To Be Honored…

It’s interesting how we go through seasons. Consider this sorta like a year-in-review type post, as I share how the tide has turned and I feel like I’ve just taken in a great big breath of fresh air.


7 years ago I entered a season of uncertainty. Speaking out against a topic that was taboo, controversial, unpopular, and not accepted. The “V” word.

I lost friendships and spent many days contemplating if should just throw in the towel. I had so many justifications for giving up on what I clearly felt like the Lord had called me to speak out against. There were days when I figured I was just plain crazy: who in their right mind would want to be a vaccine safety advocate and speak out against the dangers of vaccines?

Not worth it. Too dangerous. Not popular. The reasons went on and on…

But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t. Everywhere I went (and still go), I am introduced to vaccine injured children. Sick kids. Everywhere. The new normal.


For those of you that follow this blog, you know I write about this topic a lot. In my post Is This The Best We Can Offer, I write about Chapter 11 in the book Vaccine Epidemic: “Pediatrics, Sick is the New Healthy”.

I’ve shared on more than one occasion how I’ve fallen in love with the autism community and how the Autism mommas have capture my heart: I Only Want Things to Make Sense.

I’ve challenged my readers with a post called: “I Hope You’ve Done Your Research” and I’ve asked for logical explanations on issues like introducing the whooping cough vaccine to newborns in a post called: The Whooping Cough has Me at a Loss for Words. I’ve exposed myths, the most common being: The Myth of Herd Immunity.

I started a series called “Lioness Arising Mothers”, where I tell the personal stories of mothers and the devastating journey they are on with their precious children.

In June I wrote a post called: Food & Water: Nope. Vaccines: Yep. It struck a nerve. It was featured on Dr. Mercola, Gaia Health, National Vaccine Information, and more. Suddenly, Bill Gates and his billion dollar anti-vaccine surveillance alert system group found my blog. I think that day I received about 300 comments from his paid peeps. Good I thought, I got their attention. Funny how truth has a way of doing that.

Through the years, I’ve watched how the tide is turning. In the beginning I received mostly resistance. Now, I receive more and more messages of acceptance. Either parents are “getting it” or parents are at their wits end and desperate and ready for help. Why the change? Because more and more children are becoming sick. And those same children have parents. And those parents know EXACTLY what happened to their children. And they won’t shut up until the truth is told. Enter The Thinking Moms Revolution.


A few weeks ago I was honored by The Thinking Moms Revolution, in a creative piece titled “Snooki vs. Jessica Gianelloni: American Heroines” You can read the full post HERE. I’ll share just a bit of it:

“Jessica has been writing about TMR and our friends for quite some time. What makes Jessica unique is that she does not have affected children. Her mission is simply to take the knowledge she has been given and share it with the world. Please read her latest post about “A Different Type of Orphan.” 

While she has been called to advocate for orphans, as is the case with everything Jessica does, she takes it a step further, goes the extra mile, and puts the finishing touches on research and information that others would have glazed over. She gets it. She gives us her time, her knowledge and that which we are most grateful for… her unending stores of energy and her unshakable sense of peace. 

Yes, Thinking Moms are indeed a burgeoning institution/movement/powerhouse… but we are in no position to offer her 32k for all that she gives us… for free. 

Our gratitude is all we’ve got. From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you, Jessica Gianelloni.

So, I leave you with this. We live in a country where someone like Jessica has to remove the names of her children from her blog because of the threatening hate mail she receives for telling the truth about vaccines and unclean food. Snooki, a Reality TV Star with no discernible life skills speaks at one of our country’s finest higher learning institutions for 45 minutes and receives 32k. 

What are you going to do about it?”

Wow. I was blown away. Was I really being honored by the very people that deserve the honor?

The day this article was published, I shared my heart in a fb post: “7 years ago, as I began this journey of vaccine awareness, I lost many friendships, as those close to me suddenly did not understand who I had become. It was a disappointing time in my life. 7 years later, and today I am being honored by The Thinking Moms Revolution. I can’t think of a bigger honor to be bestowed upon me in this area of my life. I feel like this is God’s way of confirming this is the journey He has me on. I am in the lane I’m meant to be in. And I will continue to run this race and fight this fight! I am humbled & honored beyond words. Thank-you Thinking Moms!”

Why am I sharing all of this? Because the honor isn’t really on me. The honor is on truth. Truth can only go as far as the people willing to share it. And that’s what I love about The Thinking Moms Revolution. They give me an outlet to spread and tell truth.

The Thinking Moms are reaching far and wide. Yesterday I received this message from a good friend who is a nurse. She told of a conversation she had with another nurse during their shift in the hospital. Her message read:

“So God is awesome…clearly we know that. Here is some more proof though.

Last night I worked with a nurse that I don’t normally work with. Somehow we got on the topic of her 14month old little boy who has constantly been sick since he was born. High fevers, ear infections, respiratory problems, etc. In the middle of her story telling, she says “I can’t believe I’m telling you all this. I never talk about how sick my little boy is…”

I don’t talk very much about vaccines at work because I don’t feel that I’m well educated enough (yet) to speak against them. (Especially in a vaccine happy environment.) This time I felt that I had to bring them up. So i said, “I can’t believe I’m bringing this up either because it is so taboo around here but…has your son had all of his vaccinations?” She proudly said “oh yes, absolutely!”… So then I asked if she thought that perhaps his sickness could have started after receiving the vaccines. She said that she had thought that, and asked the doctor, to which he replied “Oh, of course not.” (Of course). Even though last night she realized, he has had all his exacerbations right after shots.

