Lioness Arising Mother #9: Robin Maiocca

This might be one of my most special blog posts I’ve ever written, as I’m sharing the personal story of one of my longest and closest friends. I am honored to share Robins story in my Lioness Arising series. Robin & I have known each other for over 20 years. We met in high school and became good friends. We have literally watched each other grow up. I remember about 8 years ago when I wrote to Robin and told her I was writing a book on vaccines. She replied something along the lines of  “Thank-you, but no thank-you I don’t want to hear anything you have to say regarding vaccines”.

Robin & I remained good friends even through our “let’s agree to disagree” approach to the topic of vaccines. At the time, one or both of us were always pregnant and having babies, but we never talked about the topic of vaccines again.

Then Robin’s 3rd child had a serious vaccine reaction. And this is where her story begins. Here is Robin’s story in her own words. There are 2 parts to her story. What took place 4 years ago and present time.

Powerful. Anointed. Truth.


This is my story.

Part I: 4 years ago…

My “vaccine-awareness” story (for lack of a better phrase) began in 2010 shortly after the birth of our third child, Phoebe. Up until this time I vaccinated both my children and always stayed on top of the vaccine schedule through wellness visits, etc. They gave me a very structured schedule to follow and so I did. If I missed a visit, the pediatrician would always make a reminder call and I would be in next week. I never thought about the process – this is simply what you do when you have kids, right?

I never thought to question these visits. Sure it broke my heart every time my children received a shot. I cried at all of Hannah’s because she was my first. With Christopher, I was stronger because I had been through it with Hannah and I knew what to expect. Plus this was ‘for their health.’ It’s required and who was I to question. I mean, why would I? The doctor said it’s safe and they have to have the best interest of my children’s health in mind. That’s what I would tell myself. So I vaccinated them completely. They received everything they needed to enter school and so on. (sigh)

My Crisis

3 kids

Then Phoebe came along. There is something that I will say about this child: Phoebe is very special! She has been the most ‘perfect baby’ I could have ever hoped for or imagined. From the moment I held her in the hospital, there was something so sweet and almost magical about her. She held her head up for the first 3 hours in the hospital, looking all around. She would already be looking into my face and apparently studying it. She was very aware and very alert. She ate well and slept beautifully. Pacifying her was the easiest thing in the world. Upon leaving the hospital, Phoebe received her Hepatitis B vaccine because – as I was told – that’s just what we need to do before leaving the hospital.


Fast forward two months and it was now time for her first ‘wellness’ visit and thus her first set of vaccines. Up to this point, Phoebe had never cried except for when she was overly tired or hungry. It was really strange how utterly content she was. Sometimes, when she was hungry, I would just let her cry for a few minutes because it was such a sweet soft cry and I hardly ever heard it. Sounds crazy I’m sure, but I promise it’s true.

So I took Phoebe in for her doctor’s visit. Everything was perfect on her: weight, height, etc. At the end of the visit, the nurse came back in to administer the vaccinations. She administered the shots and yes, Phoebe cried, which was what I had expected. I immediately picked her up and held her in my arms. I consoled her, nursed her and comforted her best I could. She cried most of the way home but that was very typical. I knew this from my other children. I thought nothing of it. When I got home though things changed and this is where it all began for me.

Phoebe began crying in a way I had never heard her. It wasn’t even a cry, it was a wail. She would straighten her legs and scream at the top of her lungs. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, from any of my other children. Her eyes were huge and her face was bloodshot red. Immediately, my God- given ‘mother’s instinct’ told me something was very wrong. Now, if you are a mother, you know what I’m talking about. It is that undeniable, gut-wrenching feeling in the middle of your being that you can not ignore, even if you tried. My heart flipped upside down and immediately I started asking, “What have I done?”

Phoebe cried, non-stop for four hours. I walked around my house holding my precious baby girl wondering what in the hell was happening to her. Clearly something had happened. It was like she was being burned and tormented. I know how over the top dramatic that sounds but that is the best description I can offer. She was trapped in her own little body and I had no way of helping her. When I would look at her face, she would look me in the eyes and scream. It was as if she was saying, “Mommy, make it stop.” I will never forget these hours in which I was convinced I had lost my little girl. Something was happening to her and I could not make it stop. I could not comfort her. I could not bring her peace. It was beyond my control. Her little body was exhausted from crying, as if she was wailing with all her strength, and her head would hang low.  Then, every few minutes, her legs would shoot straight out stiff and the wailing would begin again. .My world had stopped.

The screaming continued into the night and the next day. I would say she cried uncontrollably for twenty-four hours straight. My sweet precious little angel… what had happened? Immediately I knew this was a result from the vaccines. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

My Journey


For the next two weeks, my heart was in turmoil. I could not believe what I witnessed and was scared to death for her four month wellness visit when she would be receiving more of the same vaccines. My heart went into mayhem and I could not sleep. I asked my husband to be praying for Phoebe and for me.

