Eat the Cupcake or Go Home…

Eat The Cupcake or Go Home…

OK, that’s not exactly how it happened.

But my sweet little girl no longer attends her private Christian pre-school.
Pretty much the way we eat was “too much of a problem”.

This blog is not necessarily about our situation or about the school. I have no desire to bad mouth my children’s school and know this was an isolated incident. What this blog post is really about is the bigger picture.

I get it. I really do. Our lifestyle is misunderstood. We don’t fit in with the “norm”.
We make decisions that go against belief systems that are so engrained in our mainstream society.

The thing is, I don’t care to fit in anymore. And I know I don’t have control over whether people understand me or not. But I do have a desire to teach and educate and empower others.

And I will never stop doing that.

Writing about these passions of mine regarding health (food, vaccines, medicine) are what God has called me to do. I’ll be honest, I haven’t always embraced this call on my life. In fact, I’ve struggled with it. I’ve asked the Lord plenty of times: Why me? I don’t want to be a vaccine spokesperson. I just want to stay in my own little comfort zone where I know that the decisions I make for my family work for us. I know my children are protected and safe and healthy. I have total and complete peace over my decisions. Now, can I just sit back and do my own life and not care what anyone else does?

Nope. That’s not how it works. God’s plans are always bigger and better.
That doesn’t mean easier, just better.

My passions and these topics are constantly offending people. Whether it’s through a fb post where I share the current statistics of this generation of sick kids, and suddenly everyone who reads the statistics thinks I’m personally attacking their child.  Or if I post an article about the ineffectiveness of a vaccine, somehow I’m offending the mom who just gave her child that vaccine. Interesting how someone can share an article about a Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo recall, and suddenly every mother that has ever used that shampoo is so thankful to know the truth.  Vaccines don’t work that way.  I can’t really think of a more controversial topic.

Yay for me, that’s the topic I speak about on a daily basis.

And then there’s the topic of food. Even my kids are now offending people. At a recent class party, when my child was asked if she wanted a cupcake, she responded “No thank-you, that is not healthy”. Apparently that offended the teacher and I am raising my children “to be judgmental”.

Since when did healthy food choices become offensive?

I understand that people don’t want to hear that the skittles they just ate are carcinogenic and filled with petroleum. Suddenly they are offended because they like skittles. And how dare you talk about the ingredients in foods that people like to eat.

How dare you make a teacher feel like the food she feeds the students at a class party is not good enough for your child. That is extremely offensive.  Especially if they already think you are nuts because of your view on vaccines or the fact that you don’t give fever reducers.  At that point, pretty much any decision you make is going to be met with opposition and resistance and criticism.

According to this teacher, my children suffer when they have fevers. How do I know this? She wrote about it on fb. Who cares that I spent 2 years in ER rooms wondering why my baby had such high fevers when she had a slight illness (104-105 degrees) and no-one could give me any answers. So I started researching and learned that the fever reducers I was giving her were doing more harm than good. That they were depleting her glutathione and making it impossible for her to heal and recover from a common cold. I learned that fevers are not to fear. I learned that when I let a fever takes its course, my child recovered much quicker. I’ve shared that research here: Fevers Are Not to Fear & And then there were TUBES. Every decision I make for MY children comes from an abundance of diligent research.

Who cares that it’s an educated decision to not feed your child sugar and artificial colors. It would almost be easier to have a kid who was allergic to red dye or peanuts, that way it wouldn’t be an offensive “choice”.

Food allergies are accommodated for. Food choices are offensive.

For the past week, I have sat through meetings and had more conversations concerning  what took place at my child’s school than I care for. I’ve sat with the teachers, the Director, the Pre-School Minister. And while the story is long and painful and upsetting and hurtful, it’s also quite simple. We are misunderstood. Our choices for our children are not seen as EDUCATED choices. Our decisions are second-guessed, criticized, and misunderstood.

This lifestyle is so misunderstood that during one of the meetings this past week, I was asked if “our practices also don’t believe in bathing?” Really? I’m not quite sure what “our practices” are, but the last time I checked the same parents that want healthy kids, also want clean kids. Who wants dirty healthy kids? That doesn’t even make sense.

See the misconception is this: A non-vaccinating parent that feeds their children proper life-giving nutrition and treats sickness naturally, well the kids of those parents, they are being neglected by their uneducated and misinformed parents. You know, those neglected kids that have the occasional runny nose, and heaven forbid their parents don’t do anything about it. Who cares that a clear runny nose is a sign that the body is eliminating something it doesn’t want in the body. You know part of God’s great plan for us to detox. No, dope the kids up on meds. Mask those symptoms. We don’t care about healing or treating the symptoms. We just don’t want to see the runny nose.

I didn’t pick up Vogue Magazine one day and read an article about how cool it is to not vaccinate and suddenly decide… “Hey, I don’t think I’m going to vaccinate my kids. I sure hope this is the right decision.”

