LA Times and the Whooping Cough story…

This week, I had a handful of people send me articles to refute. I don’t always have time to refute all of the nonsense articles that float around. I wish I did have the time. But I don’t. I simply write these posts to help others. I’m honestly in a season of my life where I don’t feel the need to defend my vaccine stance anymore. When I was first having babies, I felt a strong need to defend my stance. And I wrote tons about vaccines. Now that my children are getting older, their health is living proof. And I have little desire to defend my stance or spend my time refuting articles.


However one article that was sent to me (by a friend looking for genuine help)…it kept bugging me. I kept going back to it, then talking myself out of not wasting my time refuting it, then going back to it again. So here I am. Refuting this most worst article published in the LA Times. It was titled “The toll of the anti-vaccination movement, in one devastating graphic”. The article led to a graphic above of a map showing “vaccine-preventable outbreaks”. Whatever that means. Under the map it said “Almost all the whooping cough is in the United States.”

Uh yeah…. of course almost all of the whooping cough cases are in the US. We are the most highly vaccinated country in the world, against a disease that is primarily spread through the vaccinated.

As vaccination rates and boosters continue to rise, we have become the most highly vaccinated population in the history of the world. And we still can’t escape whooping cough outbreaks. So we keep blaming the outbreaks on the small percent of the unvaccinated population. And we call it the “anti-vaccination movement”. Whatever that means.

Don’t the people conducting the “ground breaking research” about the so-called “anti-vaccination movement” understand that there is no such thing as an anti-vaccination movement? Most of the people who have woken up to the truth about vaccines are parents of vaccine injured children (Who guess what? They once believed in vaccines and their children ARE vaccinated) or parents like myself who have done the proper research. I’m not anti-vaccine. I’m pro-truth, pro-safety, & pro-effectiveness. Vaccines are none of those. It’s that simple.


OK back the LA Times article. I’m actually only taking the 4th paragraph from that article that then leads to a “study”. And I’m going to focus on how a “study” with  such crap science becomes the reason behind an LA Times published article with a title called the “TOLL OF THE ANTI-VACCINATION MOVEMENT”.

It is truly hard to comprehend how the study I’m about to breakdown is the reason behind the “toll of the anti-vaccination movement”.

4th paragraph in the article:
“Vaccine panic also plays a role in the shocking incidence in the U.S. of whooping cough, also beatable by a common vaccine. Researchers have pointed to the effect of “non-medical exemptions” from legally required whooping cough immunizations… as a factor in a 2010 outbreak of whooping cough in California”

Ok, lets break this down….

“Vaccine panic also plays a role in the shocking incidence in the U.S. of whooping cough, also beatable by a common vaccine”

First of all what is “vaccine panic”? Lame. And how is the whooping cough “beatable by a common vaccine” when the majority of people with whooping cough are vaccinated? That the CDC admits has waning immunity? How many boosters do we need to add to the schedule before the vaccine is actually effective?  And are we really always going to try to blame the incidence of whooping cough on the small percent that doesn’t vaccinate? The so called “anti-vaccination movement”.

“Researchers have pointed to the effect of non-medical exemptions as a factor in a 2010 outbreak of whooping cough in California”

OK, seriously, click on the link this article gives as the “research” behind this claim. It leads you to this: Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions and Pertussis in California, 2010

The first paragraph to this study reads: “Although this resurgence has been widely attributed to waning immunity of the acellular vaccine, the role of vaccine refusal has not been explored in the published literature. Many factors likely contributed to the outbreak, including the cyclical nature of pertussis, improved diagnosis, and waning immunity; however, it is important to understand if clustering of unvaccinated individuals also played a role” 


So the first paragraph clearly tells us that:

1. The resurgence has been WIDELY attributed to waning immunity of the acellular vaccines

2. That the role of vaccine refusal has NOT been explored in published literature (I guess until this ground breaking study)

3. That MANY factors likely contributed to the outbreak including: – the cyclical nature of pertussis, improved diagnosis, and waning immunity


The conclusion to this amazing “research” article…Are you ready? 

CONCLUSIONS: Our data suggest clustering of NMEs (Non medical exemptions) may have been 1 of several factors in the 2010 California pertussis resurgence.

May have? Or not.
And 1 of several factors. But let’s not talk about any of those other factors.

By the way, they analyzed nonmedical exemptions (NMEs) for children entering kindergarten from 2005 through 2010 they found “2 statistically significant clusters of pertussis cases in this time period”


There were 9,120 cases of pertussis during the 2010 outbreak. And researchers have already determined from a 2012 report that  92% of pertussis cases in California during that outbreak were in vaccinated individuals.

