Light it up True…

April is Autism Awareness Month.
And today, April 2nd  is World Autism Awareness Day!

I can’t think of a better way to “celebrate” this day, than to provide awareness behind what is really happening through these “awareness” campaigns.

Last week the new Autism numbers were released: 1 in 50.

And quickly after that, perfectly, brilliantly, and exactly on time…just days after the new 1 in 50 autism numbers were released, the CDC released a “new study” that shows (again) vaccines don’t cause autism. It was a bogus study that was critiqued perfectly by Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD scientist. You can read the critique here: Can We Trust the CDC Claim that There is No Link Between Vaccines and Autism?

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What I find so interesting is that the same organization that celebrates World Autism Awareness Day through their catchy campaign “Light It Up Blue”, is the same exact organization that just funded this latest CDC study. This organization is called Autism Speaks, and sadly the families I know with children with autism, do not in anyway support Autism Speaks. Today, they will not be “lighting it up blue” for their child.

I have not met a single autism parent that does not despise this multi-million dollar organization.


“It is a leech upon the autism community, sucking resources and walk-a-thon energy away from cash-strapped families struggling to cope. If there was any value in its “awareness” campaign, it has been achieved; Autism Speaks has no apparent further reason for being. It’s delaying progress, deflecting attention from the truth. It’s job, like any other business (or malignancy), is to grow”
–Dan Olmstead, Investigative Reporter and Editor of Age of Autism.

Autism Speaks has wasted 27.4 million dollars on 127 genetic studies since 2006 and are no closer to finding a cause…
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If you know the behind-the-scenes details regarding the Autism Speaks foundation, it’s actually quite maddening. Here’s the short version:

Katie Wright is the daughter of the founders of Autism Speaks and the mother of the little boy who was the catalyst for the organization. She’s been extremely vocal and active about what she witnessed happen to her son; vaccine regression into severe autism. She sits on the boards of other organizations because she doesn’t support the very organization created in her own child’s honor. Think about that.

Here is Katie Wright’s comment on the newest Autism Speaks’ study debunking vaccine causation:  “This is just Autism Speaks caving in to the government and Drug Companies… AGAIN!!! They just keep publishing Government funded studies by organizations who get PAID by major Drug Company $$$. Here’s all we need to know… This is a quote from this article:

“The case-control study was led by epidemiologists in the Immunization Safety Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

The CDC ?? What a joke !

Might as well let pedophiles do a study on Child Pornography !” ~ Katie Wright

The founders of Autism Speaks own daughter.  It’s just plain sad.


And then there was Dr. Sears response to the new study:

“I’m tired of pretend vaccine research. Give me some REAL research. Give AMERICA some real research. Stop playing games and wasting money that should go into real studies.”

New Study in Journal of Pediatrics Shows Number of Vaccine Antigens Not Associated with Autism Risk

Another waste of money in another attempt to pretend to do research on vaccines and autism. Here’s what the researchers did: They looked at the HMO medical records of 256 kids with autism and 752 kids without autism and counted up the total number of antigens in the vaccines they received as children. They found no difference, and concluded that this provides evidence that the number of vaccines given to a child does not increase the risk of autism.

I pretty much only have one major criticism of this study. You would probably find the exact same results no matter what group of kids you studied. Pretty much all children in any given span of years receive the exact same number of shot antigens. (By the way, an antigen is simply a protein or sugar germ-related ingredient in a vaccine – some vaccines only have a few, some have many.) Read more about the absurdity of a vaccine study on antigens (HERE)

Virtually all kids WITH autism have had the same shots as kids WITHOUT autism. So, why would it even be useful to study this? You’ll get the same results every time, whether you study 1000 kids or 100,000 kids. They all get the same shots on the same schedule. They would have gotten the same results if they’d studies asthma, cancer, or any other chronic problem. All this study proved is that all the kids in that HMO got about the same vaccines over that 5 year time period. This doesn’t give us any useful data on how vaccines would have or would not have influenced the rate of autism.

Now, if I were to do a study (and have several million bucks to fund it), here’s how I would look at the question of whether or not an increased number of vaccines relates to an increased risk of autism: I would take a bunch of kids who had all the vaccines on the regular schedule and look at the rate of autism in that group. We know that it’s about 1 in 50 kids. Then I’d take a whole bunch of kids who were only partially vaccinated and look at the rate of autism. I would subdivide the partially vaccinated group into subgroups based on the total number of vaccines given during infancy. I would perhaps have a group that delayed vaccines. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s really go crazy and find a few totally unvaccinated kids just for fun. On the other hand, no. Let’s not. It would be totally unethical to subject a group of totally unvaccinated children to any type of medical research. Ok, back to my study. These data would then give us a true look at autism rates compared to number of vaccines given and the age at which they were given.

Now THAT would be an interesting study. Unfortunately, it’s just too logical. It’s much better to study things in a confusing and illogical manner so you can get some results that the press can really sink their teeth into.

So, is anyone really surprised to see the Journal of Pediatrics study? What were you expecting? CDC researchers to publish as study that actually showed an increased risk of autism related to vaccines? The CDC would NEVER simply publish such a study. I doubt anyone would. Anyone at the CDC who published such a study would be fired faster than they could sell their Pharma stock. But I digress. I don’t mean to blast all research. But I’m tired of pretend vaccine research. Give me some REAL research. Give AMERICA some real research. Stop playing games and wasting money that should go into real studies. Parents will keep asking the question until the science behind the research is sound. This study does little to change the minds of worried families”
-Dr. Sears


Lastly, I love the response to the study from Adventures in Autism blog. A very crafty checklist of 5 steps to do at next pediatrician visit:
More Public Relations Nonsense Sold To You As “Science”

It is very sad to me that today, the world will “Light It Up Blue” for a billion dollar organization that does nothing to help the Autism Community. An organization that funds studies to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism.

Why not instead support The Thinking Mom’s Revolution. Book release this month!


Now that you are aware, let’s Light It Up True!


5 thoughts on “Light it up True…

  1. Thank you. Although I know there are multiple causes (I didn’t vax and we still bleed Blue), this is a HUUUGE problem and I was thankful that Dr. Boyle from the CDC FINALLY said at the congressional hearings “the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated have not been compared in a study”. I wish people would THINK and follow the money!


    1. hmlclark, can you tell me anything more about this? When you say “bleed Blue,” do you mean ASD? I know autism sometimes occurs without vaccination, though it seems very rare and even more rarely severe. I want to be a friend and partner with those serious about treatment, though; I want to learn what I can. Thanks!


  2. I love that in the midst of everything going on in your life, you still find time to fight for our families! Love you Jessica and pray a zillion blessings over your family!


  3. Thank you so very much, Jessica. I plan to share this around this time this year. Autism Speaks really bothered me with their focus on “acceptance.” It absolutely drives me bananas that with the incredible suffering and pain caused by autism, people want to paint a bright picture of it just being a lovable quirkiness that needs “acceptance” rather than healing.

    I know someone with autistic children who believes theirs was vaccine-caused, but she believes that there is an autism gene (and they didn’t have it). She has referred to those with genetic autism and slightly different facial features. Can you comment on this?

    She did not think those with the genetic kind had the same severe screaming, violence issues, etc., though, rather issues with focus. So that is a relief to me. It has been terrifying to me to think that if I had children I would be destined genetically to repeat that awful screaming, violence, trying to protect one child from another. But anyway, if you could someday comment on the “genetic” kind, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    By the way, since you’ve said you appreciate it:
    “And then their was Dr. Sears response to the new study” should read “And then there was Dr. Sears’s response to the new study.”

    Happy New Year! Thank you for all you do!


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