The Truth about Tetanus…

I’ve wanted to write a blog on tetanus for awhile now. I’m so sad every time a parent contacts me, because their child was given the DPT or DTaP vaccine (Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis) after a visit to the ER for stepping on a nail or anything that resembles a cut, scrape, or puncture wound.  Just recently a very good friend contacted me in the middle of the night. She was so concerned over her young son receiving DTaP in the hospital that night. They didn’t want him to receive the 3 in 1 shot, but they were scared about tetanus, because he had stepped on a nail that day. So the young boy received the vaccine.

Fear is such a strong motivator for vaccines.

I know many families that don’t vaccinate, but they are still very fearful about tetanus and say that they might probably choose the tetanus vaccine if their child happened to step on a rusty nail.

Fear does that to people.

Most parents want to know why a child just can’t receive a tetanus vaccine? Why do they have to receive diphtheria and pertussis too? Why is tetanus given as a 3 in 1 shot? Does stepping on a rusty nail really warrant a tetanus vaccine?

And this is my hypothetical question that I have always wanted answered:  Why is it ok to give a child the tetanus vaccine (in the form of DTaP) at, say, their 1 year “well baby” visit, but only 2 weeks later, when they unexpectedly end up in the ER with an open would, the child is automatically given another tetanus booster (in the form of another DTaP)? How is this ok? And how does this make sense?

I love one of the recent status on The Thinking Moms Revolution site the other day. One of the Thinking Moms (Tex) was interviewed on a radio show called: “Vaccine Myths”

“Where are all the rusty nails?”

“You mean the rusty nails that actually have bacteria from cow manure on them? The ones that SOOooooo many children seem to be stepping on every year? Gee… we don’t know Tex. But if they are such a huge threat – then why don’t they offer the Tetanus vaccine WITHOUT the Diptheria and Pertussis for parents who might consider getting THAT vaccine if they don’t want the combo? Combo or singular- vaccines cause damage. Rusty nails are a FAR lesser threat than the aluminum and formaldehyde, and monkey DNA and aborted fetal tissue DNA and neurotoxins that make up these vaccines”


There is a story about a boy from New Zealand almost dying from tetanus that is circulating fb right now. Of course the gist of the story is that he was “unvaccinated”. Many vaccine safety advocate groups say the story is not true. If the story of the boy is true (which I doubt, because the story has a million holes in it), then based on what the parents are quoted saying, I have some major issues:

“As soon as they (the doctors) said it was tetanus my other two kids were vaccinated the very next day, against all childhood diseases.”

I couldn’t agree more with a comment I read on the Great Mother’s Questioning Vaccines fb page:

“If this article is in fact true then these parents are very reactionary and motivated purely by fear. They read a few scary stories and decided not to vaccinate then had a scary experience and vaccinated the heck out of all their kids. Not my kind of parenting role models regardless of their stance on vax”

You can read the original story (HERE) As you read it, it is very obvious this article was a push for vaccines and not really about the boy with tetanus.

I read an article on the Immunization Awareness Society for Informed Choice website today. It breaks the story down (properly) of this boy almost dying from tetanus and gives a very accurate portrayal of what informed consent really looks like in a family that originally choose to not vaccinate.

“… Everybody needs to understand above all else, is that informed consent is not made by listening to conspiracy theories, or emotions and feelings.  Informed decision making is also more than just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to an intervention such as vaccination.

Most parents who make an informed choice not to vaccinate, will research thoroughly everything they can.  Not just about the diseases, or the vaccines, but what constitutes good health.  These parents do everything to ensure their children remain healthy and happy, and understand the risks involved in ALL the diseases, how to prevent them if possible, how to treat them at home, risk factors for the diseases and complications, and so on.

…parents who make a scientifically informed choice don’t make important health decisions on the basis of conspiracy theories online, or call themselves ‘hippies’, or assume that having a science degree makes them well informed; neither do they suddenly find out they are ignorant the night their child falls ill”
-Immunization Awareness Society for Informed Choice

You can read the full article (HERE)

Anyways, all of this can easily turn into a debate over whether or not the article about the unvaccinated boy is true or not. And really, who cares. This is about tetanus. Learning the truth about tetanus is what is most important.

