A Different Type of Orphan…

Today is Orphan Sunday. I thought this post was very fitting for the day.

For the past few months, our adoption has consumed me. It has become a new passion of mine to advocate for the orphan; God’s children. And we cannot wait to bring our new son home! Most of you who know me well and read this blog, also know that I have a passion to spread truth and awareness to a very different, but just as real and prevalent issue. I find it very interesting that this other passion of mine also deals with “orphans”. That is what I want to write about today. These children might not be orphaned by a mother and father, but they have been orphaned by a medical system and a government that refuses to acknowledge who they are.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed” -Proverbs 31:8

Who are they? They are the 1 in 88 (really the 1 in 29), projected to soon be (in the year 2022), the 1 in 9. The prevalence rate has gone from 1 in 10,000 in the early 1980s to 1 in 88 in 2008. Who are they? They are the children of a manmade epidemic. Also known as AUTISM. Medically ill children.

I do not have a child with autism. But I am surrounded by the autism community. I have shared many times how they have touched my heart and I have fallen in love with these mothers. I’ve written many many posts about these amazing mothers and have become an outspoken advocate for the autism community.


Because I care. I care about the children who are abandoned. Ignored. Not cared for. Belittled. Ridiculed. And ultimately orphaned.

I wrote a piece recently titled I Only Want Things to Make Sense, please take a moment to read it. And ask yourself, does this really make sense?

When you have many friends whose children fit into the Autism category, you read what they say. Sometimes I think everyone sees my fb newsfeed and understands what caused this autism epidemic. Read that post (HERE). But the reality is, most people do not truly understand what is happening to an entire generation of children.

My dear friend LJ Goes is a writer, researcher, advocate, and autism mother. She holds more “degrees” than any doctor or scientist I know. She is the co-founder of The Thinking Moms Revolution, Managing Partner at the Misuta Project, contributing writer for Age of Autism, among many other things.

When I started the Lioness Arising Series, LJ was the first mother I highlighted. She is fierce and honest and a world changer. She has nothing to lose. None of the autism moms I know have anything to lose. They don’t “wonder” what caused their child’s autism. They. Know. Please take the time to read the stories of all the Lioness Arising Mothers stories that I’ve shared. You can find them (HERE)

Here’s what I’ve learned from the Autism community: Autism is a made up word.

We have been led to belief that autism is “behavioral”. You know the kids that stare into space and just need a bunch of therapy. That is NOT autism. These children are cognitively present. Entirely “there.” Not autistic. Harmed. Because “autism” is a made up word with no medical definition. No markers or genetic anomalies that identify it’s presence. It is environmental. It is man made. It is an epidemic. And it’s medical. AUTISM IS VACCINE ENCEPHALOPATHY.

Vaccines cause encephalopathy, exaggerated auto-immune response, methylation and metabolic failure. They do these things and the world calls it autism. The observers, the scientists and real doctors…investigate and call it what it is. A crime against humanity.

LJ’s son has AUTISMM:
Auto-immune dysfunction
Undiagnosed PANDAS (finally caught by his 6th physician)
Titres that indicate no antibody production for Polio (for which he is fully vaxxed) and “off the charts” production of varicella and measles.
Inflammation of the brain and bowels.
Sensory processing disorder brought on by
Metabolic and Methylation failure.

People are constantly trying to minimize autism, blame the epidemic on better diagnosis, or paint the picture that it’s not all that bad. What I love and admire about LJ is that she is always transparent in sharing what autism truly is. I want to share part of a letter LJ wrote as a response to a parent who tried to dismiss her son’s autism and make it a vax vs. anti-vax issue.

“My son has a medical illness recognized by physicians and research scientists all over the country. I guess when they keep giving kids with such different symptoms the same diagnosis I could see where it would get confusing. The time you spend snuggling with your princess, I spend trying to keep my precious son from harming himself. I have to prepare his food from scratch daily. He is on a special diet due to the severity of his bowel disease, so I am in the kitchen quite a bit. He loves to jump on our counter tops. In fact, over Christmas break he reached an all time climbing high, 117 times in one day. Yesterday, while I was trying to peel apples, he sat in the sink and turned on the garbage disposal. He is 5 and not yet potty trained. He is abusive to himself, wakes screaming and writhing in the night. He is in excruciating pain.

