Lioness Arising Mom #6: Kim Spencer

I am honored to share the next Momma from the Lioness Arising Series: Kim Spencer. Kim & her son Patrick offer a message of hope and recovery.  And a whole lot of blood, sweat, & tears in between. Theirs is a journey of truth and awareness and of giving back to a community that is growing at an epidemic rate.

Kim Spencer received an autism diagnosis for her son in 2003 (3 months before he turned 3). Since then, Kim has become a leading activist in the autism community and has used her sons journey to help others. When her son was first diagnosed, Kim immediately began to research the neurological disorder that currently affects 1 in 88 children. Her dedication to research and seeking truth, has ultimately led to a 9 year journey of healing and recovery.

This journey is not for the faint of heart and Kim is definitely a leader when it comes to helping others. She marched in Washington in 2004 to advocate autism reform and has spoken at CDC workshops (read HERE).  She was named Woman to Watch by Skirt Magazine and Champion of Change by WJCL-TV in Savannah, Georgia. Kim has also served as the head of a Patient Liason Program, where she counseled families on biomedical approaches to treating autism, ADHD, childhood bipolar disorder and other neurological issues.

Today Kim is currently one of the co-founders and authors of The Thinking Moms Revolution.
Thinking Moms Picture

After reading many of Kim’s publications and speaking with her, I feel the best way to tell her story is through her own words:

“I jumped into action to figure out how to help my son and the last 9 years have been the most crazy, stressful, upsetting and also rewarding years of my life.  My son is doing great, but I decided years ago that autism or no autism, for the rest of my life, whenever I have the chance I will be as loud as I can on the subject of my son and children like him”

When Kim first began her journey of research, she describes: “I found information about childhood shots that my doctor wasn’t giving me,”

What she found was that “children with autism spectrum disorders have medical problems that need to be addressed. These kids are overloaded with viruses, yeast, bacteria, parasites and/or heavy metals. They have serious food allergies and sensitivities, and when these issues are addressed, the kids get better.” 

And that is exactly what Kim did to heal her son from autism. She addressed the issues using what is commonly referred to as biomedical treatments. Today her son Patrick is the closest he’s ever been to recovery. It was not an easy journey.

Kim & Patrick in hyperbaric chamber

In a recent b-day letter she wrote to her son Patrick for his 12th b-day (you can read the entire letter here), she shares:

“…As you know (Patrick), you’ve had a different childhood. One filled with confusion, pain and loss. Love has taken us very far, but there’s no denying you have had to contend with more than any child should ever have to. A sick stomach, diet restrictions, an immune system on fire, invasion after invasion of your body and mind.

Daily control over your every move involving ten times the professionals than a healthier kid requires. Everyone in our family has done so much to bring you back to us. And guess what? We are all part of the short list of lucky ones. It has worked. Diet changes that brought you into our world, HBOT that helped you feel your body well enough to potty train at almost age 6.

IV chelation rid your body of the mercury, lead and cadmium that the tests showed that you carried, supplements filling every counter space and cabinet, and a couple of amazing doctors brought us soooo far!

There’s no doubt that the tireless fight for you has been exhausting, traumatic and expensive. But there’s not a penny spent or a brow wiped that hasn’t been worth it. We would all spend a thousand times more dollars, minutes and functioning adrenal cells to bring you back to us if needed. We are so proud of you. As your Mother, I can truly say that I would never have been the person I am without you.

I promise I will never give up the fight for kids like you, and families like ours. Many awesome people helped us along the way, and I plan to pay it forward for life. This might be quite tiresome as our family moves away from the disability world, but I hope you will understand that, in your honor, in memory of your lost childhood, I will scream and fight and kick in hopes of preventing another family from going down our road. This will not be easy. What happened to you and so many of our friends’ kids is not something the world wants to hear about. Why it is so hard to understand that vaccines can hurt people, especially babies with immune system issues in the family, I do not know. Some day we will talk about human greed and how that has affected you. For now, Mom will fight. You can join me later if you’d like.

I promise I will always be on your team, assist you in finding the best situations in places where people understand you and care about you. If, at some point, you ask me to back off, I will be over in the corner watching with my mouth shut. But I will be there for you every day I am on this planet.

In one of Kim’s many publications, she writes a list titled: 25 Random Things about my Son with Autism, where she briefly details the journey from pregnancy, to shots given during infancy, to diagnosis, to recovery &  healing. I loved her last point:

*I do not believe that God gave him to me because he thought I was special and could handle a special child. Don’t send me that email. Greed has poisoned our children and that’s that. My son is a victim of greed. It kills me every day. But it will change soon. And I won’t shut up until it does. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy’s child.

Keep fighting Kim. And watch out world…Patrick will be a young man one day, and he will have a story to tell…


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