Why Do I Care So Much?

When I first started this blog, we had 4 kids under the age of 4. I think I needed an outlet, or I was going to lose my mind. Blogging is much like journaling, except really really public. Haha! Around the time I started blogging, I was (still am) passionate about the topic of health: specifically vaccines (I had started researching vaccines before the birth of my first child 8 years ago) and felt like the whole world needed to know. I learned very quickly that the whole world did not want to know. But many people did. That was 3 years ago.

Today, I have 5 children. 4 biological & 1 adopted. Ages 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7.


My children are all healthy. I am very thankful for that. We haven’t been to a “well baby” visit or visited a pediatricians office in almost 5 years. None of my children have ever received a diagnosis for any sickness or disease. No ear infections or any other “common” childhood illnesses. Not a single round of antibiotics (except one child at age 6, took three doses of an antibiotic for strep throat. We threw the other 72 doses of the prescription away). I recently wrote about that here: “A Tale of Two Strep Throats”. No allergies or eczema or any other childhood illnesses that are considered “normal”. Our adoptive son came to us with a few issues, but they were the direct result of improper nutrition and care. He is now thriving.


Writing my blog has always just been a passion of mine. I write from my heart. Pretty quickly my blog grew. It started being shared on sites like Dr. Mercola, Gaia Health, & National Vaccine Information Center. I write a lot about health and have covered every topic from fevers and ear aches to preventing and fighting the flu to common childhood illnesses and my newly found love for YL oils. But mostly I tackle vaccines. I did a series on polio, wrote a few whooping cough pieces that went viral, shared quite a bit about measles, the truth about tetanus, how shingles are from hell, Hep B & Gardasil (crimes against humanity), compared vaccinated to unvaccinated and much much more (see vaccine tab on right side of blog)… One of my favorites is my dinner party piece. I also write about foodhealthsugar, children’s snacks. And all those things that make people call you a “crunchy mama”. healthy_living (1) I also write random personal posts like the 33 Random Things We Did This Summer or ALL the random things people say to me for having 5 kids. I’ve shared about my thoughts on everything from homebirths to homeschooling. But mostly I write about that awesome topic that isn’t the least bit controversial: vaccines. People either love this blog. Or they hate it. And they love to tell you why they hate it.

One of the most eye opening posts I’ve written in regards to children’s health, is titled “Is This The Best We Can Offer?” I wrote it two years ago and sadly, the statistics I shared have only gotten worse. I wrote that post directly from the book Vaccine Epidemic, Chapter 12: “Pediatrics: Sick Is The New Healthy”. Seriously? What are we doing?

When the vaccine topic gets “controversial”, my response is….I Only Want Things To Make Sense.

The autism community captured my heart and I started a series called “Lioness Arising” where I highlight parents of vaccine injured children. This is when my blog really fell into a groove and I found my niche. I adore this series. These mothers are my heart and soul and they are why I will NEVER stop writing about this topic. Please read about these amazing mommas and their precious children.

This blog earned the respects of The Thinking Moms Revolution (out of nothing but a mutual love and respect for one another) with a post titled Snooki vs. Jessica Gianelloni: American Heroines and with that article came many followers of families with vaccine injured children. I wrote a piece called “To Be Honored” where I shared in a nutshell what The Thinking Moms Revolution means to me. And what a full circle moment it was after a 7 1/2 year journey of vaccine research, to be honored. And then I spent 3 days with The Thinking Moms, where my passion was confirmed again and again. Read (HERE).


People ask me ALL the time: “WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?” I’ve answered this before, in more depth (here), but this is my answer: I can’t imagine anything worse in the world, than to know, that I know, that I know, that I know, what happened to my child. And the whole world tries to deny it. Denial of what happened also keeps these children from being healed and recovered. Autism is preventable, treatable, & recoverable. This epidemic is a tragedy. I know that these parents (1 in 50) are tired and overwhelmed. I am not. So I will fight for them.