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So what is Tetanus?

“Tetanus is the name of a sickness you get when the bacterium Clostridium tetani enters your body and flourishes (with a life cycle). The emphasis should be on ‘flourishes’ because Clostridium tetani requires an anaerobic environment. What does this mean? It means for the bacterium to survive, it must be in an environment free of oxygen.

In other words, to get sick with Tetanus, you must get the Clostridium tetani into your body, such as through the infamous example of stepping on a nail. Then you must ensure that the wound does not get oxygenated (does not bleed and is not exposed to air) and you must ensure the bacterium multiplies enough to start a life cycle, because the toxins released when they die is what causes Tetanus symptoms.

Summary: Tetanus requires a wound that is deep enough and neglected enough to create an anaerobic environment so that the bacteria can flourish, die off and spread a toxin in the body. The incubation period is 3-21 days, the average being 8 days.

And what does it mean to ‘oxygenate’? It means to bleed. Blood is oxygenated by passing through the lungs and then flowing through the body to oxygenate all the tissues. That is how we live. We are oxygenated creatures. So if you step on a nail and you bleed, the Clostridium tetani cannot live. In other words, Tetanus is impossible to get if you are alive, pumping blood normally through your body and taking care of the wound.  Feel bamboozled yet?” – Tetanus Vaccination: Fact & Fiction,  read entire article (HERE)

According to the CDC’s own website: “Tetanus is different from other vaccine-preventable diseases because it does not spread from person to person. The bacteria are usually found in soil, dust and manure and enter the body through breaks in the skin – usually cuts or puncture wounds caused by contaminated objects. Today, tetanus is uncommon in the United States, with an average of 29 reported cases per year from 1996 through 2009″

“Today, tetanus is uncommon in the United States, with an average of 29 reported cases per year from 1996 through 2009”?

Say what?!? Pretty much, the CDC’s own website tells us it’s not common and is found in wounds caused by contaminated objects…

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The incidence of tetanus had almost completely disappeared by the time vaccines became popular. Tetanus vaccines has been a part of  of mass inoculations since the 1940’s. It’s the T of DPT. Since the 1950’s a child received 4 DPT shots by the time he is 18 months old. Even after that, for life, any time anyone steps on a nail or gets a minor cut, tetanus “boosters” are routinely given. But what sense does it make to pretend to cure a disease that is caused by a puncture would which may have the remotest possibility of containing Clostridium by giving the person another puncture wound that definitely contains Clostridium, or its byproducts?

It’s one thing to claim that the vaccine could confer immunity before the injury happened. But to pretend a shot could immunize someone after the infection has occurred trespasses into the realm of superstition. No manufacturer has ever claimed curative powers for any vaccine. They’re preventatives, remember? That’s the whole basis of immunology.

Again, no scientists claim curative value after being infected with Clostridium. Nor do any suggest that a subsequent vaccine would prevent the development of tetanus. Think about it: if you have a disease process already going on, how could adding more of the pathogen or its toxoids to your blood possibly help you? This is pure science fiction” -Dr Tim O’Shea
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“But what if???”

1. “IF for some reason you and your child’s doctor assess a risk for Tetanus, you have the option of choosing a non-vaccine shot called Tetanus Immunoglobulin or TiG for short. The TiG is an anti-toxin serum, not a vaccine.

IMPORTANT: if you suspect Tetanus, make sure your child gets the TiG shot! Many doctors and nurses sadly are not informed on this issue. They will pressure you to give your child the vaccine instead. Even if you ask for the immunoglobulin, some medical employees might not know what this is or think you are mistaken and assume you want the vaccine. Sometimes they claim to have a “T” only vaccine, which is untrue.

This creates a dangerous situation because the vaccine will not take effect soon enough if your child was exposed to Tetanus, and even if the vaccine did take effect soon enough, vaccines don’t work for everyone. Make sure you see the packaging and/or insert of the immunoglobulin shot to ensure it is the right medication”

Tetanus Toxoid = Vaccine
Tetanus Immunoglobulin = Anti-Toxin

2. Cuts, scrapes, nicks, and wounds need to be cleaned. Soap and water go along way.

3. Heat helps to kill tetanus bacteria. A good soak in some Epsom salts to help with wound healing is good.

4. Put hydrogen peroxide, which is H2O2 (extra oxygen) after any significant wound injury. The extra oxygen kills tetanus spores additionally.