But this study found TWO clusters of pertussis in NME’s over a 5 year period and LA Times gets to publish a piece about the “toll of the anti-vaccination movement”. Whatever.

And that’s really where this post should end. But I’m going to take it a step further and break down the REAL reasons behind the increase in Whooping Cough (pertussis) outbreaks.

So if you need to take a break…come back later for the 2nd half of this post. If not, keep reading 🙂


According to the CDC…

“In the past 20-30 years, we’ve seen the peaks getting higher and overall case counts (of pertussis) going up. There are several reasons that help explain why we’re seeing more cases as of late. These include: increased awareness, improved diagnostic tests, better reporting, more circulation of the bacteria, and waning immunity”


Let’s talk about these other important factors:

Waning Immunity of the Acellular vaccine.

In 1997,  the ACIP recommended that pediatric DTaP replace all pediatric DTP doses. What does that mean? It means we went from a whole cell vaccine (DTP) to a targeted acellular vaccine (DTaP). The DTP vaccine was much more effective, but very dangerous. The DTaP vaccine was not nearly as effective, and still dangerous. Great logic there. Anyways, that was 15 years ago. There was a large group of intelligent people who knew back then that the acellular vaccine was not going to be effective. And that it was still dangerous. But none of that mattered.

Since that time, we have been experiencing “outbreaks”. So many times these outbreaks are blamed on the  folks who don’t vaccinate. Like what the LA Times article and graph is trying to show.  And this is how we create the “anti-vaccine” movement and credit them with the vaccine failure.

How many boosters are we up to? Seven. And we are still having outbreaks. Blame the unvaccinated of course.


“If you think that a vaccinated person cannot get whooping cough, in the most severe manner, think again. Most babies over the age of 6 months who get whooping cough are fully and “appropriately” vaccinated. Pertussis is admittedly, even by the vaccine enthusiasts,primarily spread by vaccinated children, adolescents and adults” –A Special Report done by the International Medical Council on Vaccination

Cyclical nature of pertussis.

Pertussis is and has always been cyclical in nature, with peaks in the disease every 3-5 years.

I am copying and pasting directly from the CDC website (as you will see, they do not blame the “anti-vaccine” movement)

Q. Why are reported cases of pertussis increasing?
A: Since the early 1980s, there has been an overall trend of an increase in reported pertussis cases. Pertussis is naturally cyclic in nature, with peaks in disease every 3-5 years. But for the past 20-30 years, we’ve seen the peaks getting higher and overall case counts going up. There are several reasons that help explain why we’re seeing more cases as of late. These include: increased awareness, improved diagnostic tests, better reporting, more circulation of the bacteria, and waning immunity.


More circulation of bacteria

Did anyone notice this was listed under the CDC’s reasons behind why we are seeing more cases? Let me explain…

More and more studies and reports are showing how the DTaP vaccine is causing a mutated strain. Mutated strains are not the strains we are vaccinated against. Mutated strains also shed. See there are different bacterial strains of Pertussis. In an excellent article written by Everything Birth, they explain the difference in these two very clearly:

“See, this disease is most often attributed to B. pertussis infection… BUT, it is also caused by the closely related  B. parapertussis.

But, what they already know and just aren’t telling you is this…  In tests, the vaccine appears to work quite well against B. pertussis in mice. In contrast, the same tests showed vaccination led to a 40-fold enhancement of B. parapertussis colonization in the lungs of mice.


That doesn’t necessarily translate into 40 sick mice as opposed to just one. It means 40 times the lung colonization.

Just so there is no confusion: colonization [kol″ŏ-nĭ-za´shun] the development of a bacterial infection on an individual, as demonstrated by a positive culture. The infected person may have no signs or symptoms of infection while still having the potential to infect others.

So, yes…. Please, think of those with weakened immune systems. Think of them enough to demand better tests. Think of them enough to look at the facts of this vaccine.  Think of them enough not to get swept away in this scaremongering.  Also think of what this means to your own child’s health.  At the end of the day, no one is going to care if their pertussis is B. pertussis or B. parapertussis. Sick is sick.

And the vaccination appears to have the potential to make sure more people are walking around contagious or sick.  Worse yet, these people could be walking around showing NO symptoms…”

Please read the conclusion of this most excellent article (HERE)

*Back in 2011, scientists came out with a study warning: Whooping Cough Strain Now Immune to Vaccine: THE bacteria that causes whooping cough has mutated, eroding the protection provided by the vaccine now given to children.

