My 3 Days with The Thinking Moms Revolution

Last month,  The Thinking Moms Revolution came to town. I spent an amazing 3 days, hosting them on a Louisiana 3-city book signing tour. New Orleans, Mandeville, & Baton Rouge. cropped-tmr-banner_final-brightest 1014151_10201680218792545_815022339_n 2

Powerful doesn’t even begin to describe this experience. I’ve tried for weeks to put this experience into words. And I can’t seem too. I’m going to try again….but I already know it won’t be everything I want to say. My heart knows though, and so do the lovely ladies I spent the weekend with.

First let me back up. About 8 years ago, the Lord put a strong desire on my heart to research vaccines. That desire to research turned into a passion. I didn’t really understand why I was so passionate about this topic, until I met an autism mom. My very good friend Ginger was the first autism mom I ever met. Her story broke my heart and I felt a compassion I had never felt before for a fellow mom. I had a desire to fight for truth for her and her son. I had to tell her story. I didn’t realize that one day, I would hear her same story told again, just by thousands and thousands of different parents.

group shot

During the time that I walked closely with Ginger, I knew why the Lord had called me to this passion. These children and these families needed a voice. I watched my friend Ginger heal her son from autism. I also watched people deny her reality. I witnessed the lab reports and watched the biomedical treatments heal a sick child who was given the label autism. Ginger worked with a DAN! doctor. Pulling heavy metals out of a child is an experience you never forget. I saw how much blood, sweat, tears, time, money, & energy was put into recovering her child. Their child who was once a healthy happy baby. Who suffered a 40 minute seizure immediately following a round of “well baby” shots. During this time, I had no idea that my life would one day collide with an entire community of autism moms called The Thinking Moms Revolution. At that time though, I vowed that I would always honor Ginger through telling her story.

Ginger & Sal Lee (in middle) the first autism momma that captured my heart.

About a year ago, I was recognized by The Thinking Mom’s, it was in a creative piece titled “Snooki vs. Jessica Gianelloni: American Heroines”. In response, I wrote a blog called “To Be Honored”, where I shared how much this meant to me. It was a full circle moment for me. I was being honored by the very people who I wanted to honor.

6 months later, The Thinking Moms sent me their newly released book to read while I was in Uganda for the adoption of our son. I will never forget finding my name in the acknowledgment section of the book. My name. Right there next to Jenny McCarthy. Say what?!? Again, being honored by the very group of people I vowed to always honor. People ask me all the time: “Why do you care so much? You don’t have a child affected by autism” Here’s my answer: “I can’t imagine anything worse in the world, than to know, that I know, that I know, that I know what happened to my child. And the whole world tries to deny it”. Denial of what happened also keeps these children from being healed and recovered. It’s a tragedy. I know that these parents are tired and overwhelmed. I am not. So I will fight for them.

1017248_10151721184190883_22569100_nReading the book on the Nile River in Africa

Anyways….I could go & on with stories leading up until this moment. My point is that The Thinking Moms were/are near and dear to my heart, so I was thrilled that they choose to do a 3 day book signing tour in my neck of the woods. It was a fun planning process and even better once they finally arrived. I was honored to introduce them at one of the book signings. I can’t think of another group on the planet that I’d rather introduce than The Thinking Moms Revolution. Except next time I introduce them, I don’t want it to be at a Barnes & Noble in front of 40 people. I want it to be inside a Stadium with a 40,000 people. introduce 2
1003298_10201673737310512_621410641_n 2
kim thalia
The weekend consisted of readings from the book that brought you to your knees in tears. Touching moments of meeting vaccine-injured children. Refreshing moments of endless conversation about topics that matter. Question and answer discussions. Yummy food. A few cocktails 🙂 Press. Media. Interviews. And THE debate. 1006282_10201737651946264_1346112247_n 2 You can watch the debate (HERE). Thinking Mom Revolution co-author, Kim Ritchie Spencer took on a pediatric clinical psychologist, Dr. Koren Boggs, who also considers herself an autism expert. The Thinking Mom won the debate of course. The clinical psychologist/autism expert knew nothing. Sad, but true.

Our children deserve the “experts” to know better. But most of them do not, and really thats how The Thinking Moms Revolution started. They decided to start THINKING on their own and stop relying on “experts” like Dr. Boggs. You can read the entire breakdown the debate in a detailed post called “Dr. Boggs Don’t Not Want To Talk About Her Idiotic Statements” 

1014439_10201726266381632_1056469558_n 2
Spending the weekend with these rockstar mommas was refreshing, empowering, validating, and almost surreal. “Tex” and “Blaze” are two of the kindest women I have ever met. Smart, funny, sassy, compassionate, & educated. I noticed something unique about them. They don’t sweat the small stuff, because they have bigger things to worry about. Like…the fact that their healthy child was injured. So they are on a mission for no other reason than to spare another child. And along the way, they will educate and empower and inspire other mothers to start thinking for themselves. You too Rainna and Felicia and Marissa 🙂

Prevention, Awareness, Recovery. It’s all possible.

I will never stop fighting for truth, because The Thinking Moms represent exactly what I started fighting for 8 years ago, loooong before I ever even knew they existed. The Lord knew though 🙂

kim and rainna 2

The Thinking Moms Revolution is for lack of better words,  a truth revolution in regaining control of our children’s health.  If you are learning about them for the first time right now, and you have a child and their health is important to you, please go visit their blog (HERE) and purchase their book! The book is amazing. I read it in 3 days. I laughed, I cried. I was outraged and encouraged. I was saddened and hopeful all at the same time. I am grateful to be a part of this revolution. I am blessed to know these amazing women. Their children’s stories deserve to be shared. Their research deserves to be validated. And truth deserves to be told.


4 thoughts on “My 3 Days with The Thinking Moms Revolution

  1. great to see the truth spreading… if only the mainstream would listen instead of spout off rhetoric and falsehoods… stop the madness and start the healing…


  2. LOVED this post! I’m part of the “Thinking Mom Revolution”, too! I joined in 2005 first with changing our nutrition lifestyle and stopped vaccinating our then 3 children (child #4 has had NO vaccines or medications – no OTCs and no prescriptions – in his 5 year old body) and then in 2006 with our learning about and using God’s medicines – essential oils… namely the Young Living essential oils. I can’t wait to read their book! And thank you thank you thank you for your AMAZING blog posts and your eloquent words that cut right to the point… and all backed with research, which I love as I am a researcher, too. 🙂 Keep it up, girl, you are definitely a world changer!!! – Sera J.


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