I wish everyone could see my fb newsfeed on a daily basis. Please click this to see what AUTISM LOOKS LIKE IN REAL LIFE. Our family blog received the honor of being listed as one of the resources for the Chalkboard Campaign with my post called “I Hope You’ve Done Your Research”.

Please watch the Chalkboard Campaign video and the Preventing Autism: What the Parents Say video

images (11)

I’ve never followed blogging rules. I’ve never taken a class on how to market my blog or “choose an audience”. I didn’t start writing with a specific audience in mind. I just wrote when I felt like writing and have always shared my heart and my passions. I write from my heart.

Then I went to Uganda for the first time 2 summers ago and fell in love with God’s children: the orphan. And I started blogging about the plight of orphans, and shared our entire adoption journey (all 23 updates). Including when we came HOME and this follow up heartfelt post (HERE). So then the mix of topics became even more diverse.

Health, Vaccines, Family, Adoption, & Orphans. Oh my…

529218_10151616470310883_2081431379_n tumblr_lvn969WZ251qgj43go1_400 Before I left for my 2nd trip to Uganda to bring our son home, I shut the blog down. I felt like I wanted “privacy”. I re-opened the blog shortly after returning from Uganda, and I really wondered WHY? So I wrote the original post: Why do I Write A Blog? Do I really want to keep writing? Part of me wanted to shut it down and be done with blogging.

I don’t know who my audience is. I’m not concerned really. But why do I share my life publicly with such a large audience over such a wide range of topics? I mean after all, I wrote an entire post about how our kids flushed our nativity scene down the toilet on Christmas Eve.

So I spent a lot of time contemplating, thinking, and praying about whether or not to continue writing this blog.


I know why I write. I write because I’m passionate about certain topics. And my desire is to educate, encourage, & inspire other mommas to think for themselves and make decisions for their family that feel right to them.  Sometimes I wonder…why share publicly? How do I mix vaccine world and health world and adoption world in a single blog? Or do I just continue being who I am and write about what I originally made this blog to be about: “Gianelloni Family: Life As We Know It”?

Not as anyone else knows it. Life As We Know it.

I write to give a voice to vaccine injured children and their parents. I write to shed light on issues that are not given a fair platform. I write because our media and the medical industry has failed us.

I never know which blogs are going to be “popular” or not. I just write from my heart. Some of my posts are called “emotional”. Good. I’m glad that when I post about a ridiculous CNN story on a measles “outbreak” that my post is emotional. I’m not writing a research paper. I’m writing a personal blog. My prayer and hope is that as I shed light on certain topics, that I encourage and educate along the way, and motivate you to do your own research.

Some days I write about how the CNN article on the measles “outbreak” has me mad (I call it righteous anger) or how Buffy the Vampire slayer is promoting the whooping cough vaccine (lame) and some days I write about adoption. Other days I just share personal stories about my family.

Please don’t ask me what my credentials are. My credentials are that I’m a THINKING MOM who followed her instinct.

“To the parents I would say, trust your instinct above all else. When considering how to vaccinate your children – read, get educated, and demand fully informed consent and answers to your questions. When you are stonewalled or these answers are not to your satisfaction, trust your instinct. I say this as someone who has studied and engaged in the science and who has become aware of the limitations of our knowledge and understanding of vaccine safety issues. Maternal instinct, in contrast, has been a steady hand upon the tiller of evolution; we would not be here without it” – Quote by hero Dr. Wakefield 

The Lord is definitely leading me through this blogging journey. I know when I need to lay low on a topic. And I know when I need to shout a certain topic from the roof tops. I will continue to write this blog, as long as I feel like the Lord is leading me through each post with peace and clarity. There is still a lot of truth to share and a lot of glory that God needs to be given…so I will continue to write. speak-the-truth I will always write about the things I am passionate about.

Here’s what this blog is NOT:

*Planned, organized, or marketed. I write when something is placed on my heart. I write sporadically. Sometimes twice a week, other times once a month. Who cares? I hate blog rules. This is not a strategic blog with a central theme that looks to grow it’s monthly viewers and gain approval from followers. I guest write for other blogs that do this. This is not that type of blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy you are here. But please don’t write to me telling me I need to write more often.