“A key issue is that the whole cell vaccine (DTP) contained hundreds of antigens, which gave broad protection against many strains of pertussis. But the (targeted) acellular vaccine (DTaP) contains only three to five antigens. Our findings suggest that the use of the acellular vaccine may be one factor contributing to these genetic changes.” – UNSW School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

*CDC study:  suggests that the resurgence of WHOOPING COUGH is due to the vaccine causing an increased and more virulent toxin. The CDC acknowledges that whooping cough is recurring in highly vaccinated populations. They also concluded that there is a high secondary transmission rate from vaccinated individuals.

The CDC ended the study with: “Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants. Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.”

download (6)

Improved diagnostics.

I think improved diagnostics being one of the reasons behind the resurgence in whooping cough is interesting. Especially if improved diagnostics leads to studies such as this. Haha!

Title: “A cluster of suspected whooping cough cases in Colorado was actually most likely a “pseudo-outbreak,”according to an investigation by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

1. The patients were mistakenly diagnosed because of contaminated samples.
2.  The samples were contaminated from the pertussis DNA in the vaccine.
3. They tested more patients than necessary, leading to more mistaken diagnoses.
4. Many of the people they found infected with pertussis were vaccinated.
5. They still recommend the vaccine. Haha!


What about all the outbreaks though?

In April 2012,  an infectious disease specialist out of California came out with a pretty damning report that showed the majority of whooping cough cases in the famous 2010 CA outbreak, occurred within the vaccinated population.

Here are few more articles worth reading: 

ARTICLE: Whooping Cough Epidemic In Washington State Exposes Vaccination Problems:

“We started dissecting the data. What was very surprising was the majority of cases were in fully vaccinated children.  That’s what started catching our attention.”

ARTICLE: Vaccine failure admitted: Whooping cough outbreaks higher among children already vaccinated

ARTICLE: Whooping Cough Vaccine – Doesn’t Work – GSK Says “We Never Bothered to Check”

ARTICLE:  92% of pertussis cases in California were in vaccinated individuals 

ARTICLEWhooping Cough Spreads Mainly through Vaccinated Populations

ARTICLE: Why Whooping Cough Cannot be Prevented, Despite Near 100 Percent Vaccination Rates


I also wrote a post called “Pertussis: The Outbreaks that Cry Wolf”, where I share further research on this topic and cover many other outbreaks through the years. I also cover risk/benefits (the majority of $2 billion paid out by our government for vaccine injury is for injury caused by pertussis vaccine). I also share different published studies on safety and effectiveness. For example, a 1994 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that 80% of children under 5 who got pertussis had been fully vaccinated. The researchers concluded that the “vaccine offered insufficient protection from the disease”. You can read that post (HERE)

In closing, this what I call “The toll of the Whooping Cough Vaccine in one devastating graphic”

56 thoughts on “LA Times and the Whooping Cough story…

  1. I just engaged in a debate over this ridiculous article on FB with highly educated friends. I’m surprised they didn’t pick up on the propaganda scare tactics and complete lack of responsible journalism and logical argumentation. People get heated about the issue and are blinded by fear, I suppose. I showed the statistics of whooping cough outbreaks and argued against herd immunity as it applies to vaccines. No response to the facts. Then the friend who posted it just posted another one by a British pediatrician – I am curious about the measles outbreaks in the UK. Any info on this? I focused on pertussis because its the hot button one in the US right now. I don’t know much about what the statistics are in the UK. It must be maddening responding to these all of the time. I’m just concerned about where the dialogue (if you can call it that) so quickly leads – “Shut up and vaccinate for the good of the community!”


      1. The rebuttal to that one is easy! Trust is built on a relationship of mutual respect. No, I do NOT trust someone who bullies me by saying “If you trusted me you’d do this without question” (reminiscent of a bullying boyfriend, methinks…”If you REALLY loved me…”).


    1. I’ve been seeing that article on FB, too–people are using it as a response to any criticisms of vaccines that I bring to the discussion. And this is a point I find frustrating: people aren’t THINKING any more. They are not discussing with me, point by point. They are just posting an article as though it were somehow proof that I’m wrong, even though it does not directly or even indirectly address my points.

      It’s a very creepy article, when you think about it.

      First of all, WHO WROTE IT? Anybody besides me having trouble figuring out who the author is? On my computer, at least, there is no author credited for the article.

