.

CDC employee: You mean, the “deny, deny, deny, settle in court, admit no fault, strategy”

CDC Boss: NO! You idiot. THERE IS NO MONEY TO SETTLE. JUST DENY and hope those moms stop talking.

Not Born With It. 

The CDC continues to deny any link between vaccines and autism. Children everywhere are vaccine-injured. We know it. They know it. There is now a fb page called Not Born With It. My newsfeed has been filled with hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of adorable, healthy, happy, smiling babies. And the captions all read: “Autism: Definitely not born with it”. The once healthy babies in these pictures are all children now. Sick children. And their parents know exactly why they are sick. Let me share just a FEW of them:

‎”My son was NOT born with autism. He was developing normally until he was given his 6-month vaccinations, then collapsed. You can see his full story here at this link.” 1 in 88.  

“This is Maddie, before her 1 yr. vaccinations. She lost her speech, ability to walk and her health went into a steady decline. Adverse reaction to vaccines ravaged her immune system.” 1 in 88.

‎”Cole started saying Mama at 10 months. He stopped saying anything by 18 months, after many vaccinations at once. He finally was able to say Mama again, last year. Cole will be twelve this year!” 1 in 88. NOT born with autism.

‎”Vincent, 2 months after 2nd DTaP shot at 18 months old, won’t even look up when being called by me, was no longer making eye contact, lost his speech which had started at 9 months, stopped smiling, started frequent meltdowns, screaming in pain, etc. First DTaP shot was followed by seizures but doctors assured me it was not his vaccination. They lied or they are being lied to and truly ignorant, neither of which is acceptable.” 1 in 88. NOT born with autism.

“Regressed following 12 month vaccinations including MMR. 1 in 88. NOT born with autism”.

‎”My beautiful son Sean, born premature but developed normally and reached regular milestones until age one when he received all the one year shots and and an additional flu vaccine despite his cold at the time. Shortly after he developed belly pain, lost his language and began banging his head on the glass door. My son Sean was not born with autism!” 1 in 88. NOT born with autism”.

‎”At 13 months old, cognitively aware, eye contact, social recognition (understanding of holiday and smiling at camera), fine motor skills, hiting ALL MILESTONES, beautiful baby girl. Vaccines DESTROYED her body, her smile, HER LIFE!. 1 in 88. NOT born with autism”.

“My amazing Chris ♥ … NOT born with it … He was a beautiful bouncing boy full of life, would eat anything, no health issues, then after needles at 18 months I lost him, he wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t make sounds, wouldn’t make eye contact, he was just in his world. He is still a beautiful boy but definately altered. It is a slow journey back but we are making it step by step. He is such a cheeki cherub and I love him and with a lot of humour together we are making the best of this world. There isn’t a day goes by I don’t feel frustrated but I refuse to give in”.

‎”Chloe with her big brother, 2 months before she received a FLU shot that made her very ill. She was developing normally and hitting all her milestones when she was given that shot at 13mos old. After she had recovered from a bad case of the flu, she got quieter and quieter and the smiles were less and less and she started having disrupted sleep. By 2 she was no longer able to wave and we no longer heard “mommy and daddy.” At 3.5 she was found to have the expressive language delay equivalent of that with a 9month old. She is 4 now and just diagnosed with Autism. SHE WAS NOT BORN WITH IT. 1 in 88. NOT born with autism”.

‎”My son Ricky – NOT born with autism. Regressed at 15 months following his “catchup” vaccinations at a doctors visit in which the doctor’s notes stated that he was meeting all of his developmental milestones. Diagnosed with autism at 26 months. ” 1 in 88.

‎”My beautiful Connor at 7 months old (he is now 5) was born a happy, healthy and was developing normally. He received the MMR at 18 months old, I was never told about the risk, from that day on the light in his blue eyes went out and our struggles began! He is on the mild end of the spectrum but I regret allowing them to give him that damn shot!!! :(” 1 in 88″.

“The youngest of three I knew the day after a round of vaccinations. Shawn stopped looking at me, his pupils were dilated and he shook his head over and over. His grandfather noticed first and said to me, What is wrong with Shawn. I said he’s not himself just had four shots at the doc. Those words haunt me. He lost the few words he had and by 18months the docs finally believed me. Now he tries desperately to communicated with his big brothers. He was NOT BORN WITH IT!!!!”

