Light it up True…

April is Autism Awareness Month.
And today, April 2nd  is World Autism Awareness Day!

I can’t think of a better way to “celebrate” this day, than to provide awareness behind what is really happening through these “awareness” campaigns.

Last week the new Autism numbers were released: 1 in 68. We are all AWARE. And there is nothing to celebrate.

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What I find so interesting is that the same organization that celebrates World Autism Awareness Day through their catchy campaign “Light It Up Blue”, is the same exact organization that denies the causes of autism. This organization is called Autism Speaks, and sadly the families I know with children with autism, do not in anyway support Autism Speaks. Today, they will not be “lighting it up blue” for their child.

I have not met a single autism parent that does not despise this multi-million dollar organization.


“It is a leech upon the autism community, sucking resources and walk-a-thon energy away from cash-strapped families struggling to cope. If there was any value in its “awareness” campaign, it has been achieved; Autism Speaks has no apparent further reason for being. It’s delaying progress, deflecting attention from the truth. It’s job, like any other business (or malignancy), is to grow”
–Dan Olmstead, Investigative Reporter and Editor of Age of Autism.

Autism Speaks has wasted 27.4 million dollars on 127 genetic studies since 2006 and are no closer to finding a cause…
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If you know the behind-the-scenes details regarding the Autism Speaks foundation, it’s actually quite maddening. Here’s the short version:

Katie Wright is the daughter of the founders of Autism Speaks and the mother of the little boy who was the catalyst for the organization. She’s been extremely vocal and active about what she witnessed happen to her son; vaccine regression into severe autism. She sits on the boards of other organizations because she doesn’t support the very organization created in her own child’s honor. Think about that.

Here is Katie Wright’s comments of one of Autism Speaks’ many studies debunking vaccine causation:  “This is just Autism Speaks caving in to the government and Drug Companies… AGAIN!!! They just keep publishing Government funded studies by organizations who get PAID by major Drug Company $$$”

The founders of Autism Speaks own daughter.  It’s just plain sad.


“I’m tired of pretend vaccine research. Give me some REAL research. Give AMERICA some real research. Stop playing games and wasting money that should go into real studies.” -Dr. Sears


It is very sad to me that today, the world will “Light It Up Blue” for a billion dollar organization that does nothing to help the Autism Community. An organization that funds studies to “prove” vaccines don’t cause autism.

Why not instead support The Thinking Mom’s Revolution.
Real parents rescuing their real children from the real cause of autism.


So today, lets all Light It Up True!
If you are asked to donate to Autism Speaks today, just say no. And go check out TEAM TMR’s 501c3 Not-For-Profit Organization Created By The Founders Of
The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. 100% of your donation will help heal and recover a child from autism! 

Donate to them TODAY! 


10 thoughts on “Light it up True…

  1. Also check the organizations/Web sites Canary Kids and Epidemic Answers, two organizations run by parents who are fighting back and are curing their children of Autism themselves.

    You can cure Autism–if you’re willing to change your entire lifestyle, from what you eat to what you use to cleaning up your entire environment. I know. I cured my own daughter of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). It’s not a one-stop cure but rather an ongoing, continuous, lifelong process. Once a child becomes susceptible to the triggers for Autism and is then detoxified and fed the correct nutrients, I’m not sure if that child can ever go back to the Standard American Diet and using and ingesting all of the chemicals again without regressing (and I would never test this question on my child!). Sadly, I always hear way too many parents–esp moms–tell me it’s “too hard” to make sure a big and drastic change in their kids (or families) diet, or their environment, etc. It’s too much, they’re too busy, it costs too much, my (allopathic) doctor knows everything, I don’t believe in alternative medicine, etc.,…the list of excuses goes on and on.

    You can cure Autism, but you must go against conventional medicine and embrace all that is holistic/alternative. Only be cleansing the body of everything that is toxic will you be able to help your child heal.

    I became sick myself in 2008 and started on a health journey to heal myself and along the way, discovered that all of the changes I was making to help myself–were also curing my daughter (I made the changes family wide, not just for myself). Yes, you heard that right. It was through my own self-curing that I realized that Autism Spectrum Disorders can actually be cured. And I’m a believer, because I saw the proof right in front of my own eyes–in my daughter.

    Today my daughter is an 8th grader, has a lot of friends, is on the highest honors roll, plays tenor sax in band, and plays goalie for lacrosse. She wants to go to college and is contemplating going into some field of alternative medicine. I could never have imagined any of this when she was younger; we seriously didn’t hold out much hope for her doing much of anything or of ever being able to live on her own. Now we have high hopes that anything’s possible.


    1. God bless you for sharing your story! My sister in her 30s has autism, I’d say severe autism, and requires constant care. I am on a search for more that can help her. Any degree of improvement in quality of life helps.


  2. I call April Autism Speaks Awareness month. It must be when they rake in the most money. There are people in those halls that draw shameful salaries. They sell their light bulbs at Home Depot, but to my knowledge they don’t do anything in Canada. If they did, what would it be and would it have value?


