Lioness Arising Mom #7: Rainna Moran

I’d like to introduce Lioness Arising Mom #7. Her name is Rainna Moran and she is a local momma from New Orleans. Her passion for truth and action is inspiring because she is one of those mothers that will not only stop at nothing to heal her son, but she will also make a difference in the lives of many, many people. Already her voice is loud, as she tells it like it is. But sometimes that is the only way to get people to listen. And Rainna is just getting started.

This story is personal, yet truly represents the 1 in 50 with Autism. Written in an educated, yet easy to understand bullet points kinda way, this story truly grips at your heart.

Rainna and her precious son Chase, age 3 1/2

Told in her own words…

“Chase came into this world with determination to be free! His delivery was “fast and furious”. He was my third son and a huge surprise! My middle child, Wesley, had been born only 11 months earlier. So when “Fertile Myrtle” turned up pregnant again so soon, needless to say, it was a bit of a shock for a few weeks! He was a very healthy, 8lbs 10ounces. He was such a good baby, so sweet and had such an easy going personality. I was completely in love!!!


Chase hit all of his milestones. He rolled over on time, he sat up on time, he crawled on time. He had great eye contact and he laughed at his daddy’s funny faces. His brothers were able to engage him in play. He never had ear infections. He never had any digestive system issues. In that first year, I’m not sure that he was ever sick! Healthy! Healthy! Healthy! So, what went wrong?!?!? Where did I fail to protect him from this dreadful enemy that I was blissfully unaware of?

These are the accumulation of insults that I believe played a part
in Chase regressing into his Autism:

1. (And this is a big one) I got the freakin’ Flu shot! Why oh why did I decide to get it while pregnant?!?!??!! I never get it! It was H1N1 season. There was pressure at work and on the news; “This is going to be the worst flu season yet” and the most vulnerable (infants, elderly, and pregnant) should be the first to get it! I did not one bit of research on this! Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

2. I’m a nurse in a NICU. While starting an IV on a very sick baby, I stuck myself with a dirty needle! Ugh! The one and only time that I’ve ever done that and it had to be while I was pregnant! It turned out that the baby was positive for CMV (cytomegalovirus). Great!!!

3. I had a shit ton of ultrasounds! I was so nervous about him being a large baby because my oldest was 10 lbs 5 ounces. Being a neonatal nurse I’ve seen the damage from babies being too large.

4. This is probably the single most important one!!!! I got all of his vaccinations just like the doctor suggested. Like any “good” mom would, right?!? No, a big fat WRONG!!! Turns out that the safety of giving multiple vaccines at once has NEVER EVER been tested!!! Why in the world didn’t I know this before? So at his I year old well baby visit I held him down to be injected with the MMR (1st dose), Varicella (1st dose), Hep A (1st dose), and here’s the kicker…. He also received his 3rd dose of the flu shot!!! (4th if you count the one that I got during pregnancy)

All I can think now is mercury, mercury, mercury!! 25 mcg a pop in those flu shots.

When a baby receives 3 new vaccines for the first time, all at once (MMR, Varicella, Hep A), if there were to be a reaction, how would you know which one caused it? I should not have allowed this, and it seems like common sense when I look back at it. (I wish I would have known then, what I know now!) I was so freaking naive!

“They” wouldn’t let parents allow their babies to be injected with deadly toxins, right?!?! WRONG!!! Who is “they” anyway?

5. Not only was he given all of those vaccines at the same time, but a week and a half later he required heavy duty antibiotics to prevent an infection close to his eye brow from spreading. My poor baby boy, how overloaded he was with drugs during this time.

*This was enough to send him spiraling into Autism! Literally! After this, He started spinning things obsessively, his eye contact faded, he didn’t laugh at his daddy anymore, he walked on his tip toes, didn’t have any words, and he stopped responding to his name.

6.  At his 18 month visit, for the first time, he didn’t meet all of his milestones. I expressed concern about his hearing, so a screening was suggested. And then, I freaking did it again!!! I allowed more vaccines! Ugh! It makes me cringe just thinking about it!

After this visit, and I mean the very next day, is when my mom said the word Autism for the first time. It hit me HARD! I mean like a ton of bricks! I knew immediately that she was right! I didn’t even know what Autism was, but I knew in my heart, in that very second, that it was Autism. My days of being blissfully unaware were over!!! Just like that!!! I put on my big girl drawls and got busy setting up evaluations and appointments on my own! Our Ped didn’t have much to say about our concerns of Autism. He did NOT refer me to anything but speech therapy! So I referred my baby to anything and everything that I could think of that would help him! And anyone that would help me to Chase Answers!!!

Chase started ST, OT, and special instruction through the La. Early Steps program. I did a little research and started him on the GFCF diet. He saw a Pediatric Neurologist, a Geneticist, a Developmental Pediatrician, an Optometrist, a nutritionist, a dietician, and an ENT. An ABR (hearing test) and an MRI were done under heavy sedation (which should be listed as #7) because I feel as though his sedation was yet another rotten choice! But, His Autism diagnosis did come after hearing problems were ruled out. Again, Nobody holding my hand and guiding me through this process!!!

7. Still, unaware of the Autism/vaccine link, I brought him in for his Two-year-old well baby visit. And guess what we did there?!?!? You got it! Another inoculation.

This was where the insult on upon injury would end!!!

After that, I read! I got counseling and got on antidepressants. And I read. Read and read and read!!! Anything I could get my hands on related to autism and treatment. (No offense to the therapists, but therapy alone wasn’t going to work for ChaseyBoo ). I went to every conference I could. I made autism mom contacts online and I reached out to them for advice.