One of my favorite doctors, Dr. Kurt Perkins says this:

One thing I would like to point out is the ridiculousness of giving a tetanus shot AFTER you have a puncture wound.  Why get a puncture wound that definitely contains tetanus from a puncture wound that might not contain tetanus?  It’s sketchy enough to say you’re immune from tetanus from the regular vaccine schedule but to say there are curative powers by getting the vaccine AFTER the puncture wound is pretty ballsy, yet many line up to get injected after they think they might have tetanus.
After all, where do you find tetanus?  It’s in soil and the intestines of animals and humans. I want my son to experience nature but I draw the line at playing in the intestines of animals or humans.

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Love Dr. Kurts humor! If you have not read his article called “My CRYSTAL Clear Stance on Vaccines”, you really should. You can find it (HERE)

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How did the conventional wisdom of tetanus shots from a dirty rusty nail outdoors where Clostridium may be harbored in animals spoors – how did that idea get transformed to needing tetanus shots after the slightest most antiseptic nick around the house?” -Dr. Tim O’Shea from the book “Vaccination is NOT Immunization”

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  1. A friend of mine passed this onto me. THANK YOU for the shout out. I appreciate it. Keep up the fight. Let me know if I can help in any way. I thrive on being sarcastic when it comes to our ‘effective healthcare system.’


    1. Vaccinations are built on the myth of germ theory to begin with… all else beyond that is just lies and half-truths rolling around on a broken foundation…. injecting neurotoxins and other foreign compounds directly into the bloodstream of a developing human being (or an adult for that matter!) borders on child abuse…


  2. beautiful and so well written and researched. thank you for this post. I will be sharing it on my facebook page and my personal page as well..this is what people need so desperately to hear. May God bless and keep you and always may his face shine upon your lovely family. – briana


  3. You’re right about some medical personnel not knowing about TiG. My husband is an ER nurse and had never heard of it until I showed him this article. He doesn’t even know if they stock it where he works. He’s going to check tonight. I was shocked he’d never heard of it or been taught about it in school. I HEARD OF IT…WHY DON’T NURSES???


  4. I am in NZ and the story about the wee boy who got very sick with tetanus appears to be true. As we are a nation that has the choice not to vaccinate, it is jumped on by the media when something like this happens. I go onto a community part of a site here and these are the threads about tetanus – the 2nd one is a doozy!

    This one is about vaccination in general,but it gives you an idea of what us non-vaccinators are up against here –


  5. Excellent commentary! It’s so good to see the point about how absurd it is to give a tetanus vaccine after the injury. Could anything better clarify just how much this medical system is motivated primarily by money?


  6. Great commentary, I have chosen not to vaccinate my son against Tetanus last year, this is a very uncommon decision to take in a country like Malaysia.
    There is an article today on our paper and you can see our medical personnels still living in the 60s.
    Thanks again for putting up this post.


  7. I love this!!! My children are not vaxed, and contrary to popular belief go to public school – in NC. My oldest son had a light bulb fall on his foot – trip to ER, stitches, and serious guilt trip for not vaccinating. I even had to sign a form saying I was informed of the dangers of tetanus and that my child might die!!! They did offer us the immunoglobulin, I turned them down!! You have to be strong and stay true to your beliefs to go against big pharma!!! Thanks for your post.


    1. Diana, have you experienced significant pressure, or how did you avoid that? I have heard from at least 2 North Carolinians that they can be threatening: one said that it was better to get the tiny number of “required” vaccines for homeschoolers (homeschoolers? are you kidding me?) than to have a battle over their children which they would lose. And I think “calling CPS” is routinely threatened there even if not carried out.

      Someone else mentioned, I think, that for parents doing delayed vaccinations, the school would call the doctor’s office where she worked and make sure that they were taking their children. So I was just wondering, for my NC friends. Thanks!