      Whoever it is, he starts out by saying, “I certainly neither want nor expect a return to the paternalistic “doctor knows best” mindset of bygone years,” but then he spends the rest of the article demanding exactly that.

      Basically, he’s saying, “Don’t question vaccines. Don’t worry your pretty little head about any studies you’ve read, or about any child you know who may have had a severe reaction to a vaccine. Above all, trust me. Come on, what’s wrong with you? Why don’t you trust me? If you don’t trust me about vaccines, how can you trust my opinion on anything else? If you don’t trust me, something is wrong with you.”

      That’s extremely creepy. It certainly is not the foundation for a good patient/doctor or parent-of-patient/doctor relationship. It sounds more like the foundation for an abusive one.


  2. Great article girl! I’ve been constantly refuting this article to people on my fb newsfeed who think it’s PROOF. Ugh, I’m exhausted from vaccine talk this week! Thanks for the article, now I can stop individual rebuttals and just send them here! 🙂


      1. Thanking God for the day you were born. The most article article I have read written on this issue. I would not be surprised if this gets published somewhere. Truly Amazing!! You my dear are truly walking in God’s destiny for your life.


  3. Thanks for the rebuttal, it has been needed with that poor infographic that has been circulating. When I traced it back to the source I found it interesting that there was absolutely no data that went with it (i.e. vax vs. non-vax), it was just colored dots on a map showing outbreaks from what I could tell. The author, however, made everyone believe it was the non-vaxers who caused it all and suggested there should be forced vaccination because of this. Hopefully your information will help open more eyes. Here is another interesting link that suggests pesticide use might be a contributing factor to whooping cough outbreaks in California. Thought you might find it useful as well.


    1. Exactly Tara! Where was the data to link the “outbreaks” to any incrimination of unvaxed? The author made his own assumptions and stated them as facts. I could have used the same map and written an article stating “DTaP Doesn’t Work” based on MY own assumptions. Hardly journalism.


  4. I LOVE YOU. Seriously. Thank you for refuting this article. I was told by a friend that I was “literally killing” my child for not vaccinating. I couldn’t even respond to that, I was so blown away by her myopic stupidity.


  5. I have to agree with several points you made: both of my children, fully vaccinated, came down with pertussis. One child was born in 1998, the other in 2001. The oldest child was around 13 when he came down with it — lost ten pounds. It was awful. I don’t have the answer, we keep vaccinating, but there’s more unknown than known about the vaccines — which is food for conspiracy theories, and maybe rightfully so! (I especially believe in the measles vaccine — measles kills. Pertussis does also, but maybe not so badly as measles…)


    1. Norma, so sorry to hear that your children contracted pertussis. Sadly, it’s most often in the vaccinated.

      Also, measles is a relatively mild childhood disease. In a healthy, nourished individual, it mimics a common cold. My parents and everyone else before the vaccine became available in 1967, contracted measles, survived, and received lifelong permanent immunity. Perhaps this post will help ease your fear of measles.


    2. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. MOST of us who do not vaccinate make it a point to know. We do our research and know probably more than the average doctor. It’s not conspiracy, it’s truth.

      The proof is in the fact your vaccinated children contracted whooping cough. Besides the poison, vaccines don’t work. Would you mind sharing any other health issues your children might have?


  6. I don’t have children, but have been interested in vaccine dangers for many years. In my pets, as well. I began researching the negative effect of vaccinations on our companion animals.
    This was an excellent article, well done, well written, well thought out and well researched. Thankyou and keep passing this info along!


  7. Here is yet another article that boils down to “don’t worry your pretty little head about reports of adverse effects, or about studies that show harm, or about reports of misconduct/unethical behavior/financial conflict of interest within the pharmaceutical/medical research industry. TRUST THE [well-paid] EXPERTS to think for you. Anybody who criticizes THE [well-paid] EXPERTS is dangerous to the community and will be punished.”

    We ALL need to be writing rebuttals to these horrifying attempts at convincing us to stop questioning THE EXPERTS.

    First we’re hit with years and years of propaganda, then it’s exclusion from schools, then from pediatrician’s offices, followed by jeering and attempts at shaming. Fear-mongering has successfully motivated the average citizen to join the feeding frenzy. What’s next? Yellow stars for people who still don’t go along with it? Separate-but-equal facilities for the unvaccinated?

