A Full Circle Moment in Bloggy World!

I can definitely say that this past weekend was a full circle moment for my blog. When I first started writing this blog, I hoped that my closest and friends and family would read it. That was as far as my expectations went. I thought…well if I can just get my closest friends to read my vaccine research, then hopefully I can help them with their decision. I honestly had no idea this blog would one day be read by millions of people, that I would form relationships and friendships with many of my readers all over the world, and that would day I would travel to meet them. Wow!

First let me say….YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I absolutely adore my bloggy friends that read this blog and the community of friendships that have been formed. You guys are the reason why I will never quit writing (even when I want to, which is often). You confirm, validate, and encourage me to keep going.

This past weekend I was able to travel with my friend Danielle to teach oil classes. We traveled to and through 7 different states. I knew I was going to be teaching classes for members in my downline that signed up for YL through my blog, but I wanted I didn’t realize was the amazing testimonies and stories and friendships that would come from it. And that the people who I often refer to as “blog readers” are real life, awesome, amazing people that I get to hug and cry with and talk to and get to know as friends! How cool is that?

Meeting my blog readers face to face and hearing their stories of how this blog has changed their way of thinking, their vaccine decisions, their health choices, and hearing their stories testimonies was simply amazing. It was a full circle moment for sure. This blog talks about many things: family life, adoption, health, vaccines, and oils to name a few. Never did I think that oils would allow me to meet the people who this blog has touched face to face. Many of whom have been touched by my vaccine posts. Wow!!!

Many of the mothers I meet are mothers of vaccine injured children who just want to thank me for being a voice to them. To you guys, I say YOU ARE MY HEROS! When I started my Lioness Arising Series, it was my way to try to give a voice to the autism community. I quickly fell in love with this community and formed many friendships with mommas of vaccine-injured children from all over the world. Your stories literally break my heart and are one of the main reasons why I will never stop fighting for truth. And then there’s The Thinking Moms Revolution. A community of amazing thinkers who many of them have become dear friends to me. I always say I can’t imagine anything worse than knowing that I know that I know that I know what happened to my child, and the rest of the world denies it. I love that The Thinking Moms Revolution is changing the mindsets of many people.

Full Circle Moment: 2 years ago I shared Thinking Moms co-founder, Kim Spencer, sons story of vaccine injury and recovery in my Lioness Arising Series. Never would I have imagined that we would become dear friends, and two years later I’d be traveling 10 hours to spend the weekend at her house, meeting her son, and being cooked for and waited on by her. Haha! Just kidding! Thanks Kim for all the meals and opening your home to us. I love you and your precious family! What a special weekend it was to meet Patrick. Wow! Recovery is real and beautiful. Patrick, age 14, now makes handmade American flags out of wood, steel rods, nuts, and bolts. These flags are amazing. I bought one from him. This American flag will forever hang in my yard as a special reminder that what started out as a simple blog for family and friends has turned into a one of the most special avenues that I have, where I get to travel and meet these amazing heros face to face!

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Many of the other mothers I meet are mothers who were searching for truth. Either they had vaccine safety & efficacy questions or they were noticing something in their child after a round of shots and their instinct was speaking to them, one way or another they found this blog. Their stories are amazing. I wish I could share them all!

The past 5 years of writing this blog has been something that is hard to put into words. The loss of friendships when I decided to fist start writing about vaccines was heartbreaking for me. The death threats and hate mail, also not fun. And then the recent FDA adventure. I’m not going to go into details, but for those of you that read this blog regularly, you will see that every blog post I’ve ever written on essential oils is no longer on this blog. You can thank our friends at the FDA for that. Working with a legal team is not something I ever though would happen as a blog writer.  Last week I was ready to be done with this blog forever. And then I took this recent trip and met dozens of blog readers who shared their personal stories of what this blog has meant to them and how it’s changed their families radically, and it was confirmed once again that this is a God-given passion and I will continue to write, even when I don’t want to. The Lord is so sweet and gracious in that He showed me a glimpse into the impact that this blog has made and it was exactly what I needed to keep going. I’m so thankful to serve a faithful God that redeems, refreshes, and restores us. “For He who calls you is faithful, and He will do it” -1 Thessalonians 5:24

I often think of this God-given passion that was given to me. Write about vaccines. Yikes! I know many, many, many friends that do not vaccinate, but they also don’t share or talk or write about it. Sometimes I’m envious of that. I wish I could hide in my own little bubble with my 5 kids, knowing that the decisions that we have made for our families health work for us, and that’s all that matters. But that’s not the case for me. I write about one of the most controversial topics and it’s not always what I want to do. I opened up recently in a post called “Blog Bullies and Hate Mail”, where I share the ugly truth of what bloggers like me deal with when speaking out about vaccines. But the Lord is faithful and constantly refreshing me and this past weekend tangibly showing me that my efforts are not in vain, but are truly helping others.