This poor momma is at her wits end after months of antibiotics, sleepless nights, breathing treatments, blood work, testing for autoimmune diseases…and NO definitive diagnoses.

I told her about you, your blog, (Solomon, too. i just HAD to tell her about God’s handiwork in that part of your life) and The Thinking Moms Revolution website. We pulled it up last night (at our nurses station at work) and she found a case that sounds EXACTLY like her little boy. With a court case story to go with it. She just kept saying “I never either thought to educate myself about something like this”.

I told her I was the exact same way until not so long ago. She is a believer who has spent hours after hours in prayer for her little boy. The same little boy who’s daddy called this morning at work and told her he has a 102.2 fever only 2 weeks after being off antibiotics.

She said she couldn’t wait to get home to read more about The Thinking moms and you! The light bulb definitely went off.

Last night wasn’t my normal night to work. She only works 2-3 shifts a month on ANOTHER floor. God arranged that meeting and gave us both the confidence to talk about things we usually keep quiet.

The impact of your research, your lifestyle, your stories, and your voice, your faithfulness to God’s calling, and THE truth are reaching far beyond the people you have met. I just wanted you to know. :)”


The end of 2012 comes during a season of restoration. God is a redeemer of all situations.  For me personally, the Lord is redeeming a season in my life when I was once misunderstood and rejected, to entering a season of being honored and thanked.

Truth is truth is truth is truth. And it will always win.

Here’s to truth. Here’s to The Thinking Mom’s Revolution.

Are you a Thinking Mom? I sure hope so.

The world is waiting for you….

6 thoughts on “To Be Honored…

  1. Wonderful! I can imagine what a refreshment it is for your soul to have that type of support for the work you God has called you to. This is a tough battle and your well researched words of truth are making changes in people’s live you will never know. You have a gift and are using it to help so many. God bless you!


  2. Thanks for your writing about the V issue! My baby reacted to the hep-B vax at birth with four days and nights of endless, inconsolable screaming, vaccine-induced encephalitis, and was later diagnosed with autism, but because her doctor (whom I had told not to let her get this shot) dismissed the screaming as colic, it was years before I put the picture together. You’ve got to read the book The Age of Autism by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted! It’s absolutely incrediible how nearly everyone has seen the truth, that mercury was causing death and destruction left and right, but their religiouis faith in Modern Medicine prevented them from understanding the cause. Most people with syphilis in the First World were treated with mercury medications, and many of them eventually developed dementia and paralysis. The Norwegians and poor blacks and Indians did not ever develop this syndrome, though many had syphilis, because they did not get the mercury treatment. Scientists made note of that fact, but did not understand the reason. Freud set up his own alternative religious system of weird sexual psychodynamics, which prevented him from seeing that most of his patients with hysteria etc. had fathers who had been treated for syphilis with mercury, and the daughters administered it, developing mercury-related symptoms themselves, which Freud attributed to sexual longing for their fathers. Many babies died of pink disease, which turned out to be mercury poisoning from widely-used teething powders. Everyone in my family reacts adversely to vaccines, we’re fine without them. My father reacted to a flu shot with paralysis which became complete within a few months of the shot, and also lost his voice completely for over a month. Both symptoms of acute mercury poisoning. My brother fainted at work several times starting ten years ago, and developed numbness in his extremities and loss of balance. A drop in blood pressure and the numbness and loss of balance are symptoms of acute mercury poisoning, from his flu shots with mercury that he takes religiously every year. And yet he denies that the mercury in the shos could possibly have anything to do with his strange condition which no doctors were able to explain, because he sits in the front pew of the vaccine religion. I reacted to a tetanus booster when I was nineteen with brachial plexus neuropathy, both arms paralyzed for several days, and went on to develop MS, with numbness, in one attack paralysis for over a month of my left arm and leg, little balance, permanent severe insomnia, and extreme fatigue. All symptoms of acute mercury poisoning. My mother, who got yearly flu shots at the mall along with my father, has had Alzheimer’s for nearly fifteen years, it’s a disease twenty times more common now than in 1980. Why? Could it be the annual flu vaccine that many elders started getting around then, filled with mercury and aluminum, both powerful neurotoxins? On autopsy tangles of aluminum are found in the brains of many people who died with Alzheimer’s: where did it come from? Isn’t it obvious that it came from the vaccines, and that some people, for genetic reasons, have a tendency to store heavy metals in the brain rather than excrete them? Boyd Haley, in his article in the excellent Vaccine Epidemic that you also like, says mercury is the only substance he can think of that affects males more than females (which autism does too). It interferes with mitochondrial function, causing the mitochondrial disease found in most autistic children, and, I believe, is responsible for the extreme fatigue in all M.S. patients.

    This is a problem of people setting up other gods before God, placing their faith in doctors as the priests of this truly satanic religion, which denies the devastation of millions of lives it has caused and is causing with vaccines. A religion that worships vaccines, and cannot even put two and two together when they are right in front of it. The love of money is the root of all evil. In this case the billions reaped by the vaccine industry are working hard to silence the truth that the vaccines are more dangerous than the vaccine-preventable diseases (which, of course, can kill, but there are much less dangerous ways to prevent and treat them).


  3. I love reading your posts and look forward to each one! Since I know your feelings on vacc’s I was wondering about your thoughts on lead and iron testing. Everything I’m finding is pro testing and seems very one-sided. My daughter will be 1 soon and at her last appt the pedi pushed for the tests. We said we would research and consider it… I’m leaning towards refusing since she has never been sick and is thriving and meeting normal milestones. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Right? The other side of me says that 1) risk of infection from a finger stick is small 2) nothing is being injected into her
    Thank you! PS~ I tried to email you this question directly but I dont think it went through


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