Why All The Measles Outbreaks…

CNN Article: U.S. measles cases in 2013 may be most in 17 years

So apparently “this year is on track to be the worst for measles in more than a decade…..and
….wait for it…..wait for it….yep, of course….. AND
“people who refuse to vaccinate their children are behind the increasing number of outbreaks, health officials say”

Of course! It is ALWAYS the unvaccinated. And the answer is always MORE vaccines.

This is Part II response to the CNN article: Why All The Measles Outbreaks?

*I know this post is long, but please take the time to read all the way through. I have an important message at the end.


Scientists believe that measles can be eradicated by vaccinating 80% -100% of the population. Theoretically, such “herd” immunity will interrupt measles transmission and end epidemics.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that “immunization coverage of 2 year olds of 80% may be sufficient to prevent sustained measles outbreaks in urban communities”. This is what is referred to as “herd immunity”.

Ok, so are you following? We need about 80% of people (children) to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity and prevent outbreaks.

Just yesterday (published September 12, 2013) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said childhood immunization levels are near or above national targets.

Let me repeat: CHILDHOOD immunization levels are near or ABOVE National targets.

I went to the CDC website where you can look up vaccine coverage in your area. The latest statistics were just published (as of September 2013). My state has a 90% overall vaccine coverage for children. That means 90% of the population where I live is vaccinated. Wa-la! (or voila for the people who like to correct me) :). Herd immunity has been achieved. Right? Or wrong?


We know herd immunity is a myth, but let’s just keep pretending herd immunity is real….

Some estimate that only 2% of the population does not vaccinate their children. Are we really trying to blame outbreaks on the “people who refuse to vaccinate their children”? Who seriously believes this?

“It is preposterous to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. If, in fact, children are vaccinated, then why are parents and public health authorities afraid that non-vaccinated children are somehow carrying something that their children are not, when they should feel comfortable that their children are vaccinated? You can’t have it both ways…

You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no-one else is carrying. You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t make any sense”. -–Dr. Palevsky, board certified pediatrician

 The CNN article has too many holes in it: “Among those who have been stricken with measles this year, 92% were not vaccinated or had unknown vaccination status”

Hmmmmm…..OR we could also say “Among those who had been stricken with measles this year, 92% may have been vaccinated or maybe not, we don’t know”.

What kind of research is that?

Back to the Herd


What’s funny is that the “herd” really has not been immune for 40 years.

Dr. Blaylock (world renown neurosurgeon) explains this perfectly…

“When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given.

What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. At least 50 percent of the population has been unprotected for decades.

If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95 percent. Yet we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50 percent or less of the population having vaccine protection.

Herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades, and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. Vaccine-induced herd immunity is a lie used to frighten doctors, public-health officials, other medical personnel, and the public into accepting vaccinations”.

But who cares right? Let’s just continue to blame outbreaks on the “people who refuse to vaccinate their children”. My question is who is behind this nonsense? And what is their motivation in blaming everything on “parents who don’t vaccinate”? It would make more sense to blame outbreaks on the adult population (who never contracted measles naturally) but received a measles vaccine as a child. Ask them when the last time they received a measles vaccine? Seriously….the herd of adults in NOT immune!

So we preach herd immunity. Our target levels for children are on track. Adults are not. We tried an adult schedule and no-one really complies. So we blame the teeny tiny percent of unvaccinated children.

Questions and Answers signpost

The CNN article says that according to the CDC, “one to three out of every 1,000 children in the United States who get measles will die from the disease, even with the best of care”. Hmmmm….The studies I read show these statistics to be true of children who live in conditions of malnutrition and poverty. Not in America.  I’ve share before how:

“Data shows that one-third to one-half of the millions of deaths in children across the world, caused by measles, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, AIDS, & malaria, are due to undernutrition, not undervaccination”

I went through the last few years of measles “outbreaks”, and there hasn’t been a measles death since 2003, despite years and years of “outbreaks” being caused by the unvaccinated. Which by the way, do you notice that we are always having the “worst outbreak in years”, every year? In 2008, we had an outbreak in San Diego…this is how they worded it….”In the end, 839 people were exposed to measles. Eleven were infected.” 11. But in 2008, if you remember the headlines, it was the worst measles outbreak. Ever.