  8. At ten years old, I jumped out of a tree onto a rusty nail. Of course, I got a tetanus shot. The next day, my foot was completely healed but I could not move my arm at all. The pain was excruciating for a week. I had to wear the same shirt for seven days because I literally could not move my arm. Fast forward, my two month old son had an encephalitic reaction to the DTaP vaccine. He developed autism. His tetanus titers were three times what is considered immune after just one of the shots. A homeopathic remedy made from the DPT vaccine cured his autism. I’ll take my chances with rusty nails! Great article!


    1. Hi, can you tell me more about the homeopathic remedy made from the DPT vaccine? I haven’t heard of this; we also do not vaccinate, but I love reading about all the information available.
      You can contact the blog owner for my email address, or email me at megsfivezeroone@gmaildotcom (the numbers are actual numbers, but to prevent spam I wrote them out) Thanks


    2. Are you claiming to have cured autism?? That’s quite a large claim and from a remedy made from the DPT vaccine that gave him the autism? Wow you must be a genius! I would really like to see the research or remedy that lead to this “cure”.


      1. I love sarcasm… it’s like a second language to me. Yes, my son is cured of autism. And since publishing my website which details our story, including all of my research with annotated references, I have received emails over the years of several other children being recovered as well after pursing the same type of treatment. You can read the entire story at recoveredfromautism dot com. If you’d like to see the study on the DPT remedy, you can visit here (click on study and then DPT and autism): And yes, I do have a genius IQ, thank you. But that has nothing to do with my son’s recovery.


    3. Love your response to @sarcasm. Definitely checking out your site, and the remedy. I refused HepB in the hospital when my son was born (finally a full-term success after six long years of infertility), but he rec’d the typical 2 month (followed by one episode of tremor) & 4 month (followed by two more episodes of tremor) protocol. It wasn’t until after the 4 mo appt. that I realized what was happening and never went back. He also had two ear infections before six months of age, but has never had another one since (I also took him off any dairy whatsoever, and we were already gluten free). It’s taken some work, and he may always have to work just a little harder than others in his class, but I absolutely believe listening to my instincts as the ONE person in the world who knew him from the inside, prevented him from potentially becoming profoundly autistic. I’m proud to say he’s one ROCKIN’ ten yr old!


      1. Hi Kim, Thank you! I totally agree with you – your extra work and attentiveness has most likely made a great difference! My oldest (before my son) was fully vaxed up until 18 months. Despite being casein free, she had multiple ear infections – a new one every week until the pediatrician put her on maintanence antibiotics. I cringe to think she was on daily antibiotics for almost a year. 😦 We are still addressing her gut issues 12 years later. This was before I knew anything about anything having to do with true health!

        She got the measles from her MMR at 18 months and developed sensory integration dysfunction. She also developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome and a “poliomyelitis-like” illness (but somehow wasn’t polio). Every time she caught a fever or virus, she would be paralyzed for anywhere from 3-14 days afterward. She eventually developed HSP and was paralyzed from the neck down and bleeding internally. We found the right homeopathic remedy for her and (knock on wood), she has not had a GBS episode in over 5 years. In 3rd grade we learned she had no short term memory and no facial memory (can’t remember people’s faces). She has come a long way, too!

        That is what I love so much about TMR and amazing blog posts like this one from The Gianelloni 7 – the sharing of information that has helped us become healthier, happier people. Without it, and the ones who came before us, I would be in a very different life. We are uniquely n=1, but together, we are n=1,000,000,000+!


      2. Forgot to say… “I absolutely believe listening to my instincts as the ONE person in the world who knew him from the inside” — YES! LOVE this! Hooray for following your mom instinct and for your rockin’ ten year old! 🙂


      3. @EM: Oh my. Your daughter and your family have been through so much. My step-daughter was on maintenance antibiotics for probably three years of her young life. I didn’t know anything back then, but neither would I have had anything to say about it if I did. Her mother made those decisions. And she’s grown, thankfully, into a fine woman despite it all, but that was very much another time.