During these next few weeks I knew I needed to research and study these vaccines. I didn’t know where to start. I had no one I could turn to because no one really talks about these things. So I prayed. I asked the Lord, “Help me, give me wisdom on how to handle this whole thing. I don’t know where to turn.”

Some may say it’s a coincidence, but I know my prayer was answered. Anyway, whatever your beliefs are here, the timing for me could not have been more perfect. I would like to call it a “Divine Intervention”. My friend Jessica randomly emailed me that day asking how I was. I was on her heart. And I immediately remembered the book she told me she was writing 4 years earlier. (this was before this blog existed). She was the exact person I needed to talk to that day. We talked for hours. My eyes were opened, the blinders were lifted, and there was no looking back.

With her help and much prayer, I was able to surround myself with the recourses I needed to study and understand the vaccine/medical and pharmaceutical industries from both sides and not just what I learned from my pediatrician. Not just from the literature they gave me but from other sources as well.

I learned about the history of vaccinations and the long term damage and side-effects they are causing. I learned about what they do to a child’s developing mind and body and brain. Most importantly, I read scores of personal testimonies of real parents who watched their children disappear before their eyes after receiving vaccines. I had no idea these sources existed. I had never had a reason to look. The information I obtained, the studies I read and facts that I learned about vaccines were shocking to me. Shocking and appalling.

In the time between Phoebe’s two and four month ‘wellness’ visit, when my heart was in complete disarray, I made a commitment to my husband that I needed to learn as much as I could before we put another needle in the arm of any of our children. I asked him to trust me with what I was learning and assured him that this would help us to make the best decision for our family. I, my husband and several friends earnestly prayed over this decision and we eventually came to the conclusion, after hours/days and weeks of research that we would no longer vaccinate our children.

I believe with all my heart that Phoebe would be damaged somehow if I continued down this road. She had a reaction that no doctor can tell me is normal. And if they did, shame on them. The sad thing is that, from what I learned, Phoebe’s reaction was nothing compared to what some other parents have gone through. I say that with a broken heart for those families. The stories I have heard and read are nothing short of heartrending.

This is what awakened me to the dangers of vaccines: a close call with my own child. I understand every parent needs to make their own decision regarding their children’s health. I would never tell someone not to vaccinate. I would simply ask you to study both sides. Read personal testimonies. Look at studies. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the health of our children. Understand that there truly are great risks that go along with vaccinations. Risks that do not “outweigh the benefits.”

I am so thankful and grateful because God’s grace is sufficient. So far, none of my children have any lasting side-effects from vaccination (that I know of). However, if I could do it all over again, knowing what I know now, I would have never chosen to vaccinate. The sad thing is, I never knew I actually had a choice.

I now believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator. He has given us an immune system and (as I have found) the countless number of vaccinations that we give our children go much further in compromising the immune system than it does in aiding it. I have searched Scriptures in vain to find any place where God tells his people to inject (or ingest) potions to assure that their children will be healthy. Needless to say, as a Christian I was appalled to learn that aborted fetus tissue is actually an ingredient the pharmaceutical companies currently use in their MANY of the vaccinations. Needless to say, this revealed to me the spirit behind much of what the world terms ‘wellness plans.’ I pray that the next generation of moms would look more deeply into what I have found to be, in so many cases, a very sinister scheme to make profits from pumping our children with poison.

I guess my one prayer is: please just be informed. There are so many layers to this that need to be pealed away and looked at closely. The vaccine industry is so different than it looks like on the surface and I believe we owe it to our children to be absolutely educated in this area so we can make the best, healthiest decisions for their lives.

PS: The screaming I was describing with Phoebe those first 24 hours after 2 month vaccines… that screaming is called the “encephalitic cry”. It means the brain is swollen and inflamed. It is listed as a warning on the vaccine package insert. It is listed as a warning, because of the “seriousness or frequency of reporting”. My precious, beautiful, healthy little girl…her brain swollen and inflamed. Really? Why? … Because I didn’t know. But now I do.

Part II: 4 years later…


Many times I’ve gone over my children’s past medical records and they have truly broken my heart and brought many tears to my eyes. It is unbelievable to me how often I ran to the doctor for “ear infections”, “strep throats”, & “rashes”. And every visit I got antibiotics and/or prescriptions refilled again and again and again. I’m amazed at how sick they were even though we went to all of their “well” check visits. 

It’s absolutely crazy to me that in the last four years since Phoebe’s reaction and my utter cry for wisdom, I have not been to the doctor one time for my children. Not one time. All those ear infections, strep throat, & rashes, well they seemed to not come as often and when/if they do, I have been able to treat their illnesses naturally in my home. I learned about more natural ways because I was desperate to keep my children healthy and off of drugs. To keep toxins and poisons out of their bodies. If I had only known then what I know now I would’ve saved so much money and most importantly so much unnecessary stress on my children’s body. 