The article published last year (2012) from USA Today read “CDC: 2011 was worst measles year in U.S. in 15 years” But now today, CNN runs an article titled “U.S. measles cases in 2013 may be most in 17 years”. Well if 2011 was the worst in 15 years, how is 2013 going to be the worst in 17 years? We haven’t surpassed the amount of cases in 2011 yet. And we are nowhere close to surpassing the amount of cases from 1996. And guess what? Yep, the 2011 worst year was caused by the unvaccinated kids too. Haha! And the 2008 outbreak. And every outbreak, right? Nope. Outbreaks have occurred in populations where 99% was vaccinated.

Read this article, titled “Measles Outbreaks Centered in the Vaccinated: Studies Show Vaccine Is Ineffective” 

The CNN article gives no sources or references. People demand that my blog give sources and references, but we don’t demand the same from media reporting. People just read an article like the CNN one, and they are sold on the underlying message: BLAME THE UNVACCINATED.

So is the herd immune or not? How do we keep blaming the small percentage of unvaccinated children on “outbreaks” when the majority of children are vaccinated. It’s a joke. I think we should blame the outbreaks on people who haven’t had a measles vaccine since they were children. Those no-good-non-immune-measles-spreading-x-generation-and-baby-boomers.

Speaking of jokes. I found this awesome picture on the CDC website today. It was published on August 24, 2013 so I’m not showing an outdated picture from the CDC website.

measles cdc website
FIGURE 2. Number of measles cases (N = 159), by state — United States, 2013*  * As of August 24, 2013.

THIS. These numbers are what we are making a big deal about? This picture is what CNN is basing it’s breaking news story on. Are we serious?


1 in 50 kids are suffering from the largest epidemic in the history of the world. It’s called AUTISM.

My friend LJ Goes, co-founder of The Thinking Moms Revolution, contributing editor for Age of Autism, and Managing Partner of The Misuta Project, LLC. She describes her sons AUTISM like this.

Mine has AUTISMM:
Auto-immune dysfunction
Undiagnosed PANDAS (finally caught by his 6th physician)
Titres that indicate no antibody production for Polio (for which he is fully vaxxed) and “off the charts” production of varicella and measles.
Inflammation of the brain and bowels.
Sensory processing disorder brought on by
Metabolic and
Methylation failure

Many of these children with autism have the live measles from the vaccine, destroying their gut and bowels. Aka, AUTISM.

Not only that, but the measles vaccine caused their child’s encephalitis. You know the encephalitis that we tell parents their child is going to die from if they contract measles? Yeah, that same encephalitis is listed on the MMR vaccine package insert as a adverse reaction to the vaccine.

LJ’s husband Dave wrote their son Noah a letter this morning. It read like this:

To my dearest son, Noah:

Six years ago today, you received your MMR vaccine. That weekend, you developed a 104 degree fever, were treated with acetaminophen (which the medical establishment now admits can hurt more than help), developed chronic encephalopathy, and regressed into autism. 

This is what daddy should have read before this medical procedure. This is directly from Merck’s MMR II document: 

Contraindication (i.e. do not give this to): “Individuals with a family history of congenital or hereditary immunodeficiency, until the immune competence of the potential vaccine recipient is demonstrated.” = YOU. 

Adverse Reactions: “Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles inclusion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS); febrile convulsions; afebrile convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia.” 

You’re too young to have to hear this but this is when mom and I realized that large special interests (i’ll explain later), in collusion with governments, can and do lie, especially when too much is on the line. 

Your mommy and I have said it before and will say it again: Us parents have absolutely nothing to gain in this “debate”. We are shunned by the community. We lose friendships. We lose family. We spend our life savings trying to heal our children. We are made to look like idiots by the media. What do we have to gain?! NOTHING. 

