The Story of Three Doctors

The following information come directly from the book Vaccine Epidemic: Chapter 13: “PEDIATRICS: SICK IS THE NEW HEALTHY”.

The book is written by over 20 authors, all experts from the fields of ethics, law, science, medicine, business, & history. This particular chapter is written by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD. Judy is a licensed registered dietician, with an undergraduate in nutrition sciences and a master’s degree in public health nutrition, specializing in pediatric special needs nutrition care since 1999. Her training has taught her that the nutrition status of a child is what drives the child’s ability to fight infections. Low nutrition makes children more susceptible to infection and nutrition status decline during infection.

“Data shows that one-third to one-half of the millions of deaths in children across the world, caused by measles, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, AIDS, & malaria, are due to undernutrition, not undervaccination”.

“I am disturbed by how sick the children are who I meet each week in practice, but I am more concerned that their pediatrician seems nonchalant. They are like my pediatrician-not well informed beyond pharma-driven information, not thinking critically, not using their training and skills to the fullest, and biding to the dictates of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, who ultimately underwrite what they do everyday.


The chapter starts off introducing three different doctors. Two are pediatricians and one is a renowned surgeon with expertise in immunology.

Here is the short version summary of the two pediatricians:

Pediatrician #1: Understands the importance of diet and nutrition. Knowledgeable about food allergies and sensitivities, and encourages special diets to help them. He acknowledges the possibility that vaccines can trigger autism and supports findings that show a link between inflammatory bowel disease and MMR vaccine. He questions the current pediatric vaccination schedule.

Pediatrician #2.  Not informed about the above issues. Supports vaccination to the fullest, believes all vaccines are safe and effective, and vaccinates without hesitation.

The first pediatrician is appalled by the degree of chronic illness and disability that has become normal in children. He is relieved to be retired after 3 decades of this practice, and hopes for dramatic changes in the field. The second pediatrician is still practicing and operates within the status quo of pediatrics, following the guidelines of the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics.

“I would like to have a pediatrician like the first one…unfortunately; I can’t have him or a younger, unretired version of him as my pediatrician. A pediatrician who questions vaccines is not only unwelcome among his peers and professional organizations but is cast aside as unscientific, intellectually feeble, and even unpatriotic”.

“I use the other pediatrician only because he is available. He is all that our beleaguered healthcare system sanctions. Insurance pays for doctors like him, but not for the ones who think independently. This pediatrician’s scope of practice is in lockstep with what the health industry dictates, which, in turn, is in lockstep with what the pharmaceutical industry dictates. If there is no need for prescription drugs or vaccines, there is no need for this pediatrician; indeed, we rarely see him”.

 “I am sure he (pediatrician #2) is a good, kind, and even smart man.

Stop Thinking
The chapter continues on, answering the question: WHY ARE OUR CHILDREN SO SICK? You can read more of my review on this chapter (HERE)

The chapter ends with sharing about Doctor #3.

Dr. #3:  Dr. Francis Moore, MD. He was a Moseley Professor of Surgery, emeritus, at Harvard Medical School. Surgeon-in-chief at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Celebrated as one of the greatest surgeons of the twentieth century, he led the way in developing techniques in organ transplantation and the metabolic support of surgical patients. He led the team that performed the first successful human organ transplant, a kidney transplant in twins. He authored hundreds of medical articles and six books, including a text that became a standard in the field.

Dr. Moore is related to the author of this chapter. Judy Converse is Dr. Moore’s granddaughter-in-law. Ms. Converse testified before the congressional subcommittee reviewing Hep B vaccine safety in 1999. He writes her a letter after a phone conversation about the Hep B vaccine that injured her son. (It is included in the appendix of Vaccine Epidemic, written on letterhead from Harvard Medical School).

Dr. Moore writes:
“The only solution I know for this is the absolute avoidance of neonatal immunizations, particularly against hepatitis B, which is a disease of very young children that is of the utmost rarity. To put any child at hazard of autism with the excuse of avoiding this extremely rare diseases, is of course preposterous”.

This was written in 1999. This book challenges you to read the letter and wonder:

“If one of the worlds most respected medical achievers had this opinion, but has now passed on, who else of his stature can continue this conversation? Where are the sage experts to guide us? If he were alive and publicly voicing this point, would he too be dragged through a spurious trial and stripped of credentials and authority, as the British General Medical Council did to Dr. Andrew Wakefield for his research on vaccines and autism? When our doctors are no longer free to think independently, pioneer, investigate, and lead, as Dr. Moore did throughout his career, and as I believe, Dr. Wakefield endeavored to do-medicine is truly dead. Our children will suffer the most. It then falls upon you, the individual parent, to uphold your right to choose with your doctor how you vaccinate your children. It falls on you to investigate, read, explore, defer, or simply stop going to the pediatricians if all they can offer is rote information and new needles at each visit. Support the independent thinkers”


As Ghandi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.


2 thoughts on “The Story of Three Doctors

  1. Hello Gianelloni Family!
    I was referred to you by Dr. Kurt Perkins… and was wondering if you’ve ever traveled with young children out of the country, unvaccinated. We are hoping to travel to Haiti, and have only had our first two children vaccinated. We are no longer comfortable with vaccination, and believe in supporting the immune system as our primary approach to preventing disease. We also use Silver Sol as an immune system booster (it cured our daughter of a MRSA infection – read below if interested)
    Anyway – would love to hear your thoughts, if you have some to share on the topic. Thanks!!


    1. I have traveled to Uganda twice without any vaccines. My children have not traveled out of country yet, but they will not receive vaccines either. I have a list of stuff (immune builders, natural antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-virals, etc..) that we take when we travel internationally, specifically to third world countries. I can share that list with you if interested.


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