Deep down in my heart I used to always say if I ever got pregnant again I would do everything hundred times different. Never truly thinking that we were ever having another child I just tucked that thought away in my heart and just committed it to The Lord.

announcing Jeremiah (1)

In the summer of 2012 we unexpectedly became pregnant with our fourth child. While emotions were scattered at first because we weren’t “planning” this child, I ultimately knew this was a gift from The Lord. I knew he was giving me another opportunity to do things differently according to my heart and not what I was told to do. I always like to say that the Lord gave me back the years that the Locust had eaten with the beautiful pregnancy of our child number four.

Baby #4 is now a beautiful healthy, unvaccinated, never been to the doctor, hardly ever sick, completely healthy vibrant developing smart one-year-old little boy. The months while I was pregnant with him where some of my most magical moments. Preparing my heart for a natural birth, educating my mind for natural labor, and most importantly understanding that “well baby visits” were no longer something we would do once my child was born. My sweet little sons only doctor visit has been when we went to see our Midwife at six weeks old. My son is healthy, developing, growing, being nourished, and building his immunity in the proper ways the way he should. 

I thank the Lord every day for the experience that he allowed me to have with child number four. I’m thankful that the Lord blessed me with the opportunity of having a water birth. This was also something that in the depths of my heart I longed for once I realized the beauty of natural labor.


Today I have four healthy young children. Two which are basically fully vaccinated (up to 4 years ago), one that had one round of shots (and almost died) and one that has never been touched by a needle (my healthiest). I’m thankful for everything that the Lord has brought me through in these last 10 years. I have learned so much about our bodies and health and ultimately about our Lord and how he created us. I pray my story can encourage others to open their hearts and minds to take the lead role when it comes to the health of our kids and our families. Follow your instinct. And know that you have a choice. 

picture of me with all kids

To learn more about Robin, check out her family website at: where she shares much of her knowledge in how she has kept her children healthy and doctor free for over 4 years. She also shares many of her resources that helped her make an informed choice when it came to vaccines.


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10 thoughts on “Lioness Arising Mother #9: Robin Maiocca

  1. Loved this. I didn’t know they used tissue from aborted babies in vaccines… Now I’m so sad I have put my son through this… Thank you for this post. I will have to make some very hard decisions regarding my four year old.


    1. Mercedes, the decisions are very easy to make once you overcome the fear which makes you easy to manipulate and once you see beyond the propaganda fog! I am sure you will make good and informed decisions from now on. NOW you know!

      Thanks, Jessica, thanks, Robin, for sharing yet another heartwarming story with us!


  2. It’s difficult when we offer information that we know can help others but they just aren’t ready to receive it. Don’t let that stop you! Plant the seed — and then leave the rest in God’s hands. I read Robin’s story hoping for a happy outcome. How wonderful that Phoebe and all the children are doing so well and that Robin is now sharing her experience with others and encouraging moms to become informed and trust their instinct. (I thought Robin looked familiar and then realized it was from Breads for Life Ministries.) God bless Robin and family, her ministry and you, Jessica, for sharing her story!


  3. I LOVED reading your story, Robin…Thank you so much for sharing! I am so sorry you had the experience you did and that Phoebe went through the encephalitic cry, but there is such beauty in hearing about your prayer and your relationship with Jessica. God is good and makes all things work for good.


  4. Thank you for sharing. I fully vaccinated my 5 kids, my youngest I stopped at 4 yrs, she is 6 now. I am sick to my stomach thinking I did it. But I didn’t know better. My kids were all “fine” as well. I thought nothing of my 4th child’s Tourette’s syndrome or my 5th child’s near death anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter, my 3rd child’s sinking into deep depression, self harming, from a destroyed thyroid. Are these events related to vaccines? I can’t prove it, but I believe with my heart they are. Watch them carefully in the coming years.


  5. My husband and I want to be missionaries and worry about not vaccinating our children. We where told to get dead polio and tetanus. They have one polio from last August and need 2 more. What do you think?


  6. Thank you for sharing this story. I am sharing it with many young moms “to be” who need to research before their decision to vaccinate. I relied upon the medical community to advise; unfortunately for my beautiful daughter who’s life is challenged daily, it was a wrong decision on my part to vaccinate.


  7. Thank you for sharing your story. If only more mothers would take the time to do what you did. I am very pro natural, organic, and green lifestyle. I had a home birth with my son and can’t wait to do it again. We also said no to all vaccines and medical interventions and my boy is incredibly healthy…much healthier than all of his cousins who are fully vaccinated. Good for you for recognizing the signs of a vaccine reaction and making the wise decision to stop. God bless you and your family!


  8. This brought tears to my eyes as I read it. My 13 month old has only received his 2 month vaccinations and that was only because after hours of questions the doctor was still able to “sell” me on them. It is a constant power struggle with my parents and my in-laws, but your story is just one more resource that I can look to for strength and knowledge. Thank you for sharing ❤


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