Their are some GREAT warrior moms out there!!!! Biomedical treatments were my obsession! Vitamins and supplements, mito cocktails, detoxification, yeast, GFCF diet, SCD, GAPS, DAN Drs., MAPS Drs., HBOT, Simpsonwood, stool samples, Wakefield, etc. I started off “Autism school” as a remedial Kindergartener at best! Now I realize that I have really learned a lot in the past year and a half! I’d say maybe I’m at HS Senior level! One day I’ll have a freaking Master’s in Autism! And I can picture us both (ChaseyBoo and I) walking across that stage together, both in cap and gown receiving our diplomas with honors!!!


Where are we today? I’ve totally lost my mind!!! Having a child with Autism will do that to you! Not because he is so miserable and difficult, but because I know what happened to him was completely preventable! I have to share this with my friends and family who are not always receptive unfortunately, but if one of their kids regressed into Autism then it would be on me!!

I can’t shut up about all that I have learned! That tends to happen when you’re faced with Autism! I refuse to take my little Autistic child and go sit in a corner quietly!!! Nope! That’s not going to happen! I’m talking about it, as uncomfortable and controversial a subject as it is!! I’m getting our story out there! I’m telling everyone that I know and everyone that I meet! (Well, the ones that’ll listen anyway).

You’re going to see Chase and you’re going to listen to him!! He may be non-verbal but he has sooooo much to say to the world, and you’d better believe “momma bear” is here to help him! Don’t ignore him world!!

I hate to say it, but the ones who won’t listen now will be listening when the Autism rates are 1:10 and their loved one has been affected! Sorry to be frightening, but no one is safe! Toxins are in everything! Our food supply is mostly contaminated in this country! Vaccine safety NEEDS to be studied! So much greed in the world it makes me sick and sad!

Even if the safety of our food and vaccines looks grim, it doesn’t mean that I (or you) have to just live with it and accept that this is the way its gonna be! For future generation’s sake, we need to care and we need to investigate, and we need to take action! My children deserve it. Our children deserve it.


I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything, but I do believe with all of my heart that my baby was vaccine injured resulting in his development of ASD. And no, I’m not just saying that because I want to sue! First of all, I would never have the time, money, energy, or patience to play that game with our government! The truth is that most of us Autism parents are too busy caring for our sick kids to dedicate the time needed for that kind of endeavor!! And “they” would make it damn near impossible, anyway! In the CDC’s own words, you can read here how vaccines are UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE. The government is protected. Why would I waste my time trying to sue?  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

What I do have time for is advocacy! My mom and I are in the works to start a local parent support group. Well, maybe more like a club/fundraising/awareness and action-raising/fun bunch of nuts from NOLA kind of group!!! We want people to “Chase Answers” with us! This month, with the momentum from Autism One, I’m thrilled to say that we are finally getting started and we have our first event in the works!!!

With the drowning death of a local Autistic boy (the 5th in a 2 week period in the US) I wanted to raise awareness about these kinds of devastating tragedies that sadly account for a very high percentage of our kids’ deaths! More importantly, I want to raise the money to buy radio frequency or GPS tracking bracelets with monitors for these parents who are constantly fearful of this very thing happening to their precious angels.

Just recently, I had the single most traumatic thing in my life happen! Chase’s life flashed before my eyes! He had a very close call on a very busy street! All I heard was a car horn and in an instant he could have been taken from us. I cried the most out of control, hysterical, panicked cry for hours after that (in fact for days and still I have a very hard time speaking about it aloud). Because of Autism, Chase was unaware of the street and the car. That is what Autism does. It steals children.

I can’t imagine life without my sweet boy! God was with my baby boy that day! His “momma bear” angels were watching out too! I know that he will do great things in his life, and maybe he was spared from that car hitting him because he can inspire others to take a good look at this problem we call “Autism”. That’s the way I see it! When there’s a will, there’s a way! And I WILL be with him every step of the WAY, following the path that God is laying out for us!”

If you live in the New Orleans area and are interested in joining efforts with Chase Answers, please contact Rainna at


To learn more about the Lioness Arising Series and read about the other mothers changing the world, click (HERE)

8 thoughts on “Lioness Arising Mom #7: Rainna Moran

  1. Love this lioness! We are Deep South neighbors (MS, here). I have many of the same regrets. I also had a flu shot and gave every vaccine on the schedule. Here’s to healing and helping others avoid our mistakes!


  2. You are an inspiration. We love you and we support you in all of your efforts to Chase Answers for your Chasey Boo and all the others too!


  3. Wonderful expression of what really goes on with families dealing with Autism. I know your pain and your desire to find answers. My own son has had to go through this all his life. For 24 years I have been searching for answers. When he was a little boy of three I was shouting from the rooftops that the vaccinations changed my child. His Autism presented differently than Chase’s but has been a constant battle for us. Just know you are not alone in this effort to Chase answers. Love Nanny


  4. Thanks for a great article and for opening up about your son. I am in NOLA and so so so excited to meet other like-minded moms of kids with autism!


  5. My daughter is not autistic but I too stopped the vaccines. She is GFCF and on natural supplements for her GI, behavior, poor immune system and below normal cholesterol….hypersensitive little girl. Her allergist and I aren’t pals – he keeps pushing the flu shots – nope, not happening. I give kudos to the moms out there with autistic children – I cannot even imagine….thankfully mine is not but we do have our challenges. Bless you moms and your kids!!!!


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