‎”Our son was not born with it. Born healthy, vaccine induced regressive autistic like symptoms following 6 shots, 9 vaccines at the age of 20 months. We will not rest until he is healed and those who damaged him are punished. Here is our story”. 

‎”This is my son, Sebastian. He was developing ahead of schedule (made sounds that sounded like real words as early as 6 mos of age, crawled at 5 mos, walked at 8 mos, spoke in simple sentences by 10 mos,on and on). After an extreme amount of ‘routine’ vaccines at 14 mos of age he was lost within hours. He went back to baby babble and then didn’t speak again till age 3, had a blank stare, he was gone. He was NOT BORN WITH IT. We’ve worked so hard to get some of that boy back but we’re far from done trying. Sebastian is now nearly 9 years old”. 1 in 88.

‎”This was my son before he had a severe adverse reaction to his 15 month vaccinations. He had the vaccines when he was 18 months old, followed by fever of 105, seizures and severe gut problems and he regressed into Autism. He met all his milestones early before. Afterwards he lost eye contact and never was the same. He is now 6″. 1 in 88.

“Not Born With It ~ 1 year “well visit” met all milestones, but reacted with medical issues upon vaccination… six months later evaluated with a cognitive level of a 3 month old. Remains nonverbal today, age 9″. 1 in 88.

“Crew was NOT born with it! He hit every milestone up until 18 months! Then after a bout with antibiotics and vaccines he regressed. 3 1/2 now and still no words, but we are working hard to recover and are full of hope!” 1 in 88.

“My son, Jake, was definitely “NOT BORN WITH IT” but after missing his 12 month vaccines due to a cold, the health department nurse decided to “get him caught up” when he was 15 months old by giving him the DTap, Hep B/Hib, MMR, Pneumococcal (PCV7), and Varicella vaccines all at one time on the same day. He ran a high fever and was lethargic for 3 days straight, then he lost all eye contact, starting spinning in circles, stopped talking, started flapping his arms, and high pitch screaming. In one day, we lost our only child to the world of Autism.” 1 in 88

April is Autism Awareness Month.
Be smart who you give to. 

The organization behind this is called “Autism Speaks”. Beware. I have not met a single autism parent that does not despise this multi-million dollar organization.


“It is a leech upon the autism community, sucking resources and walk-a-thon energy away from cash-strapped families struggling to cope. If there was any value in its “awareness” campaign, it has been achieved; Autism Speaks has no apparent further reason for being. It’s delaying progress, deflecting attention from the truth. It’s job, like any other business (or malignancy), is to grow”
–Dan Olmstead, Investigative Reporter and Editor of Age of Autism.

During Autism Awareness Month, when you find everything lit up blue. You might find yourself at a Toys R Us and the cashier will ask if you would like to help a child with autism and donate to Autism Speaks? Please know that your money is not going to a child with autism. The money goes to HUGE salaries, fancy parties, first class travels, rent on high-rise Park Avenue office space, and more advertising. This organization takes in over $65 million dollars a year.

This organization has effectively joined forces with the same entity that is causing the autism epidemic, selling out millions of children and families for financial gain.

Please help to spread the word that Autism Speaks Does NOT speak for children with autism or for their families.

Parents, please do your research.
This epidemic can be stopped.

If these books were required reading for every parent…
The Autism Epidemic would end.  

Truth. It’s powerful. Pass it along…

9 thoughts on “The Autism Epidemic, Seen Through A Day in the Life of my Facebook Newsfeed…

  1. Jess, I started reading your blog today (I’ll read it in small segments, as you suggested) and I have to say that it seems to me the atmosphere surrounding this subject is getting really tense ugly. As far as I can tell, this disease crosses party lines, but If I were to mention Michelle Bachman or Donald Trump to my liberal friends, they totally close their ears and won’t even listen. My liberal friends seem indifferent, for the most part, but wouldn’t dream of not vaccinating their children. My family (and yours, Jess) are Right wing, if not downright teabaggers, and even they aren’t listening to those aforementioned politicians. Very discouraging, to say the least. As I’ve said before, I admire you greatly and hope you continue your brave fight especially since you have healthy (unvaccinated) children and are waging this battle for others. Thank you. You are a rare and beautiful person and I’m glad to have you in my family.


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