Erased by a Birth Certificate

In light of the recent events surrounding the CDC whistleblower.
Guest post by Bobby Dee

Have you seen the headlines screaming about the CDC vaccine researcher leaking documents that show the CDC knew in 2002 that the MMR vaccine was causing autism 3.36 times more often in African American toddlers who received it prior to the age of 3?

Yeah, me neither.  Welcome to the media black-out.


In the event you need to be brought up to speed on the fraud perpetrated by the CDC on the American people for the past decade, start here, here, here and here.  Here’s the speedy version:

Dr. Bill Thomspon co-authored the CDC study of school children in Atlanta that investigated whether the age at which children were vaccinated with the MMR correlated with an autism diagnosis.  The answer, for black children at least, was a resounding yes.  Thompson didn’t want to have to present that information to hostile autism parents and asked for guidance in what to do.  The answer– from another author on the paper–  was to make it go away.

How do you make black children in Atlanta disappear from a study?  Require their mothers to produce a Georgia birth certificate.  41% could not, were kicked out, and the impact of the MMR went right along with them.  Dr. Coleen Boyle then sang the praises of the MMR in front of a congressional committee in April of 2002 and the Atlanta study has been used countless times to prove that autism is not related to the MMR vaccine.

Earlier in 2014 Dr. Brian Hooker analyzed the raw data obtained through a Freedom of Information request and published about the 3.36 factor of autism (236%) increase, although the CDC has already forced the journal to take it down in the name of causing harm to the public.  Click that first link fast before PubMed takes it down too.

The CDC responded to the commotion caused by the iReport on Monday, claiming that the Georgia birth certificate allowed researchers to view important autism risk factors such as the mother’ age, mother’s education level (because we all know college educated mothers don’t have autistic children, right?), child’s gestational age at birth (always an exact science), and weight when born.

Well, OK.  That’s understandable, right?  Underweight babies, premature babies, they’re more prone to become autistic (and that’s giving the CDC the benefit of the doubt that “autism risk factors” not only existed in 1996 but had been narrowed down to include the theory of mother’s education level which was floated 13 years later as a novel idea). Except, wait a minute.  The objective of the study was to compare ages of vaccination with the MMR to autism diagnosis, not prematurity, birth weight, or mom’s academic ambitions.  The rest of that information is not even relevant to the objective, so why were they asking for it?  Who were they going to eliminate?  The college educated mothers or the high school drop-outs?

Let’s just say for the sake of argument that knowing if mom only went to undergrad or continued on to get a master’s degree was crucial information.  Therefore it was imperative that the mothers produce those birth certificates because God forbid the researchers just asked mothers what their education level was or how old they were when their child was born.

Fine.  I can buy that.  So, this was all going on when?  1996?  And the children in the study were at least 3 years old?  So a birth certificate that would have been produced might have been for a child born in 1990?  Perfect.  Let’s a have look here at a 1990 valid Georgia birth certificate and scan for the mother’s education level, baby’s birth weight, and gestational age when born.

1990 Georgia

Did you find it?

Me neither.  You know why?  Birth certificates are federally regulated and none of that stuff is printed on them.

OK, fine!  Maybe the CDC misspoke and what they meant to say was, “We needed the long form birth certificate application that contains the autism risk factor information we were looking for.”

Yes.  Except parents don’t get to keep those applications.

Try again?  Maybe they were saying, “We needed the birth certificates in order to access the database where the information contained on the long form application for a birth certificate is stored.”

Oh, I get it now.  So, not the actual birth certificate because everyone knows those don’t contain that information, and not the birth certificate application because those are sent directly to a state’s vital records office, but it’s the database that we’re talking about.  I understand.

Wait, is it this database?  The National Vital Statistics System?  That’s where the critical autism factor information is that the CDC needed to access?  Because– call me crazy–  but the CDC owns that system and I’m pretty sure they don’t need no stinking birth certificate to access it.

Why would a parent in Atlanta not have a birth certificate on hand?  Because they are not free and receiving one is not automatic.  Today a Georgia birth certificate is $20.  Can you imagine impoverished people spending $20 on a birth certificate if they didn’t have to?

Does this all boil down to the CDC deciding, after generating extremely negative results about the MMR with regard to the African American community, that they needed the birth certificates to positively ID the children who were already included in their study so that they could then access a database that they already own?  Because that just sounds crazy.

Almost as crazy as introducing a birth certificate requirement to a study after it’s already finished and knocking out 41% of the participants, but not quite.

What can you do about it?

Contact your US Representative and Senator and tell them you want an investigation into the CDC.

21 thoughts on “Erased by a Birth Certificate

  1. I freakin love you. Thank you for articulating this so well. I can barely see straight from fury & disgust let alone write such an accurate & articulate analysis of these lies!!!!


  2. Reblogged this on spiritualjournies and commented:
    Just so blown away by this whole thing, including the lack of media coverage, the initial findings, and people’s attempts to discredit anyone involved. Nowadays we all must be our own doctors. You know yourself and your child best.


  3. Check out the history of the infamous polio vaccine and how it carries 40 monkey viruses that cause ” autoimmune disorders .” You tube Dr Tent at Diversehealthserviceslllc. Click on Exploding Autoimmune Disorders! You will be astounded by the ” real cover up”.

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  4. And it’s not just black children and it’s not just autism and it’s not just MMR. My white son’s heart almost stopped 4 times just hours after receiving the hep b vaccine. He spent 3 days in the NICU. Of course, it was just a coincidence. A SIDS diagnosis would have been convenient. Had we continued vaccines, I have no doubt that he’d either be dead or autistic. The CDC has a LOT of covering up to explain!


  5. I want to be able to pin this on Pinterest and if it’s ok to make a button for it on your site next to the FB site? Love your blog. (from a Mom that never had her children vaccinated for one vaccine and loves natural/homemade/essential oils. 🙂


  6. Thank you for another amazing article. You rock!

    I just want to add that, when you take a closer look at
    underweight babies
    premature babies
    older fathers
    mothers with celiac disease
    …these are all risk factors for adverse reactions to vaccines.

    Underweight babies and premies get the same vaccine dosage as full-term, full-weight babies. Premies don’t receive their first vaccine on their original due date, they receive them as soon as they’re off ventilators and tube feedings, usually when they’re 4-5 pounds.

    Older fathers are more likely to have stable jobs (like, with health insurance), and their wives are far more likley to take the baby in for every scheduled well-baby/vaccine visit. Who is more likely to have a vaccine reaction, the baby that got every vaccine on time, or the one whose mother brings him to the local clinic once or twice a year?

    Mothers with celiac disease are likely to have intestinal damage resulting in malabsorption, which in turn results in vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiency, in particular, is linked with glutathione depletion– and without glutathione, you cannot properly excrete heavy metals. Like, from vaccines.

    But what do we hear from mainstream medicine? Older fathers, mothers with celiac, etc., are the “cause” of autism. Not the cause of vaccine reaction. Because they’re not LOOKING at vaccine reactions.

    Anyway, thanks again for another great article, and congrats to your whole family on the green light for adoption #2!


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