*My posts may not always give all the references and sources that one wishes. I’ve logged in over 5,000 hours of vaccine research. Please don’t read this blog as your form of research. Hopefully I’ve sparked an interest, or planted a seed, or initiated a question. Follow your instinct. Seek truth. In the end, whatever decision you’ve made, as I shared in this post: I Hope You’ve Done Your Research

*I receive comments that “this is just a blog”. Yep, yes it is. And while I encourage every mother to put in 5,000 hours of her own vaccine research, the truth is…most won’t. The great thing about social media is that people can take years of research and put it into easy to understand blogs, and share it. That’s what I’m doing. But by all means, if you want to verify what I say, you are more than welcome to spend an entire summer in the library (I did), digging up facts and statistics and CDC quotes that are just plain buried these days. I’ve read way too many boring published studies in medical literature. If I posted those studies on a blog, NO-ONE would read them. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

*Please don’t ask me for studies and when I give you a link to 70 published studies that show vaccines cause autism, then tell me I’m just sending you to “another blog”. Where do you want these 70 published studies to be located on the internet? On the CDC website? Ha!  NOT.

There are great books out there. I’ve probably read them all. Here’s are my current 3 favorites.

“Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, & Our Children” Featuring more than twenty-five experts from the fields of ethics, law, science, medicine, business, and history, Vaccine Epidemic urgently calls for reform. It is the essential handbook for the vaccination choice movement and required reading for all people contemplating vaccination for themselves and their children.

Vaccine Illusion” Newly release by a Harvard PhD immunologist. I love her forward: “I never imagined myself in this position, least so in the very beginning of my Ph.D. research training in immunology. In fact, at that time, I was very enthusiastic about the concept of vaccination, just like any typical immunologist. However, after years of doing research in immunology, observing scientific activities of my superiors, and analyzing vaccine issues, I realized that vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions the science could ever convince the world to accept”

“Thinking Mom’s Revolution: Autism Beyond The Spectrum” Inspiring True Stories from parents fighting to rescue their children. *Did I say FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT? I hope so. I can’t say that enough. I’m about to launch a new Project and it has everything to do with Instinct.

*This is not a place for debates. If a comment is rude or degrading, it is thrown in the trash. I do not see many of the comments, as they are sent to me once they pass approval (thank goodness for a comment moderator). I try to respond to as many comments as I can, but I do not get to all of them. If you want your comment approved, be kind. If you do not agree with this blog, may I kindly suggest that you spend your time and energy elsewhere. I will never waste my time or energy engaging with insults, and honestly I don’t even see them. If you want to debate in a civil way, just for the sake of debating…I’m not into that either. However, I love comments that contribute to our community of THINKING moms and dads. I love hearing your stories and journeys. Please keep those comments coming!

*I make no money off of this blog. I have nothing to gain for writing from my heart and sharing truth.

*I have no audience. I probably never will. I cannot cater to only people looking for vaccine research. I cannot cater to sharing every single detail of our adoption journey.  I cannot pretend to be a “health related” blog. This blog is just our family’s life. Some of which I share. Most of which I don’t. And our life is pretty boring and not anywhere near perfect. I care a lot about health. A lot. But I am nowhere near perfect.  I just brought an orphan home from a 3rd world country. I am more elated with the convenience that I can heat up coconut oil in 5 seconds in my microwave to rub on his always & chronic ashy skin (anyone with a brown skinned child will understand this dilemma) than I am with the consequences of using a microwave.  I spent time in a country where, for 3 weeks, non-organic food was prepared for us using dirty water, and nasty cooking oil. And I couldn’t have cared less. I knew God’s grace and protection was covering us during our time in Uganda. I was thankful to be in a situation where I had to trust that God is bigger than my own desire to eat an organic, pure, and privileged diet (which is what our family eats). I experienced a major shift in my thinking. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still probably considered “a health nut” by the majority. So much so, that our new son thinks Kombucha is “soda” and I don’t mind lying to him about it 🙂

So here’s where I am. I will continue to write when I feel led to write. One day it may be about the joys of adoption, and another day it may be about vaccines. Or I might share pictures from one of the children’s b-day parties. Next week, our youngest turns three and she will most definitely get her own blog post 🙂 Boring, I know right? No, of course not. I do a blog post for each child on their b-day!