  3. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. It’s so refreshing to find some TRUTH spoken today!!! This was my status update on FB at 6:00 this morning:
    “On this day, World Autism Awareness Day, it’s important for our family to say: We do not ‘light it up blue’ because we do not support Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks does not speak for our family for so many reasons… As my friend Leigh explains, “The sad truth is that Autism Speaks has a reputation for paying their executives ridiculously high salaries – completely unheard of in the non-profit world.” In 2012, according to their 990 tax return, AS paid it’s top 13 people over $3.4 million. Total compensation was more than $23m, and much of the rest of their revenue (which totaled over $53m from donations, walks, government grants, etc) went to marketing, advertising, admin, fundraising, ‘other expenses’ etc. gives Autism Speaks 1 out of 4 stars for financial responsibility. In addition to not putting more of their money into efforts to help families, AS routinely works AGAINST families by refusing to sponsor the environmental research so desperately needed to get to the CAUSES of autism so we can have some hope of PREVENTION/CURE. They continue to fund genetic study after genetic study – even though it is now widely accepted that there is a significant environmental component to autism. Additionally, AS works against families as they endear themselves to the pharmaceutical industry by refusing to acknowledge the 80+ scientific studies/papers that show a relationship between vaccines and autism. They even go so far as to promote the ridiculous ‘smoke and mirrors’ tactics employed by public health officials to distract from the truth that autism rates are increasing at a horrifying rate. The idea that we’ve had a 30% rise in the past two years based on ‘better diagnosing’ is insane. AS rakes in millions, spends millions on themselves, and serves as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the very folks that refuse to find any answers and offer any real help to families who are living with autism. So while Autism Speaks invites everyone to ‘celebrate autism awareness’ this year – we ask our friends and family to join us in demanding more be done than slick ad campaigns and promotions that make AS more and more money. The CDC and medical community have gotten away with ‘autism is a mystery’ ‘we have no idea what causes it’ (which means we have no way to treat/prevent it) for decades now as they continue to refuse to look for answers in the environmental causes – where all the evidence points. If you want to support families with autism – there are so many wonderful organizations that are fighting uphill battles to truly represent the autism community and try to get answers. Some of our favorites include: NAA (National Autism Association), Team TMR (Thinking Moms Revolution), TACA and Age of Autism. In the spirit of Autism Awareness month – just wanted to make you all aware… Thank you for listening. <3"
    Thank you again for your blog. It's a breathe of fresh air for so many of us!


  4. I knew Autism Speaks was a scam but I wasn’t aware of the back story. Thanks for sharing. The truth is the truth is the truth!


  5. I planned to share your post when April 2 rolled around and I have. I still have some unanswered questions–like regarding a few unvaccinated autistic children–but we know that vaccines cause autism and all manner of devastation. God cares about the sparrow that falls, and He cares about the devastated families like mine.

    I share your posts regularly and much vaccine information. At last tally I think I might’ve helped influence 14 or so people! I’ve ticked off a few people, too, but it’s a price you pay when you tell the truth. And GOD DOES CARE. I hope believers come to realize that soon.


  6. Thank you so much for getting the word out there. My son is one of those children who is affected by ASD and who has been recovering amazingly with use of diet, homeopathy, and therapy. The environmental triggers cannot be ignored, and I am maddened when I heard people quote news stories about the latest study suggesting autism is purely genetic, as though that automatically proves me wrong. But I think it’s easy for people to want to believe these because it means they can worry a little less about their chances of having a child on the spectrum, because they convince themselves that they “probably” don’t have those genes. It’s scary for people to think our current unhealthy lifestyles and the stuff our medical establishment doles could be the triggers. Also, it’s just easier to live a life of fast foods for our hunger and quick antibiotic fixes for our illnesses. Don’t even get me started on the lack of insurance coverage to help these children. Anyway, I’m done ranting for now 🙂 Thanks again for getting the word out there. And great post on essential oils too! I might be trying a different brand than yours, but it was the kick in the butt I needed to add that to my cache of things used to help my son.


    1. Andrea, I think the main group ready to march against the genetic baloney is those who have previously-normal siblings who are now severely autistic. (Granted, we’re biased, not the best people to start research with…) If there’s anyone who DOESN’T want to believe autism’s purely genetic, it’s someone hoping for her own family one day!!

      I have a beautiful little boy so far…breastfed, unvaccinated, and vibrantly healthy. For my older sister, I still pray for healing, and I am very hopeful about Kerrie Rivera’s Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism (see Amazon for book). But I have to be blunt: if I thought that I was a ticking timebomb for severe, rageaholic autism, my husband or I would’ve been permanently sterilized. That road is just too heartbreaking. And no one can speak to that mindset who hasn’t been there.


      1. I completely agree, Katie. I write on my blog about having a second child after our first was diagnosed with autism. It was a surprise pregnancy and I was, of course, scared. I also knew, of course, that we would love both children no matter what. But that doesn’t take away the fear. I am lucky that both of my children are doing well now and that we were able to intervene with my daughter before any of her gut issues got to the place my son’s did. She continues to meet her milestones at 2 years of age and has no signs of autism. I am also lucky we intervened with my son starting at a year and a half of age. I know this is not the case for most going through this journey.


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