What does the medical establishment potentially have to deal with if they have to come clean? What would be the result if they had to tell the American people not only that this was happening all along, but that they covered it up. In other words, what would they have to lose? EVERYTHING. 

My heart breaks for you every day. Not only did you not have a choice in the matter. I helped do this to you. Your mommy and I are fighting like hell (awww, daddy swore!) to recover your body from the scourge of autism (yes, a scourge – not neurodiversity) that racks your body and mind every day. I’m sorry Noah. I vow that I will research everything and trust nothing, ever again, until I can look at myself and say, “yes, I have done my research and this is what we are going to do.” 

We have come a long way, buddy, and you are doing so great! But we have a long way to go. Stay strong my little warrior. Daddy loves you. 

Your Father.

I was given permission to share this story. Because this story above. This is what all of this is about. This is why I care and why I write this blog. Because this is a real family. And that lame graphic of our country above. Good ole America. Showing a few states here and there with a handful of measles cases. A relatively mild illness that mimics a common cold. That picture given to us courtesy of the CDC. It is a JOKE. The CNN article is a joke.

Autism is not. Can you imagine an image of our country representing the number of children suffering from AUTISM right now? The largest epidemic in the history of the world (1 in 50 kids) and we are consumed with 159 cases of measles in the “largest outbreak ever”.

See whats happening is that more and more kids are becoming vaccine injured. So more and more people are waking up to the dangers of injecting children with 49 vaccines before age 5. And the only way to distract us from this is to blame measles “outbreaks” on the 2% of the childhood population that is opting out of shots.

Wake up. Noah and his parents need you to wake up so we can spare an entire generation of children from vaccine injury.

Because that’s really what’s behind these outbreaks and those unruly “people who refuse to vaccinate their children”.

*Since this blog was published 5 days ago, it has received over 800,000 views. Please do not write to me that vaccines do not cause autism. I’m not asking you if they do or not. I already know. If you are unsure, here are a few great places to start:

70 published studies showing the link between vaccines & autism. There have only been 14 studies that disprove the link. Those 14 studies have been proven flawed. You can read about those flawed studies (HERE)

*Canary party video that has already gone viral and will soon be presented before Congress. Thank-you Rob Schneider for your voice in this. Watch (HERE)

*Follow THE THINKING MOMS REVOLUTION. These parents don’t wonder what caused their children’s autism. They know. Confirmed by doctors and researcher all over the world. They are healing and recovering their children.

*Ask the parents. VIDEO: Autism Prevention | What the Parents Say

*Read the stories. I do a series on vaccine injured children (AUTISM). You can read there stories (HERE)

*Read the Simpsonwood transcripts

*Read the vaccine package inserts. Many of them list autism as an adverse reaction.

*Most importantly, THINK for yourselves!

Lastly, If a comment is rude or degrading, it is thrown in the trash. I do not see many of the comments, as they are sent to me once they pass approval (thank goodness for a comment moderator). I try to respond to as many comments as I can, but I do not get to all of them. If you want your comment approved, be kind and post something that contributes to the conversation. If you have a question, read the already approved comments first. I’ve answered many questions and your answer may already be there. If you do not agree with this blog, may I kindly suggest that you spend your time and energy elsewhere. I will never waste my time or energy engaging with insults, and honestly I don’t even see them. Also, if you wish to debate (in a civil manner) just for the sake of debate, I’m not into that either. 

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  1. This is my first ever visit to your blog. I, like you, already know the truth, but your message is so clear and well-written, it still sent chills down my spine. We need more people who are not afraid to speak the truth, and it is always both encouraging and empowering to find someone with the ability to eloquently speak the truth. Thank you for your passion and dedication to spreading your message! I am so very thankful I stumbled upon your post and your blog.


  2. I am 43 years old and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 4 weeks ago. Upon leaving the hospital the nurse informed me that I needed the MMR shot that I didn’t have the antibodies and if I were to get sick the baby could catch it and die because she was too little to get the MMR. I had natural measels when I was a child and I had the 3 rounds of shots when I was 28 years old and trying to conceieve my first child. So I am living proof that the MMR vacine does NOT work and does not provide life long protection.


