The Greater Good

If you have not seen The Greater Good movie, you need to. Whether you are for vaccinating or not, this is a must see documentary. I first saw this documentary when it was released, but still recommend it to anyone I know who truly wants to be educated on the topic of vaccines. Which I believe, IF you are a parent, you better be educated on the topic of vaccines. What better way to become an informed consumer, than to watch a well made documentary that has won awards and great reviews.

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“A new documentary about childhood immunizations, THE GREATER GOOD could intensify debate around the potential dangers of vaccines.”- The Wall Street Journal

“Deftly examined…provocative…film is an effective eye opener” – LA Times

Since the documentary came out in 2012, The Greater Good continues to write articles refuting what is told through mainstream media and reports on up-to-date vaccine research. I want to briefly share two articles. You can click on the title to read the full article and analysis.

1. Hep B: Vaccination and Mutations: Mother Nature Bites Back
Uh-oh! But are we really surprised? 
Hepatitis B virus is mutating. What will the unintended consequences be? Who knows…. All we know is that the surface of the virus is mutating to outsmart the vaccine – what a surprise! This lovely vaccine is now given to newborns on their first day of life. I’ve shared before here on this vaccine being given to newborns. And now, the consequences…oh my!

2. Pertussis Outbreaks and the Journal of Pediatrics – Shameless Blaming
In recent days there have been dozens of reports covering a new study blaming unvaccinated kids for fueling the recent whooping cough outbreaks. The study in question is anything but scientific. Rather it is propaganda designed to do one thing: frighten parents into getting more vaccines. Here the Greater Good shares a brilliant critique of the study and the Activist Post piece that brings this “study” to its knees.

Remember, what neither the media nor Journal of Pediatrics wants you to know is that 70-8o% of those who contracted pertussis had been fully vaccinated.

Did you know that both the US CDC and California Dept. of Health have openly stated that the pertussis outbreaks in recent years are NOT due to non-vaccination but rather due to vaccine failure. This is also documented in the scientific literature. I’ve written on whooping cough vaccine failure here & here as well.


I’m thankful for The Greater Good documentary and for their efforts to continually give fair media reporting on the one of the most important topics that involve decisions we make for our own children.

To learn more about the movie, click (HERE) or click the image below to watch full length feature of the film.


5 thoughts on “The Greater Good

  1. It seems that legitimate articles pointing out no correlation between autism and vaccines are missing here. The many studies that are supposed to show a correlation, don’t state anything. I can’t base my decisions on my children’s health on instinct. It needs to be based on science. I appreciate the many natural remedies for illness, like essential oils. I wish there was a study that compared autism rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated children.


    1. There have only been 14 studies showing no vaccine/autism link, and all 14 of those studies have been disproven and shown to be flawed.

      There have been over 80 studies showing a link.

      This is science.

      Here’s a blog I wrote on studies down comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated.


  2. Thanks for your response. I’m trying to figure things out for myself. My twins have a genetic disorder that I learned I’m a carrier for. I’m trying to figure out alternative methods for sensory issues and hyperarousal. They are five. Many kids their age go on Zoloft because their syndrome (Fragile X) causes major anxiety. I hate to put my little kids on an antidepressant, but they are biologically predisposed to suffer from anxiety for a variety of reasons. Their brains are different from typical kids. They have severe developmental delays and will struggle their whole lives. It’s comforting to know God loves them, has a plan for their lives, and despite their disability they can lead full and joyful lives. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.


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