        I feel tremendous guilt for not speaking out sooner about our experience with our son, particularly about those Momma Instincts and how invaluable they are. Reading Thinking Moms Revolution absolutely gutted me, but it very much gave me a huge aha moment–actually several of them. And I’m doing something about it now because of it:

        Speaking out is the only way we can make a difference for the coming generations, and Thinking Moms Revolution is very much leading the charge!


    4. How wonderful to here of the homeopathic remedy working for your son! We are huge fans of homeopathy and have the most wonderful doctor.


      1. Gary,

        Jessica refers to biomedical therapies here; you can read the entire Lioness Arising Moms’ section. But also, I would urge you to check out Kerri Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism for the diet and parasite protocol. (I am guessing one of the Lioness Arising moms may be familiar, too, since she mentions parasites.) It may sound like a stretch, but there are AMAZING results. Says many kids have lost their autism diagnosis.

        Best of all, it’s very, very affordable and do-able.

        There is a facebook group for it, too, CD Autism. Hope to see you there! 🙂


  9. Two studies have demonstrated that the vaccine simply has been ineffective:

    The Robert Koch Institute in Germany admits that 2/3 people who contract tetanus have been fully vaccinated. The rate in Switzerland was 50% fully vaccinated and still contracted the disease.


  10. Great article; by the way there is a much better way to treat tetanus: magnesium:
    intravenously is has been used in trials, or apply magnesium oil for best absorption, rather than tablet supplements.


  11. Thank you for this, my children are partially vaccinated (we have vaccine damage history in our family) and we get a lot of bad attitude from our health “professionals”, we refuse the whooping cough vaccine that in the UK used to be part of the 3 in 1 DTaP, we could opt to remove the pertusis (whooping cough) and we were cajoled into given the other part of the vax, however in 2004 the 3 in 1 became a 5 in 1 with no option to remove the pertusis, our 6th child also arrived in 2004 and we were at such loggerheads with our GP and Nurse about giving him the 5 in 1, we were out and out told we were ridiculous and risking our childs life, the nurse particularly made ludicrous claims about the death rate from tetanus and that it was “all around us” and “a constant risk”. We didnt vaccinate, and we also didn’t vaccinate our 7th child for the same reasons and yet still we are pushed and nagged and the one thing that they centre their arguements on is this “total and real everyday risk” from Tetanus, they make it sound like if I let my children play in the yard they’re going to die. Very informative blog post, thank you!


  12. The jab given post injury is TIG (tetanus immunoglobulin) which is different to the toxoid vaccine contained in DTaP. TIG contains antibodies which kill the tetanus bacteria in an infected person. Vaccinate or don’t, but if you are going to share health information about a life-threatening illness online, please make sure you have the correct information.

    Tetanus is horrific. I truly hope you never have to watch one of your loved ones suffer.


    1. Josey, what country are you in? In the U.S., TIG is NOT given post injury. Most U.S. hospitals don’t even know what this is. It is never offered. What is always given, is DTaP. Not sure if you read the blog, but I did share that TIG is a better option and to ask for it.


    2. Before you attack someone for inaccuracy, you should have your own facts straight. TIG is rarely used and can generally be distinguished from the vaccine because it’s usually given in the butt – which helps to clarify the fact that it’s an extremely rare situation for someone to come down with tetanus if the wound is properly treated, since the vaccine is routinely given but does NOT prevent tetanus so soon after an injury.


      1. Actually Heidi, I don’t see how asking someone to share correct information is ‘attacking’. I am in Australia, where TIG is standard treatment for high tetanus risk post injury. I did base my response on the US CDC recommendations, which state that, where there are less than 3, or unknown tetanus vaccinations, TIG should be given if it is not a clean, minor wound (ie. high tetanus risk), in accompaniment to the appropriate vaccine. The vaccine is given to prevent future infection, because having tetanus (the illness, not the vaccine) does not guarantee immunity. And TIG is a serum containing antibodies, not an anti-toxin.

        Since hospitals here generally follow recommended schedules, I have assumed the same would occur in the US. Of course, I also assume that medical professionals (both doctors and nurses) are well trained to understand vaccination schedules and medication regimens. I’ve personally witnessed this to be true. If this is not the case in the US, then your mileage will vary.