  3. I’m curious to know if the autism research community has looked into changing the diet and detoxing as possible therapy? From what I have read in my years of casual research is that mercury in the vaccines have caused mercury poisoning in which the symptoms are identical. There are natural ways to detox from heavy metals and toxins. On top of that, avoiding pesticides and GMO’s is essential for the purposes of staying away from adding more toxins while issuing them out. The Gerson therapy uses this idea to cure cancer but I don’t see why it can’t be tried with autism cases just to see what happens. A diet of organic fruits and vegetables can’t be harmful, IMO.


  4. There are some sources that say there is research out there possibly linking ultrasounds, medicines given to mothers during labor and to induce labor, and other such care of pregnant women is actually a bigger cause of autism than vaccines might be. Also, that even if you don’t vaccinate your child, the harmful effects of vaccines can be carried from parent to child…If you have any information on this sort of thing, I’d love to hear your research.


  5. My kids have been refused by doctors offices because of not being vaccinated. “For the protection of the other children”. If the other children have been vaccinated, how would my children be a problem? Makes no sense


  6. I would like someone to investigate the number of illegal aliens (or undocumented people) that enter our country and their vaccination records. I’d predict that many–especially those from Third World countries and poverty areas are not vaccinated. This would contribute to any “outbreaks” of measles or other diseases (and might account for some of the 92% that has unknown vaccination records).


  7. This is a great post. I am trying to get my wife to understand this. I go to a chiropractor that understands this as well. He is great. I even take my kids to him now. Thank you for sharing.


  8. My beautiful13 year old daughter has Asbergers…I breast fed, made organic baby food and did all the right things…after her two month shots, I felt so strongly NOT to do any more shots and my husband did too. So, we didn’t. I have had people tell me she was gonna be a sick child and she rarely is. We decided with my 5 year old that we would not do any. Both are beautiful and healthy. Thanks for what you wrote… not getting caught up in the “you have to get your kids shots” is the one thing in my life I feel like we did right. Your article is exactly how we feel and so well written!


  9. Wow. I honestly disbelieved all the “hype” about vaccines causing autism up until I read your article. For some reason, I’d never stumbled across an argument so well made for this case, citing such scientific evidence and research.
    I myself have been harmed by the pharmaceutical industry as a child, during the 90s and the surge of ADHD for children in elementary school, and the consequent increase of “Ritalin kids”. I was one of them, and the “medicine” did a lot to harm my body and my heart and mind.
    It turns out now I have a form of mental illness with clinical depression, we believe Bipolar Disorder. I also had bad lethargy, decreased thyroid and metabolic function, and knee and hip problems that prevented my ability to run properly as a child (which I had no problem with before the medication). I have been able to improve my ability to exercise, my metabolism and thyroid, and heart health. Unfortunately, I still have occasional hip and knee problems, but thanks to vibram five fingers, physical therapy, and yoga I can run better now. I still count as “overweight” according to the flawed BMI system, but screw them 😛 Body positivity and kindness is better, especially since I’m finally healthy now.
    Anyways… I have been part of a movement to change the way we view mental illness, and not treat people with mental illness as “stupid” or “damaged,” and for the most part I was resistant to any claims that autistic people were “damaged” somehow, because I have several autistic friends, who are very bright and very kind. Very talented, and very valuable. But I can see now, that just the same as my Bipolar Disorder is likely a result of the exposure I’ve had to medical drugs as a child (on top of other life experiences), it is evident to me that your child’s autism is the result of vaccination. The evidence, as clear as day, right on the labels of the vaccinations themselves, is overwhelming.
    I still believe that vaccination in and of itself is not an evil, and can be useful to a degree, but thanks to you I’ll be making sure that when I have children, they are not vaccinated. At least not before 5 years of age, and unless they really REALLY need it because they’ve had an adverse reaction to the flu or something. Besides, breast milk, good nutrition, and a clean environment is the best way to boost immunity.
    The point is, medicine is supposed to treat the sick. That’s why they call it medicine.
    Forcing medicine (drugs, surgery, procedures, and yes, vaccinations) upon healthy people, especially children, is just plain wrong and damaging. I sincerely hope you and your family are able to heal from the transgressions of this unstable system, and that you have warmth and bright light in your future.