My son is a glorious gift, and I treasure him. However, several times a day, he will hit me, and himself while screaming “Stop, please mom, stop!” While he tears at his midsection and pounds on his head. I bear witness to his suffering daily.

I now have a 680 page medical dossier that confirms the majority of his illness were brought on by vaccines. Vaccines–that–I am not sure you know–are held to no standard of accountability. Vaccine manufacturers do not answer to any higher power or governing body for the products they produce. When harmed by one (or in my son’s case, 9) the taxpayers assume the cost.

I guess, the differing nature of our children’s autism, and the overwhelming body of non-pharma funded science that shows the link between vaccines and “autistic-like” symptoms, as well as your desire to reduce this issue down to vax vs. anti-vax, begs correction.. This is not about infectious disease, at all. It is about our mainstream medical system’s failure to treat, recognize and research the medical needs of our individual children. I am assuming since you are reducing this complex data down to “vax” vs “anti-vax” you are making the assumption that vaccines do indeed cause autism? Because, that is what that argument asserts. A live, brain-damaged inflamed, sick child, is better than a dead one. We, the researchers would assert, all our childrens’ lives are valuable. Our children’s individual health needs are also more valuable than pharmaceutical profits. That, is the real argument”

Often signs of vaccine injuries start with symptoms in the bowels…. chronic diarrhea and/ or constipation. Digestion issues. Reflux. Other signs of possible vaccine injuries include turning in of the the eyes (lazy eye), skin conditions, chronic ear infection, food allergies/ seasonal allergies, and respiratory illnesses. Of course this list is not at all inclusive but they are what million of Americans are suffering from , especially children.

They say high-pitched screams, fevers and swelling at the injection site are all common, harmless, insignificant side-effects of responsible, preventative medical care. Don’t listen.

When you bring a healthy 2 month old into the pediatrician for their first round of vaccines and they become a completely different baby (screaming, irritability, sickness), please don’t think this is “normal”. These are called warning signs. Please read this post (HERE)

1 in 88 children with autism is NOT normal.

There have been 127 genetic studies since 2006 and we are no closer to finding a cause. All the while hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of families are screaming truth and an entire generation of children are being injured.

And it’s not just Autism.

1 in 3 children are overweight
1 in 6 children have learning disabilities
1 in 9 children have asthma
1 in 12 children have ADHD
1 in 25 children have food allergies
1 in 100 children suffer from seizures
3-5 in 100 children have birth defects
1 in 88 children have autism
1 in 450 children have diabetes
1 in 6,000 children have cancer
50% of children are chronically ill or overweight

Do you know who the parents are of the children who fit into these statistics? Just parents who vaccinated and learned the truth. Watched their kids disintegrate before their eyes. Thousands and thousands of them.

We can’t ignore them forever. Because one day, their children, the ones who have who have been orphaned by our governments refusal to acknowledge them, one day these children will grow up. And they will have a story tell.

Autism recovery is real. Autism is reversible. Autism can be healed and treated and it can also be prevented. Our government knows this. All you have to do is read the 262 pages of transcripts from the Simpsonwood conference, and you would know this too.

How long will we allow these children to be orphaned by our medical system and government?

See this isn’t about infectous diseases anymore. It’s not a vax vs. anti-vax stance. It’s about a medical system (pharma) that says you must get vaccinated so you don’t die, but then when you become injured, sick, or dead from the vaccine, that same medical system can’t be held accountable & they wont acknowledge it. Mainstream media can’t cover it, truth is continually suppressed, and an entire generation of children and parents are being silenced.

Why do we allow this?