What these teachers don’t understand is that parents who choose not to vaccinate are the most educated and informed parents I have ever met. We aren’t just a bunch of crazy anti-vaccine conspiracy theory activists who don’t bathe their children. Haha!

Seriously though, I have done more research on this topic than I ever imagined was possible. Just when I think I’ve caught up on current research, 20 new published studies pop up in medical literature, and suddenly I’m neck deep in research again.  I Hope You’ve Done Your Research. Not to mention the fact that I am literally surrounded by friends with vaccine injured children. Everyday my fb newsfeed is filled with stories from my autism mommas and parents of children who are chronically ill from vaccines (asthma, allergies, adhd, intestinal issues, autoimmune disorders, autism, etc..). As long as the vaccine schedule keeps increasing and our food chain becomes more toxic, these stories will NEVER go away.

That’s why I started the Lioness Arising Series. The stories of the these children and their mommas must be told.

Every week I receive dozens of messages from parents asking me questions, desperate for help, thanking me, etc… Sometimes my inbox is so overwhelming I can’t keep up. I know I’m walking in God’s will though, because He continues to give me the strength and grace to walk this journey. It’s not always easy. I’m often tired and feel defeated. Especially when I have to defend my decisions to my children’s school.

I didn’t see a picture of a celebrity eating an organic salad one day and think “Oh that looks cool and trendy, I want to eat organic”. The decision to feed our children the way we do comes from years and years of research, starting with my revolutionary parents who started the first Health Food restaurant in Louisiana 35 years ago. My sister Harm could practically write a book based on her research of food. My husband Rit reads every book there is from “Foods that Fight Cancer” to “The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook”.

Ever read “Nourishing Traditions?” Why would we continue to let our kids eat junk when we know too much about what it can do to their bodies? Why would I compromise my research  just because my kids’ class is having a party? We were once told “You can’t really make a religion out of how you eat”.  Funny, I see it differently.  I call it being a good steward over the life and body God gave you.

I watch chronically sick children get healed through proper diet & nutrition. Those parents have to make a religion out of how they feed their kids, otherwise their kids won’t heal. If we can heal sick kids through proper food & diet & nutrition, then why not feed  healthy kids this way and avoid all the pain and suffering and sickness and illness?

I wish these teachers would have chosen to focus on the results of our families lifestyle, rather than the fact that the process might not look “normal”. Like the fact that in the two consecutive years these same teacher had our kids, my children never missed a single day of school due to being sick. That my children have never been on a single prescription medication, including antibiotics. When every other kid is getting their “rites of passage” ear infection that is somehow considered “normal”, none of my children have ever had a single ear infection.

I could maybe understand if my kids were always sick, always at the doctor, always on antibiotics or getting prescriptions filled. Then there might be reason for concern. But there was no basis for concern. The concern was that I don’t fit into the box they want me to fit into. They wanted my kid to eat the cupcake, just like every other kid. Who cares that children are smart and once they realize that certain foods actually make them feel worse, they have no desire to eat that food again. No instead, it’s “Hey kid…eat your cupcake and be quiet”.

So here’s to all you other crazy parents who choose to practice health differently…

Eat your Cupcake or Go Home!

110 thoughts on “Eat the Cupcake or Go Home…

  1. Wow!! This is the first time I’ve read your blog. You just voiced SO much of my frustrations when it comes to how I try and keep our home and family in health. I was so frustrated that my husband getting orders to leave the state away from where my friends and family are was a relief. It drives me crazy when I get looked at or spoken to like I just decided one day to “torture” my family with changes that are not whats normal in our culture. Every little mis-step. Every little cough. Every time you don’t say things perfectly. Your wrong. Your careless. Your a moron. I highly doubt I’ve covered as much ground as you have but I have spent hours upon hours upon hours researching each decision thats made. They don’t care to know or accept that I would do that before changing things. I’m a freak that is making my husband and children and myself do unnatural things that could hurt everyone around me. We have food allergies but since we don’t go into anaphylactic shock it’s probably just some fad we’re adhering to. I compromise as to not hurt other peoples opinion and feel so guilty watching my family consume what I know isn’t good for them. We’re finally getting back to what we know is best. God says in His Word to treat our bodies as a temple. I love watching my girls get excited about eating salads and smoothies. We have a 3 year old who loves tomatoes! They desire to eat whats “good for their bodies”. They desire to please God even in what they consume for food. It has been awesome to find out that when God made us He even considered what foods to create to keep our bodies healthy. He didn’t wait thousands of years to finally give us the wisdom of what chemicals to make to cure sickness and prevent suffering. Thank you for writing this and encouraging me to do what is right for my family. I look forward to seeing what else you have to write about.


    1. Wow! I loved this response. You are so right. God did not wait thousands of years to finally give us the wisdom to know what chemicals/toxins would “cure”,”protect”, “prevent” sickness/illness/disease. Great point!