    Look at all the NAMED “logical fallacies” that have been put into place, not as a way to further discussion, but as a way to shut people up. The “Dunning-Kruger Effect,” “Godwin’s Law,” etc. These are used to END discussion. Funny how these discussions are always related to criticizing government programs…

    I am very worried that the evil goes far beyond anything I’ve imagined.


    1. I sent a letter to the editor with all types of info, and questioned if journalism was about the truth or if it’s just become a way to brainwash the masses for corporations… No response lol


    2. I also kind feel it’s time we stop arguing. We know we are right, and just because the say a bunch of stuff that isn’t true doesn’t mean we have to prove ourselves, they r never going to admit we are correct. Maybe we should concentrate on spreading the word to other parents who will continue to refuse, and hit em where it hurts! Their dollars!


  8. thanks so much for taking the time to write this… so I didn’t have to! 🙂
    ~Seriously,… my completely UNvaccinated girls were coughed on for weeks by my neighbors FULLY Vaccinated girls before it was diagnosed Pertussis.
    Fortunately, I Thank GOD… my Unvaccinated girls did NOT get the Pertussis from them as their immune systems have NOT been compromised by vaccination!
    Their immune systems work just how GOD designed them. and agreed about the above measles… full vaccinated school populations have measles spread like wild fire. Many unvaccinated who have gotten measles have a life long TRUE immunity, like my 84 year old mother.
    One last thing~ the reason we have Shingles epidemic with the elderly is because the live chicken pox vaccines(varicella) is shedding onto poor grandmom!


  9. Great info, all in one place. I’m gonna bookmark and share ur info so I don’t have to explain a bit at a time. I agree with you, I’m so over arguing about vaccines. I’d rather spend my energy
    In more productive ways. I actually wrote a letter to the editor of the LA Times about this article.

    Of course….. I never received a response, chicken shit is what I say! Lol


  10. Also, waning immunity. Is that due to the fact that immunity is artificial and short term. Natural immunity is life long, so what about all those adults who were vaccinated and are no longer “immune”. But an outbreak is from the unvaccinated kids? Sure it is.


  11. My question is: If for some reason you and your family need to travel to a country where you can get sick from a mosquito bite like “yellow fever” would you vaccinate?


  12. Just wanted to thank you for such a well-researched and helpful post. I find myself on the “firing line” a lot because I’m a person who didn’t vaccinate, except when my son had a bad injury and I was recommended to get him a Tetanus vaccine. (I was skeptical that he needed it – but there are times when the fear tactics can get to you. Note that neither of my children had been vaccinated up to that point). So, then I’m told that all the hospital has is the DTaP vaccine. There was *no way* I was having my kid (even at age 10) get the pertussis component of the vaccine. I had to go to a number of different clinics, but then I finally got him just a DT vaccine. I considered it worth every annoying and frustrating second. However, I think I was duped, because – frankly – his wound had bled freely and tetanus is an anaerobe. So I do think there is a lot of pressure to vaccinate which remains – and the label “anti-vaccine” is just so derogatory now. It means all us anti-science, stupid shleps – which is no where near the truth. I have a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and I know how to research an issue. The more I looked at vaccination, the more I wasn’t prepared to put my children through that.


  13. Excellent article. Your response was responsible and intelligent. You handled the research in a way that all people should handle it. We were taught to check multiple resources and both sides of the issues while in high school. Why does everyone forget the simple deed of checking an article for accuracy and credibility?


  14. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a naturally acquired immune system and a vaccinated one? I read a comment recently that implied a mother can’t pass on some immunity to her newborn through nursing if she were vaccinated as opposed to a natural immunity. It got me thinking. Are there independent studies showing one better than the other? Wouldn’t that just end the argument?


    1. I highly recommend the book Vaccination is NOT Immunization written by Tim O’Shea. He explains this in great detail. And yes, you would think many of the logical explanations about immunity from vaccines would end the vaccine “debate”.


  15. So, apparently now it is a law in California that if an unvaccinated child is in a class where another child is diagnosed with Whooping cough then the unvaccinated child has two choices: 1, Stay home for 21 days or 2. Start a course of antibiotics and after 5 days return to class. Anyone have any ideas about a recourse for this?


  16. The article was rebutted really well, and it was effective in quelling my fears of being wrong about my detest for vaccines. But I don’t think this is going to change anyone’s mind. It seems like purely looking at evidence is not going to change anyone’s attitudes about vaccines. No one truly bases their beliefs solely on evidence, but they arrange and filter the evidence to fit their beliefs. That’s what any pro-vaccination individual is going to do.