        I do stand by my comment that tetanus is horrific. It is indeed rare, hence the rarity of prophylactic TIG. The fact that you would question parents deciding to immunise their children after watching their son suffer is disrespectful of their experience of the reality of this. Unless I’m misunderstanding and you, too, have had a child with tetanus? Otherwise, considering them as a role model is irrelevant because you’ve never walked in their shoes. Apparently you feel it is also appropriate to question the vaccination status of their child, because ‘vaccine-safety advocates’ have suggested it is not true. Since when do vaccine safety advocates have access to someone else’s personal medical records? Since when do they know better than a parent what a child’s vaccination status is?


      2. I believe that tenuse is same as lock jaw or related right? I remember as a child one of my uncles died from it, after a car accident- we wasn’t very old- maybe 22 or so.


    3. sorry, you are wrong. here in the usa we are NEVER given the TiG unless you ask specifically for it. i know i had the DPT after i was injured… about 10 years ago… and AGAIN i had a tetnus “vaccine” 2 years ago after an injury , but that time it was supposedly not a DPT.

      i asked my doctor about the immunoglobin and they said they CAN special order it, but they do not stock it. no doctor in the state stocks it.. strictly pediatric hospitals.


  13. I saw the propaganda article about the boy who almost died due to tetanus that went viral and was disgusted by their use of scare tactics and also the stupidity of the boy’s parents who had their kids get a life time of shots in one day. How stupid and wreckless can a parent be to inject that many toxins at one time? Anyway, it was very refreshing to read this article and I just shared it on my own FB page to let others know that they need not fear their kids getting cuts and scrapes.


  14. We insisted our child be given the tetanus vaccine without the Diptheria or Pertussis. So they special ordered it, and gave her an ADULT dose, at six years old. She had a reaction that lasted several days— which they did NOT report (but I did). Never again. Thanks for this post!


  15. Your article and all the ones you include links to have changed my life. Thank you SO much! I cried after reading this article. My son has received a tetanus shot 3 times as part of a regular vaccination schedule. Each time he has had a progressively worse reaction to the point where my doctor says he is allergic to it and shouldn’t have it. Unfortunately I moved to a different province where public health nurses are not well informed and insist I must be lying as no one ever in the history of time has been allergic to the tetanus. The school board now will not allow him to go to school and this has been a big struggle for our family. You have given me the information I need to fight back. Thank you thank you thank you.


  16. My son got a compression nut stuck on his finger last week, and we ended up having to go to the ER to get it off. The male nurse asked about immunizations which I smiled and replied we don’t do. He then suggested the tetanus shot…without really seeing the wound. He strongly recommended it.

    My son did have some cuts from the nut, so I used activated charcoal and Bentonite clay to make a salve, and wrapped that on his finger. I also used some healing salve (made with herbs) and had him soaked it in Epson salt. All this over the next few days. It is almost completely healed now. Ironically, the teens and I were watching LOTR at the time. 😉


  17. Love this post as I also saw my “pro-vaxxer” “friends” share that bogus email around about a child almost dying because of not getting the shots. I have two healthy, strong boys that have played in dirt, broke bones, got colds and coughs and plenty of cuts (and play in the dirt) and never had one vaccine in their lives. Praise God. Thank you for this post as they are going to a “ranch” camp for a week and we’ll be just down the road and will keep this information if the need arises.


  18. I stepped into a rusty nail which went in about one inch. I put some MMs on it the next day it was healed! I have no Tetanus vaccine:


  19. I like this article most because it cuts to the chase. I am one of those parents who has the fear of ending up in the ER and being bullied back into an immunization of my child with this infamous tetanus shot (Dtap). I sure appreciate this post; for it has served as a needed encouragement for me to know the basic first aid that God provides us with and trust in him, rather than man’s devices.


