The Gift that Keeps on Giving…

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve blogged about my Young Living journey. And never on this new blog. I’ve had people asking lately whats up? Well lot’s, ha! When my original blog went bye-bye, it literally took the wind out of me. At the same time my Young Living business was exploding. The balance of managing a new business, with 5 young kids, and trying to get back to my blogging days never seemed to happen. So many days I’ve missed the blogging community that was created. And the good fight of speaking truth!

But like everything, there are seasons. Blogging (on the controversial topic of vaccines) was a wild ride, with zero regrets. And I hope to one day be back! Still to this day the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me is that my blog changed their lives, saved their child, helped heal their child, opened their eyes, helped them find & fight for their instinct again, and gave them and their families their power back. Even at Young Living convention, with over 40,000 people in attendance, I still have people come up to me about my blog, and that means more to me than any rank or success I could achieve.

What I’ve found over the last few years is that those I’ve shared Young Living with are very grateful. What began as a family quest for health and wellness, my OIL SISTAS family has grown into an amazing community and team, and a $1 million business! Almost 20,000 families later, and I’ve only received, THANK-YOU’s! “THANK-YOU for introducing Young Living to me & my family”.  I’ve personally reached a rank within the company I never dreamed of, and every single day I get to watch my team and my leaders achieve goals within each pillar of the company: WELLNESS, PURPOSE, & ABUNDANCE. What an awesome “job” I get to have!

Young Living truly has become the gift that keeps on giving. From the health and wellness aspect, to being a purpose driven company, to the abundance of time and financial freedom it gives to families. It truly is a GIFT!

Yes, I miss my blogging days. So much. And I miss y’all!

As I’ve thought about this blogging community over the last few days, I thought….why not offer this gift to them? If you have not yet started your journey with Young Living, I would like to encourage you to start your journey with the gorgeous premium starter kit. For the month of December, I am offering $25 back. I would love to get you started on this journey, and plugged into our many mentorship groups and apart of our OIL SISTAS family 🙂


You will thank me later


PSK Christmas Gift

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