THE HEART OF A MOTHER: ‎”I didn’t ask for this fight. None of us did. We followed the rules. Did what we were told. Didn’t question authority. Trusted the “experts”. Showed up on time. Held them down. Over and over and over. Gave the antibiotics. Ignored our guts. Loaded them up on Tylenol. And chalked it all up to coincidence. We didn’t do anything to deserve this. Most certainly our children didn’t either. But I’ll be damned…I’ll be DAMNED…if I allow my daughter’s life and those of her generation like her…to be discounted, chalked up to the “greater good”, and poisoned at the hand of those she trusted without someone, someday being held responsible for what they did. I can forgive. I cannot, and will not, ever forget. And I cannot and will not ever give up.”


17 thoughts on “A Different Type of Orphan…

  1. Jessica been following your blog for a long time now. All I can say is wow and thank you for your beautiful words. 100% invested in the adoption story… My whole family is following. XO. -goddess


  2. I don’t have a child with autism either, but as a founding member of Thinking Moms’ Revolution you know I’m just as interested in this topic. Thanks for being such a strong voice for children. Viva la revolution!


  3. As parents that has been involved in this now almost twenty years, yes TWO…ZERO, we thank you for writing this piece for many reasons. There has been some change, tiny increments, pockets of individuals who would listen. We’ve seen the eye rolls when we discussed vaccine damage and have had those within the medical profession tell us our child has autism and ask why we are seeking medical treatments. Shocked and dismayed we continued on and kept seeking assistance and more than one “expert” met us with head on with resistance.

    The more individuals who know and are made aware, the more we will have a case one day to show the deliberate indifference. However how many have been sacrificed in the interim and have been made collatoral damage? A child should never suffer nor be intentionally harmed and that is what is transpiring for our children. Lisa’s son Noah’s injury and so many more could have been possibly prevented if they would have listened to us in hearings decades ago, and our repeated questions and requests for answers, and as you’ve indicated what was shown at the Simpsonwood Conference. We have gone however from a minority to closely approaching a majority and that will then be a tipping point perhaps. Will there be a realization ever at what has been sacrificed in this country in the name of “health and wellness”? We doubt it. However we need to show what could have and still needs to be prevented.

    In the interim we have new hope with “The Thinking Mom’s Revolution” and we will continue to stand beside others to keep this quest for thruth alive and kicking. Our family appreciates this and our son, though still living with the affects of his injury, is doing well and hopefully can be an example to others. We feel honored to have the Gianelloni Family walking with us all now to inform, inspire, hope and pray with.

    With much appreciation,
    The Gammicchia Family


  4. I have a child who was just diagnosed as being on the spectrum. He has never been vaccinated, with the exception of the vitamin K shot he received in the hospital and for that I blame myself for not being better informed. We signed the waver for the Hep B and had the nurses look at us like we were bonkers. We have to assume it is my toxic system that exacerbated his diagnosis but there are things I have read that I should not have done while pregnant. Namely getting a dang flu shot because my OBGYN told me to because I was not better informed. I know vaccines can contribute to an autism diagnosis but I honestly have to look at the bigger picture. My child regressed without us having an Ah Ha moment or a pinpointable moment in time. I guess he just hit the genetic lottery. What do parents like me do when I cannot blame vaccines? We blame ourselves because we didn’t know enough. Anyway I always enjoy your Lioness Arising series because it helps me further see the bigger picture. I believe that vaccines need to be changed and I understand that they compromise children and do harm and I honestly thank God and my sister in law everyday for giving me the strength to say “no” we are not doing the shots. I really believe my sister in law saved my sons life or we would be dealing with a far more damaged system. I believe strongly it is a combination of factors and not one thing we are looking at. This got much longer than I had intended but wanted to share this fine Monday morning 🙂


  5. Thank you for this blog! You are awesome and brave, and tell it so well. I have been staying up way too late reading every single word, and just wanted to thank you for putting all this information out there. I have never immunized my three children, but I have been very quiet about it, except to those who are close to me. I love how transparent and open you are; it is an inspiration to me.


  6. So excellent. So beautiful, as always. Good to know that Jesus will bring justice.

    Thought you might like to know (as per another comment I read) that it is “lose,” not “loose.” (Feel free to delete or not approve this comment…just wanted you to know for the sake of the post.)

    Thanks so very very much for all you do.


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