  20. Thanks for this information! Could you possibly do a follow-up post about how to monitor for possible symptoms of tetanus, and how to test for it at home? I remember reading about head-hanging maneuvers and stroke-like symptoms, I’d like you know what I should be looking for. Thanks! 🙂


    1. Head banging and stroke like symptoms should always result in a hospital trip, although they can be simple migraine it can also be a number of EXTREMELY dangerous conditions, like meningitis (kids get them you know, migraines, and because they don’t understand they loose it totally, my ten year old (bless her) gets migraines. I have spent many an hour in a darkened room pressing a cool flannel to the back of her neck while she hugged me and sobbed. It makes me feel useless :(….. However, if in combination with a recent suspect injury, and a temp, together with reddening around the wound area and if it is progressed, small spiderlike red veins around the edge, or (VERY BAD) very noticable purplish and red spider veins radiating should be extremely concerned. these are symptoms of blood poisoning (hey you probably know all of this anyway..but just in case). Muscle spasms, arching, grinding of teeth, and foaming at mouth mean your child should have been in the ER ten hours ago. I’m sorry, but if it progresses this much, even with medical care, the chances opf survival are not good. Even if you don’t wish to have serum or vaccine, you must make sure your child is monitored if they show these symptoms (IN HOSPITAL). The UK guidelines state that the antibody vaccine should not be given any closer together than once every 9.5 years, and serum always administered if a wound is severe or from a suspect source.


  21. Scare type stories are on both sides. I think everyone needs to do their own research on the topic and feel comfortable with their decision and live with the consequences of that decision, for the better or worse.


  22. Thank you for this. It is the only vaccine we have debated about giving our daughter but had not had time to research. I so appreciate you taking time to research and write about it.
    On a side note, Lavender Essential Oil is supposed to kill of tetanus. Even if it doesn’t, it works amazing to cleane up wounds and take pain away 🙂


  23. Almost 30 years ago, my brother was playing in some bushes outside of an office building and stepped on a rusty nail from an old political sign that was hidden from view, deep in the bushes. The nail went through his shoe and deep into the arch of his foot, but not all the way through his foot. My older sister reflexively yanked the sign out of his shoe, bringing the nail out as well. His foot bled copiously and we ran inside and washed it in the nearest sink. My mother gave him several doses of the homeopathic remedy Ledum Palustre and soaked his foot in Epsom salts. His wound healed with no trouble. Quite some time later he developed a boil-like blister on the top of his foot. My mother pricked it and a lot of pus came out – the remnants of his injury. Throughout this time, I remember that my mother had to work through her fear. She was so afraid that he would develop tetanus. Instead we came away from that experience with greater knowledge about puncture wounds and tetanus.


  24. It is good to see the newer generations being PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. We need tons and tons more like you doing this. I grew up not getting shots and have done well all my life! with my first baby ( at that time you weren’t pressured so strongly with the FEAR they do now) when she was 15 months old I took her in to get that shot cuz I was still debating shots/no shots. I had to sign a release paper (after they swept her away from me in to another room ) I thought how strange to have to do that sense they made it seem so harmless to have it. When I read the paper ( my copy ) that made my decision. She never had another, that was her first and last one. My next baby 21/2 years later was very different ( schockingly so) I was only in the hospital for 24 hours, when I was leaving the next morning I had to sign a release form before I could leave ( strange I thought) so I laughed made a joke of it and the nurse with seriousness in her voice replied “Every Mother” has to do this be fore they leave the hospital because we give the baby their first DPT shot….. What!!! thought I..I wanted to leap over and choke her by the neck and say YOU SUCK THAT OUT OF HIS BLOOD RIGHT NOW!! but….I respectfully replied ” OH I did not give permission to anyone to give a shot to my brand new baby” She just shrugged her shoulders and said “well that is what they do now” I did not know what I could do about it at that time.. I do now. Moral of the story is…Just what you’ve said I staved to keep the terrain of our bodies clean.for over 45 years I grew up with having no shots (siblings also) and my children have done so as well. Keep up the good work.


  25. The point is, it’s about being able to make a CHOICE to vaccinate or not. I feel the medical world has taken the stance that parents are incapable of knowing what is best for their child. Anyone for that matter, I also feel there are other factors in the equation that has brought us to this point, but that is another topic. Doctors do have their place ,timing,experience,and expertise to share…WHEN NEEDED. Again, it is in my opinion that to many people have not wanted to be responsible for their own body and just wanted someone else (doctors) to tell them what they need to do. So they can just continue to mindlessly (in a sense) keep on being irresponsible for the choices.that do come with consequences. Like I mentioned above lots of other factors are involved in this. So CHOICE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. I am going to put it in to these words. FREEDOM TO CHOOSE!