      I too believe that children love to be set apart. Just as the Bible teaches. We are in this world, but not of this world. My children love to eat healthy. Not only do they like how it makes their bodies feel, they also like to make wise/good/right decisions.

      I’m glad this blog encouraged you. You encouraged me as well. Thank-you!

      Don’t compromise. You know what’s best for your family. God gave you an instinct. Always follow it!


  2. THANK YOU!!

    I am a 24 year old birthmother who ate all organic whilst pregnant and labored naturally. It is especially hard for someone my age to spread the word to my peers! They think I am crazy and of course that I have NO IDEA what I am talking about. Thank you again for your blog! It is helping me learn how to deal with issues like these in the future (when I have more vaccine-free naturally fed babies ;)))


    1. You are so welcome! WOW! I am so impressed with you. 24 years old! I love this generation of new moms who are so much wiser and educated than I ever was at this age. Lately, I have been finding that a lot of young moms are making educated and informed decisions when it comes to health/food/vaccines/birth, etc… I LOVE IT! You rock!


  3. LOVE, love, love! Keep up the good work and continue getting the information out there. I am often one of the those “downers” that spouts off information no one wants to hear. Oh well. I speak the truth. It’s amazing how when people hear the truth long enough, they actually become willing to make positive changes. Our family includes a cancer survivor (my hubby) and 2 boys with autism. I’ve seen positive changes in our own home by making VERY different choices from the “norm,” and now I am seeing similiar changes with many of my friends. I don’t have any plans to shut my big mouth!

    -Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)


  4. (Ms?) Gianelloni, I’m new to all this. I read your blog some time ago and didn’t really have much to say BUT now I have a million questions! … OK – I admit I do still vaccinate (old habits die hard!) – and give fever reducers (occassionally) … so I’m not totally on board BUT I’m fast becoming convinced that FOOD can be our friend or foe. I feel my health has slowly declined over the last 20 years – due largely I suspect to ‘convenience’ eating, I’ve been eating lots of things out of packets and more than my fair share of fast food, white bread and LOTS of things that have been microwaved. Now finally I’m getting the message my body has been trying to tell me (for years now! … I’m a bit slow on the uptake) … I was hoping that INSTEAD of me trawling the web and the library etc. going through all the research – that I could somehow share in your families knowledge? … are there any resources you could recommend – online or in print? … I’m not averse to paying for this important info – I just really don’t want to sort through all the junk to find the good bits when I know others already have. BTW – I have been dairy & gluten (and coffee and chocolate) free for just over a month now – and AM feeling the benefits but I just know it’s NOT quite enough.


  5. Just found your blog through a post on facebook! I am so excited to find it and read through more of it. We don’t vaccinate and are beginning to eat more whole/healthy foods. As someone just beginning this journey (sort of), I am so thankful for your article!


  6. you are right on! stick to your guns. most people i speak to respond the same way, they feel insulted and think i’m nuts. i don’t care what they think of me, i hope someday they wake up, unfortunatly i doubt they will. the road of the real life is narrow and difficult, too many chose the wide easy road.


  7. Just found your blog through a post on FB, so this is a little late, but in response to Marisol and Tina’s comments: Just for the record, I am unvaccinated and I have Type 1 diabetes, Type 1 diabetes cannot be controlled with diet and exercise. Diet and exercise can help, but we are still insulin dependent, our pancreas no longer functions, we produce NO insulin on our own (unlike type 2 where their pancreas still works, but their bodies don’t handle insulin properly). Type 1 is not necessarily genetic, no one else in my family has it. There is a HUGE difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Whenever the media talks about “diabetes” they are almost always referring to type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes generally can be “cured” through diet and exercise, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Just wanted to clear that up 🙂 I would be ecstatic if I could eliminate my need for insulin through diet and exercise.


  8. This was too good to be true and stumble upon. I send my kid(s) to school w/ a note at the beginning of the year stating that the school does not have my permission to offer any food to my child. I get no follow up?’s about it. Could be a deadly allergy but hey whatever. In third or fourth grade my son was offered an apple in after school program and he replied “shouldn’t you call my mom 1st?”. Priceless. It’s not that I give NO sugar it’s that it’s real sugar, no dyes, artificials, GMO free, no hydrogenated oils, meats, dairy, etc. mostly organic and in an amount I see appropriate, not the school. I also send a note stating that I am opting my child out of school taught nutrition lessons. They can sit in the hall and read or I will pick them up. It beats saying: “it’s a lie or they don’t really know what they’re teaching you”.
    REgarding vax’s sure loads of issues w/ children but let us not forget all of us dxd in our 20’s, 30’s and soon to be younger w/ chronic and life threatening autoimmune diseases. MS, Crohns, RA, Asthma, Diabetes, etc. etc. They numbers are huge.


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