  17. You are awesome! What a wonderful collection of information. Thank you for spending you time putting this together. My kids got pertussis from a fully vaccinated child who got it from fully vaccinated adults. We did just fine with it and they have a true immunity now! (Hopefully) My baby who was still breast feeding actually had the most mild case. Breast milk was the super medicine!!


  18. I have a 20 yr old son whose brain was destroyed by a dtp vaccine at 3 months old. The seizures started within an hr of the injection and continue to this day. He is unable to walk, talk, or eat. Needless to say my now 12 yr old son was never vaccinated…and is the picture of health. To this day so called “professionals” in the medical and educational fields try and guilt me into compliance…try and make me feel like I am an incompident parent.


    1. Just unbelievable. After your family has suffered so much, they try to bully you? I am so sorry for what you’ve had to go through.


  19. Thank you! This graphic, the posts and comments have also bothered me and I feel so much better knowing there is a community of like-minded parents. Before choosing not to vaccinate, I exhausted myself with research from both sides. At 2 years, when the immune system is more developed, I went through the process again, did I make the right decision?! Today my children are 6 and 8 and when I read articles like the one in the LA Times, I first get a feeling of fear, then I think logically about my decision. I have posed some of the same questions to my critics, where are the stats on how many non-vaccinated children are afflicted? And thank you for addressing mutations, when my son was in preschool, a girl came in with chickenpox, he sat next to her all day until she was diagnosed and sent home. Everyone panicked that there would be an outbreak because of my son. He never exhibited any symptoms yet those who were vaccinated did. His natural immune system kept him healthy. I have so many similar stories of all of us being exposed to disease yet all of us, thankfully, stay healthy. . Again, thank you for taking the time to write this up and share.


  20. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I too had a sense of panic when I read the article. Did I do the right thing of not vaccinating? But I know in my heart and from my research I have. You have just backed up what I think and feel. And explained it in a much clearer way. Love your blog! 🙂


  21. I really appreciated this candid article, as my 11 year old daughter is due for this vaccine and the meningococcal vaccine. Does anyone have information about the meningococcal vaccine? I’m feeling conflicted on what to do for this one.


  22. I will say that for my son I did many vaccines. Never worried about the side affects. I was 19 and uneducated. Luckily, he’s perfectly healthy & almost 7yrs old. My second child, now 28mths old, got SOME vaccines. She was born with T21, Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect, Severe Anemia, Severe Jaundice, Transeint Myleoproliferative Disease, Arterial Stenosis & Coarctation of the Aorta. The one vaccine that I was insistent on was her RSV vaccine. Now that I look back, I honestly was only so insistent about it because of fear. She spent 21wks at Duke University Hospital. Had open heart surgery at 8wks old. Her second heart surgery 9 days later to put in her pacemaker. She was born at 37wks. And had her G-Tube place at about 18wks old. So, naturally I feared for her life and what I was told was “a weakened immune system due to prematurity & her other health complications.” I have gotten her some of the other vaccines. But I’ve been doing my research and have since stopped. I can’t recall which one it is but they have proven & admitted to it triggering Autism. That admission was made in I want to say early 2013. Now, we also have a 15mth old that has gotten 1 vaccine. And guess what? in her 15mths of life so far, she’s gotten sick 2 times. That’s it. My other two, it seems like my oldest is ALWAYS sick! My 28mth old, she gets sick here and there. Yes, some of it is just how her body is built. Down Syndrome children are smaller & shorter. It’s not just their height that is shorter. Everything is shorter. Tubes in their ears, their urethra, and so on. So UTI’s tend to be her biggest issue. I am still scared of what might happen if I don’t vaccinate my children. But the fear of what those vaccines can do scares me even more!


  23. Thank you so much for this article. My niece is having twins and is insisting that everyone get a whooping cough vaccine and I am not a fan of vaccines and immunizations without doing vast research first since a close friend had a son who “developed” autism after she “caught up” with his “shots” all at once…and another friend whose son “developed” aspergers after simply getting his scheduled shots. Both boys were very normal prior to the shots…so now I am skeptical of any mass produced shot unless it has majority rule of its effectiveness..and sometimes not even then.


  24. I just discussed this vaccine with my son’s doctor today. She asked if I could provide any “reputable” sites that mention the increased colonization of parapertussis in the lungs after vaccination. Do you have any links?


  25. LOVE THIS and thank you for taking the time to respond to the article and refute it. You have always impressed me 🙂 You have helped me and my family and so many other moms and parents out there and I appreciate this blog so much.


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