  26. I have read Timothy O’Shea’s book. It is brilliant. It was given to me by my chiropractor when my first born was 3 months old and it changed my view forever. Thank GOD for this book.


  27. When my babies were born they went straight to the nicu and they asked me three times in one hour about vaccines for my twins….I said no but then finally they got the picture of to leave me alone then my nurse told me I was playing Russian roulette with their lives and said I needed to get my shots and was relentless on me…..I finally caved on getting mine bc she said she would not let me leave….. it was pretty interesting. …


  28. Well done on a happy healthy blog about non compliance and free- thinking. So great to see there are so many of us that won’t be told what we should do with our kids.


  29. Hello ma’am, I am a new parent and also new to the no vaccinations scene so I was wondering if you could email me with some great information. I have a 10 month old baby and I’m just really nervous every time I have to take him to the doc for his wellness checks. They are pressuring me to vaccinate. Telling me that I am putting my child at risk. Please help!
    Thank you, Chantelle Simpson


    1. Chantelle, why go to well baby visits at all? They are set up primarily for vaccinations (notice the timing: 2 mo., 4 mo., 6 mo., etc.). It’s no accident. Most likely you will continue to be harassed by your doctor until you cave and vaccinate or he “fires” you for staying strong.


      1. I am a new parent so I didn’t know what all the visits were for. I thought they were to monitor the weight also. But it’s ok because my son is now 15mos and vaccine free. I just kindly said no thank you and left base. We now live in Wa. state where we can get a exemptions in all categories. But I know now forany future babies. 🙂


  30. I really enjoyed this article and have shared it with many. I do not vaccinate my children, we stopped several years ago. The only issue I had with the article though was the statement that there is not a tetanus only vaccine. There is one currently made and available for use in the US, it is called Tetanus Toxoid by Sanofi. While I dont recommend anyone get any vaccine, I think this should be clarified for the parents who wind up with an injured child and may feel pressured into a vaccine that contains tetanus among other things because they are scared and believe there is not an alternative.


    1. Actually, I apologize you are correct. This vaccine was discontinued last month by Sanofi Pasteur. It is still being sold until current supplies are depleted.


  31. Great article.
    You should trust your instincts and not those of someone with an academic qualification obtained in some ivory tower. They won’t know what’s best for you or your family.
    Washout of the wound at home should be all that’s needed rather than a trip to the medicos. What are the chances of tetanus anyway? Safer avoiding those untested, unproven toxins they inject directly into your bloodstream.
    Take care and may God’s love be with you.


  32. Good morning!

    I was curious to know your thoughts on lead tests and iron tests. I am not finding a lot online… LOVE your blog!

    Thank you!


    Sent from Cheryl’s iPhone


  33. hello. I’m Dr. Tubagus aka Simbah Dukun Bagong, i’m from Indonesia. Thank you for sharing information about Tetanus. still many people suffering tetanus in Indonesia, for this moment. Your article is verry usefull


  34. whatever your stance on the tetnus shot OR immunoglobin (when available)

    i have had several very high risk injuries including a metal pin (thin, narrrow, non oxygen access) stuck through my shoe into my foot while in a farming community where horses were kept… (thats about as high risk as you get)
    while i chose to get (at that time anyway) a tetnus shot.. i also was told to get antibiotics as i was SURE to be infected…
    i chose instead to soak my foot three times daily in epsom salts and sea salt…
    and use hydrogen pyroxide on my shoes and socks,….
    (i only use hydrogen puroxide on my wounds in an emergency as the stuff kills new cell growth as well )

    i have followed that protocol on every wound since, including a deep gash from a dirty box cuter on my finger.

    every doctor has marveled at how cleanly my wounds healed… salt water does wonders.

    i know this doesnt answer the “do i get this shot or not” but it may help heal up cuts regardless


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