For those of you that I met this past weekend, thank-you! Thank-you for sharing your story with me. I pray that I can continue to educate, inspire, and encourage you all to follow your instincts and continue to make the health choices that feel right and work best for you and your family!

Really though, this blog is NOT AT ALL ABOUT ME. This is a God thing. And to HIM, ALL THE GLORY!

“Now to Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. To HIM be the glory” -Ephesians 3:20

Yay for truth!
xoxo, Jessica

10 thoughts on “A Full Circle Moment in Bloggy World!

  1. Thank you Jessica – I could relate to a lot of what you wrote about. As a 30 year veteran educating people about vaccine danger, I think I have seen, experienced and heard most of what is out there in regard to the vaccine issue. I applaud you for your courage to speak out in your life. It is not easy but it is freeing at the same time. I have found when you hide your truth it is difficult to be authentic in other areas of your life. When you lose some friends (and even family), the wonderful thing is you attract like-minded people who you can be totally honest with and that is worth the small price of losing closed-minded people any day. One day they may even wake up, as some of mine have and then you can embrace them back into your circle again. Keep up the great work. My children’s books about vaccinations and also raising healthy children are on my website http://www.stephaniemessenger.com or, if you would like to read my story go to http://www.naturematters.info


  2. Jessica, profound thanks for your passion to speak truth to power. It is a God thing, indeed! During these days leading up to elections, I rejoice in our legal right to defend our expression of Free Speech. It is amazing when the FDA curtails our expression to address these health concerns together. Thank you for expressing your courage + integrity!!! Infinite blessings, Kathy

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  3. I love your blog and sorry that the oil posts are gone. I am grateful for all the information I have received from reading your blog, especially after my daughter decided not to vaccinate. I was worried until I started researching myself and reading you. Plus I am using oils daily and got into them from reading your blog. Thank you, Jessica, keep writing!!


  4. Jessica, I feel blessed to have these oils in my life and it is truly from The Lord! So proud of the work you do. People are waking up, we just have to keep reaching out 1 person at a time. God bless. When you realize that many of the government agencies you relied on for the truth aren’t living up to expectations, it’s great to have a community that cares about health and well being. Prayers for a successful Autism fundraiser in our community. I have been invited to share YoungLiving! Any tips?


  5. I had a lot of questions about vaccines when I had my son and wasn’t sure what to do. Your blog has helped me feel confident about my decision and I can’t thank you enough. I’m certain there are children out there who avoided vaccine injuries because their moms read your blog. It also doesn’t hurt that I’m a YL fan, too. Keep it up. You are doing good in His name.


  6. Jessica, I am deeply sorry that FDA has taken action against your advocacy! I had studied as master herbalist while my children were in school. My PubMed research on autism and vaccine injury began in 1990s. I remember the Vaccine Injury Compensation Board, funded by government. Parents had needed to take action, perhaps, within 2 years to be considered for monetary compensation. I remember my shock and horror that a parent brings home a radiantly healthy toddler from Wellbaby appointment, and soon discovers a new life. Life turned upside down, amazing stress, yet, the child’s injury is denied.

    Taking action to obtain vaccine compensation in a timely manner became a dream. Families had their hands full helping to care for special needs of their precious child!

    James A. Duke, PhD, was a research scientist at USDA, and a prolific author educating us about healing properties of plants as food and medicine.

    I just received his blog this morning re vaccine injury issues, Big Pharma + FDA. Perhaps you might enjoy his posting. You are one of a new generation of advocates, extremely intelligent, with a radiant heart that reaches many. Love is a powerful motivator!



  7. Thank you, thank you for your valiant, revelatory posts. The center cannot hold – the denial that autism is medical rather than some mysterious developmental disorder; the risible ‘expanded and better diagnosis’ assurances for the epidemic; the disgraceful, vicious attacks on the ‘science’ blogs toward heartbroken parents who dare question vaccine safety because they saw regression with their own two eyes.

    The numbers are too staggering and parents are too connected by social media to stand for the lies anymore. Almost half of all US children now suffer from a chronic illness – more than half if you consider childhood obesity an illness, which I do. The explosion in autoimmune disorders is a national crisis, yet the CDC seems completely unconcerned, yet mobilizes quite efficiently when one case of Ebola enter the country.

    The medical and scientific community will defend the inviolability of vaccines until the bitter end because there will be such a crisis of confidence from the public that they know they will never recover their trust again. So many lives destroyed. These aren’t quirky kids who are socially awkward and good at math and who will rule Silicon Valley someday. They are often nonverbal and still in diapers. They self injure because they are in such agony and also suffer from comorbidities like seizures, debilitating autoimmune conditions like Crohn’s, and severe gut dysbiosis. They will require expensive care for the rest of their lives, if they don’t drown first (10 times more likely than a neurotypical child), or beaten to death by or left to die in a hot van by a caregiver.

    Please keep speaking the truth. You may save more lives than you’ll ever know.


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