Dear Anti-anti-vaccinationists…

There seem to be a lot of new sites that come across as being “pro-vaccine”. As if vaccine promotion needs any help. You know the billion dollar industry that produces a product that is “mandated”? Yeah, I don’t think they need too much help promoting how amazing their product is.

But none-the-less, some people have taken it upon themselves to further promote the good of vaccines. Or so it seems. Most are pharma-funded, pharma-run fb pages and blogs. But don’t be fooled. You see, they are not pro-vaccine.  They are anti-anti-vaccinationists. Do you know what that means? These groups exist only to try to discredit an entire movement of educated, thinking, informed parents. My question is…why do they care so much? Why is my decision so offensive to them? Why do the hundreds of thousands of parents with vaccine injured children threaten them so much?

These anti-anti-vaccinationists go about their mission in a malicious way.  Meanness, Cattiness, Negativity, Name calling, and Insults.  They Pick, Poke, Make Fun of, and Disagree with… all while trying to win over those “on the fence” parents.  Not with truth or science or intelligent debate.  They don’t have any.  No, their entire goal is to try to discredit the moms who know truth, hoping they might somehow “win”.
Win what? I’m not sure. The only thing I want to win is a healthy child.

They’ll post my blog and spend an entire day talking about it. Why?

I read a comment the other day that someone posted after reading one of these “pro-vaccine” pages.  They said: “As someone on the fence about vaccines, I find very little information on those pages that would sway me. They don’t sound pro-vaccine, they sound anti-unvax”.

The Rev summed it up perfectly in a simple, easy to read letter.

Dear Anti-anti-vaccinationists,

Ya know there is no such thing right? As in, “anti-vaccinationists”. That’s right. Just parents who vaccinated and learned the truth. Watched their kids disintegrate before their eyes. Thousands and thousands of us. Just thought you might wanna know that you are fighting a shadow. Something that doesn’t exist. We are the learned vaccinationists. The parents who read the science. I just got sad watching you box yourselves silly into a corner. If you are going to fight, fight right. And…at the very least…understand who you are fighting against.

Better luck next time, The Rev

If you don’t know The Rev, you can find her at THE THINKING MOMS REVOLUTION.
She’s a mom. Of a vaccine-injured child. Who’s a learned vaccinationist.

3 thoughts on “Dear Anti-anti-vaccinationists…

  1. I have to remind myself that parents who vaccinate aren’t our enemies. Thy’re trying to do the same thing as us; protect our children. But these people … I know EXACTLY who you’re talking about.


    1. I agree Kimberly, parents who vaccinate are not in any way our enemies. I have many good friends who vaccinate and I respect them dearly. I truly believe those groups that exist to destroy and discredit the “anti-vaccine” movement, are not real. The “anti-vaccine” movement is nothing more than educated and informed parents who know better. Most of them, learned the hard way.


  2. The numbers don’t lie and if people would look at the evidence, they’d see the ineffectiveness of vaccines compared to the rising number of vaccine injured children. Those recent outbreaks of pertussis were among vaccinated children and adults.


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