  10. I love this post. Truly. I just had a huge knock out drag em out fight on Facebook with about 30 people, saying horrible things to me because I am a non vaxer for my son. One guy said that “anyone who refuses vaccinations for their kids deserves to have that child get a horrific and vaccine preventable disease”. Nice! I didn’t call anyone an idiot, I just tried to share facts and info. Oh well..
    Anyway, I really love this post because I am made to feel like such a minority everyday, and I have living proof, in my three year old son, that vaccines injure healthy bright kids! Of course not every kid will be effected.. Every system is different. Caffeine effects me so much while it leaves my hubby with a casual buzz, and my dad can have an espresso and go to bed!! We’re all different, so why don’t people hear the stories parents are trying to shout from the rooftops?? Why do they think parents would lie?? We’re searching for the truth, not reaching for a thing to blame so we can move on!

    One thing not mentioned above that is on my mind constantly is the way our first pediatrician handled my son’s bad vax reaction. We were coerced into giving him a Dtap (due to “outbreak”) at 2 months, and a Dtap and polio at 5 months. After the Dtap polio combo, he had a seizure and totally changed over night. His amazing co-sleeping resting pattern was 180 degrees different over night, and he just screamed and screamed. Of course our call to the ped resulted in *over the phone* her telling us it “definitely wasn’t the vaccine”. Well, it definitely was. She said it was teething or a developmental milestone. Well, two and a half years later and we haven’t had a solid nights sleep since that five month shot. He has rage issues and hits his head on the floor. I don’t think it was teething, doc, but thanks for playing!
    Anyway, how many parents have their fears or theories totally dismissed by doctors, and this don’t REPORT their child’s injury to VAERS!??? I didn’t even know about VAERS and did not report it. Some studies claim that there are tens of thousands (or more) of cases that go undiagnosed and unreported.

    I just love this post and all the links you offer. Now I know if I get into another debate I’ll just post a link here:))) you say it all way better than I ever could!!
    Thank you!!!


  11. I loved this! I have been upset all morning after reading a post from a Facebook friend regarding how our (MY) unvaccinated children are the reason for this terrible outbreak. Found one website that listed every single reported outbreak and it made sure it mentioned every person that was unvaccinated. Didn’t feel the need to specifically point out the mass amounts of people that obviously WERE vaccinated and still contracted it. It also angered me that, if there was one underlying common interest of the people that have contracted it, it was that they had just traveled abroad (mainly to the Philippines) or been exposed to someone that had traveled there.
    I am so confident in my research and our decision not to vaccinate, but just like Noah’s dad said, we are the ones made to look irresponsible, crazy and extreme. Obviously, I love my children more than life itself. Every decision I make for them is made with their best interest and best health at heart. I always find myself wondering why people who have SOOO much faith in these drugs are so concerned with my children’s immunity. If it works…it works…right? Reminds me of the YOUTUBE video of the sweet girl saying “worry bout yourself”. To help boost our families immunity naturally, we rely on healthy eating, limited sugar, vitamin and mineral supplements and regular chiropractic care.
    Every parent should do the research themselves and weigh the benefit and the risk. The decision to vaccinate should not be made out of fear and the use of scare tactics in Dr.’s offices and media. And those of us who have made the decision not to vaccinate should not be persecuted for it.


  12. Also, there is the correlation of childhood cancers and vaccinations that no one wants to touch, research, study, or even look into…


  13. Beautifully stated!! My son is 13 and struggles with severe Autism everyday. I LOVE that you are throwing away the negative comments! Such poetic justice for the thousands of comments that are attacked by the cruel, uninformed public. I’m exhausted from this battle and it gives me energy when I see someone write so eloquently and passionately on the subject. Let’s pray the truth really does come out and the medical/pharmaceutical industries get what they deserve.