I know I don’t always get around to answering comments and questions. I’m a really, really bad blogger. But I love your comments and stories. And from the bottom of my heart, I thank-you.

I’m glad you are here.


This is Our Life….As We Know It!
With love, The Gianelloni 7


26 thoughts on “Why Do I Care So Much?

  1. I don’t see where this is all that boring. In a day and age when children are ignored and abused it is good to see someone holds to a good moral upbringing.
    I am new, but learning much.


  2. I love, love, love your blog! Keep on telling the truth and, hopefully, someone out there may actually decide to think for themselves. I am constantly singing the “no vaccine” song and am finding more & more like-minded moms out there. At the same time I also get those who think I must be nuts and “all vaccines” are good! Puh-leez!


  3. Awesome! You remind me soooo much of myself that I wish we could meet!!! (If you’re ever in SE Wisconsin….!!! – in the summer we have a beautiful children’s garden 🙂 ) You just keep right on doing whatever you feel the Lord Jesus is guiding you to do. Be it to blog or not to blog.

    Your blog is a million times more than mine and I wish I was as good at writing it all as you are… but I’ve also got almost 9 years and thousands of reading hours and passion stuck into vaccine study as well. My kids sound the same as yours health wise (ultimately To God Be The Glory!! but I’m so thankful He put it on my heart to learn first!) but I have a passion for the lonely autism Mom’s who have so much to carry. (Divorce too, sometimes – a tragedy!) I haven’t written a vaccine blog in awhile because I just started feeling bummed out that no body seems to care. Your post here encourages me to keep trying. If even one mom stops by and begins to question vaccines, then it was worth it! My line to mom’s is, “Educate before you vaccinate because you can’t take it back out.”



  4. I just found your blog a day or two ago (thank you Pinterest!) so I really appreciate this “update” post. My first ever blog I titled, “My Life As I Know It”, and I’ve had to drag it a couple times to new places as the old ones shut down 🙂 So, anyway, I totally understand writing about whatever interests you whenever you feel like it, and not being concerned with an audience or making money.

    Thank you for all the hard research you’ve done! It’s not something I want to do that extensively, so I appreciate it when others who have that heart actually do it.


  5. I love you, I love you, I love you! You Keep me educated, calling out the hypocrisy; you have saved so many of my friends from horrible decisions. Please don’t leave me! !


  6. I’m a new reader to your blog as I only discovered you last week but I am really enjoying it and I greatly appreciate all the research you have done. THANK YOU. Keep on keepin’ on. 🙂
    Praising Him,


  7. I have been following your blog for less than a year. I stumbled across it somehow because of something linked in another blog. I immediately bookmarked it because you touched my heart. I have loved every single one of your posts. I love your passion! Passion for God, passion for your kids, passion for truth. I have learned so much from you already as I have been on my own search for knowledge in health and wellness and recognizing the strengths in living the way God intended us to live. More than one of your posts have moved me to tears as your words have matched the thoughts in my heart in a way I could never articulate as well as you do. You have touched me, convicted me, educated me, and made me want to be a better mom. Thank for you for sharing your heart!


  8. So happy to of found your blog, you have a great compilation of info. I’ve been researching vaccines and natural cures for cancer etc for close to seven years. I am beyond blessed to have researched this subject before ever having children. 3 100% unvaccinated…..insanely healthy kids im. raising


  9. I think I love you!!! 😉 I am a mother of 5 bio boys and one adopted princessita from Guatemala. I, too, have been on the vaccine injured healing journey since my twins were diagnosed on the spectrum- now age 13. I have an adoption story that only God could have written. I read your blog and it feels like words from my own mind and fingers. I have tried blogging but life always seems to interrupt. You go girl!! I am here in the wings cheering you on.