  14. This post is great! I have long since given up debating with other people about my parenting choices. If they bring it up, I just say “you screw up your kids the way you see fit, let me screw mine up the way I see fit.” That usually shuts them up. 😉

    The one thing I didn’t like about this post is that for all the talk about vaccine injury, it only mentions autism, when there are a slew of other common vaccine injuries as well. Both myself and my daughter had muscular damage from vaccines. Mine was not caught until it was too late and now I live in varying degrees of pain every day. My daughter’s was caught very early and so far she has only delayed muscle development in her thighs (injection site) and the issues that came from that. I’m hoping that early detection and treatment will keep her from dealing with the lifelong issues I have. She was only vaccinated up to 6 months, and my son and second daughter are completely unvaccinated 🙂


    1. Such a good point Megan. I developed the measles and the mumps after an MMR revax in college and it ruined my health for the past 25 years. My oldest also got the measles after her first MMR and she developed Guillain-Barre and then HSP (Henoch Schonlein Purpura) which studies have shown can be a latent vaccine injury from MMR. We have both made great progress with homeopathy to undo the vaccine damage. I wish you and your daughter the best in your healing journey!


  15. I am sure there is a very small chance you will get to read this comment, with all the many comments already left. I just have to say thank you. Thank you for being brave enough and bold enough to speak truth. In today’s society, we are regularly trampled on for speaking this truth and looked at like the most horrible parents for not following what the government it telling us to do. I have three daughters and my husband and I had to do a lot of research before our first was born. We both agreed that we did not want to vaccinate our children for many many reasons. I have always fought the system and jumped hurdles to get my children into sports and classes. It is just refreshing to hear a well educated woman with facts, truth and resources all in one place. So again, just thank you!


  16. I’m crying as I read this article and the comments below. Having chosen not to vaccinate my daughter, I’m constantly having to battle with pro vaxers about why I’ve decided to do this. This happens so often that i sometimes start to question myself! Hence I search for websites like this to remind myself that I’m making the right choice. I’m so thankful for information like this and people like you! So thank you. And thank you also for reminding me that I’m not alone and that my (5 month old) unvaccinated daughter is not in fact dangerous and scary, as some “well meaners” have pointed out.


  17. Thank you so much for this. We’ve gotten a lot of flack for deciding 5 years ago we wouldn’t vaccinate our son, and now with our daughter here, we’re getting double. What hurts the most, and is the most frustrating, is when it’s someone that you respect and care for (i.e. your parents and other family members). I have to keep reminding myself that they’re a part of the baby-boomers and generation x that were lied to their entire lives believing they were protected by the very things that were making them the most ill. I just read an article the other day that called us non-vaccinating parents uneducated sheep that just listen to what they are told and do no research or fact finding of their own. Isn’t it actually the other way around though? I always say why are you so worried about your vaccinated child catching something from my unvaccinated child if you’re so confident in that vaccine? Your child is the one with the disease/virus already in them.


  18. I developed encephalitis from my DTP vaccine as a child in 1982. Now with kids of my own, I tell doctors about my medical history, as well as my brother, mother and grandmother all with different immunodeficiencies, no one has ever told me about the recommendation I just read in the fathers letter to Noah. We have given few shots anyway because of our research and concern, but it is amazing to me that with little to no accountability comes little desire to teach or do the right thing. We have had great doctors, and terrible ones, but the bottom line is no one is raising these babes but my husband and I, no one cares about their well being like we do.


  19. I already KNOW vaccines cause Autism too! It’s time we stop arguing with those who have no proof and just parrot a bunch of big pharma propaganda! Good for you for saying so too!


  20. Thank you for your article. I did not vaccinate my babies against protests and many people who shunned my children and my choices..As we went through private and public schools..my unvaccinated children went to Peru and ate off the streets. Went to Mexico andChina. My babies are now almost 19 years old. They are rarely sick and have no allergies … It was a scary hard battle when they were premature twins. At one time the medical establishment threatened to take my children into custody when they were little .. But I never gave in.. I found doctors to write medical exemptions and did what I felt like I needed to do to protect my children …. I have no regrets!!!