  10. Even as a Chiropractor advocating natural choices and listening to your innate wisdom, I don’t have the time to peruse the hidden studies that debunk the vaccine myths. My family have also chosen to go vaccine free, and it’s blogs like yours that help to reinforce that decision. I’m glad that you are blogging. Thank you!


  11. I find it nice to feel support for my choice of no vaccines. I tend to keep quiet about it and still waver at times. Raised by a health conscious chiropractic family I myself never got shots as a kid ( only 2 as an adult) people freak about this and the medical community has made me feel like iam a negligent parent. So I enjoy the support and the great info shared. Thanks for being so brave.


  12. I love your blog! I discovered your blog when one of your articles showed up on the Michael Belkin’s Refusers Newsroom Blog last year. I have a vaccine injured 9 year old son with autism. I learned the hard way how dangerous vaccines are. My heart is forever broken after what happened to my son, but I am a thinking mom now. Vaccines are the biggest medical scam in modern history. I wished I was smart like you and did my research on vaccines before I had my 1st baby. I am a well educated person with a degree in chemistry and I had no idea that vaccines were dangerous. My 2nd baby is vaccine free and he’s healthy and smart. No more vaccines for my family! You are a hero for being outspoken about vaccines. Never stop telling the truth because little by little people are starting to wake up! God Bless You!


  13. Thank you for sharing your life and knowledge. It means so much. It breaks my heart to know that parents will research a new car, phone, tv, etc., and never even spend one second researching vaccines.


  14. I was one of the many followers of the media (junk TV) who are pro-vaccinations till I married a Chiropractor. Thank GOD for that! Because it’s opened my eyes to EVERYTHING! You have to become your own doctor, own researcher, own specialist, to protect your family. Our daughter is 100% Unvaccinated. I’ve made friends and enemies in this debate, not intentionally, but I’ve also assisted many people to question their doctors and make more informed decisions about there family. I’ve learned the more you are open about the subject matter and talk about it you hear about all the vaccination injuries that people don’t talk about, but should! I LOVE your blog and SO HAPPY I found you! Keep writing 🙂


  15. I love your blog, your opinions, your frequency, your heart! Keep up everything you are doing. Have you read Dissolving Illusions by Dr Suzanne Humphries? I think it might make your top line-up, but I haven’t read it yet.


  16. Your blog is great! To me it is usually encouragement and motivation to do more research into subjects that God has placed on my heart, such as vaccinations and adoption. Thank you for sharing some of the fruits of your hard work & research with others who are a little further behind on their quest to doing what they feel is best for their families! May God bless you & lead you as you feel led to continue helping others! 🙂


  17. Can you point me to a resource or suggest what steps to take to repair any potential undected damage from vaccines already given (all shots given up to 6mths except 1st HepB)? I unfortunately just discovered the compelling information on the true dangers of vaccines and its horrifying to think about what I have already allowed into my precious little daughters body. Thank you so much for what you are doing.


  18. I’m so excited to have found your blog today via a Facebook share. We don’t vaccinate as we believe God knew what He was doing in designing our bodies (plus 8 million other reasons). We also have a strong urge to adopt but I have worried how my holistic parenting style would work within the adoption world. I would love to read your experiences with that (or perhaps you’ve already written about it). I am looking forward to reading your past posts. I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot – a mama after my own heart! Thank you for writing; you give so much encouragement to the rest of us!


    1. I just found this blog and wonderful family, God is so faithful and good to show us the truth about wicked poisonings vaccines, love the fact we are standing for our health and our bodies , the temple of the Holy Spirit!!BBlessings to all families hre!!!!!! I just liked the Facebook page!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Tears. Thank you. I hope we can have coffee someday, this life or next. I’m so sick of the bullies and I love seeing your exceptionally beautiful children along the margin. No-vax allows children to shine, I’m convinced. Thanks for writing what I would write, and doing it so well.


  20. Beautifully articulated! I also tried to read some of the articles you shared here (like “I hope you’ve done your research,” but those are now marked private and there needs to be an invitation to view them? Would love to read more. Keep up the great work!!


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