  21. Thank you so much for your insightful comments on this issue as well as the helpful links. I appreciate your research–God bless!!


  22. Wonderful…but have you followed the MUMPS in OHIO “outbreak”? 97%,it was reported, to have been vaccinated. It’s getting nearly NO coverage.


    1. Hello, that is very interesting. I have just done a quick search for articles on the mumps outbreak in Ohio and all I can see is blame for the non-vaccinated, and some articles saying that “At least three of the infected people are confirmed as not having received vaccinations”

      Do you know of any sources you can point me to where I can see evidence of the 97% being vaccinated?

      Because I would like to see that somewhere and perhaps post it under articles blaming the unvaccinated.



      1. If you check out this article posted an hour ago, http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/04/02/ohio-mumps-outbreak-grows-to-116-cases-mainly-at-ohio-state/, it states there are 116 cases and “At least three of the infected people are confirmed as not having received vaccinations for the mumps.” So 3 out of 116 is about 3% unvaccinated – 97% vaccinated.

        Interesting how it says, “If even one person is unvaccinated we are all at risk…” but doesn’t say the outbreak started with an unvaccinated.


      2. Thanks for that, they also say there “we are all at risk if even three are unvaxxed” – I guess this comes down to the argument you put across that vaxxed believe that their vaxes don’t really work! <- the thing that makes their argument fall down.

        I guess they’re working on the assumption that herd immunity is what is keeping us all safe, and although vaxxes are the “best solution so far” they do not make the community impenetrable.

        I’ve been reading practically all of your blog and have found it very useful indeed. It’s this argument though that is bogging me down: they say no one is truly 100% vaxxed, we should all just work together to keep the disease at bay as far as is possible, and you/we/the anti-vaccine side, say that if those vaxxes are so unreliable then, why have they won over the cost/benefit analysis! <- a great question. Because although the idea they cause autism is vehemently denied, there is no denying that some people will have a bad reaction, therefore they need to have a good enough effect to justify those – and this case makes me think well actually, they don’t!

        Anecdotally, I’ve seen (and am one of) many people have vaccinations and be fine. But I’ve read about many who have had bad reactions.

        I think the thing that needs to happen is a comparison between vaxxed and unvaxxed populations and their health – though as you say here, that isn’t likely to happen.

        Even if it did though, like the China Study – the results would probably be ignored anyway!


      3. As someone who developed the measles and the mumps after an MMR revax in college which then turned into CFS, IBS, and destroyed my immune system for 20 years until finding homeopathy, I completely agree. The “benefit” definitely did not outweigh the risk for me, nor for my daughter who also got the measles after her MMR and then Guillain-Barre and HSP, etc. Nor for my son who developed autism and severe gut issues after his first round. It was the late Edward Yazbak, MD who was conducting research showing a correlation between mothers revaccinated with MMR as a young adult having an increased risk for having a child with autism. The damage has been laid down with first generation vaccinated. This second generation is reaping the “benefit” . I dread seeing what will happen to my kids’ generation of children.


  23. Thank you so much for writing this. It is a tireless fight, but we must continue. There are ao many children that can be spared the devestations of vaccine injury. Keep up the good writing!


  24. Thank you for posting this first of all! I have three kiddos and all are unvaccinated. I truely commend you and others for taking a stand and speaking the truth! Making this world a better place for our children by spreading the truth! Bless you!


  25. I don’t even know how I ended up right here, however
    I assumed this post used to be great. I do not know who you are however definitely you’re going
    to a well-known blogger in case you aren’t already. Cheers!


  26. First and foremost, you have a beautiful family. Thank you for posting this information. I wish people would realize that it is the body that helps the body, not medications. Diet is essential to our health. If you have any more links that I can read to learn more about vaccines and what to look for, could you email them to me ? It would greatly be appreciated. Thanks for your time and work with this subject matter.


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