The Gift that Keeps on Giving…

It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve blogged about my Young Living journey. And never on this new blog. I’ve had people asking lately whats up? Well lot’s, ha! When my original blog went bye-bye, it literally took the wind out of me. At the same time my Young Living business was exploding. The balance of managing a new business, with 5 young kids, and trying to get back to my blogging days never seemed to happen. So many days I’ve missed the blogging community that was created. And the good fight of speaking truth!

But like everything, there are seasons. Blogging (on the controversial topic of vaccines) was a wild ride, with zero regrets. And I hope to one day be back! Still to this day the biggest compliment anyone could ever give me is that my blog changed their lives, saved their child, helped heal their child, opened their eyes, helped them find & fight for their instinct again, and gave them and their families their power back. Even at Young Living convention, with over 40,000 people in attendance, I still have people come up to me about my blog, and that means more to me than any rank or success I could achieve.

What I’ve found over the last few years is that those I’ve shared Young Living with are very grateful. What began as a family quest for health and wellness, my OIL SISTAS family has grown into an amazing community and team, and a $1 million business! Almost 20,000 families later, and I’ve only received, THANK-YOU’s! “THANK-YOU for introducing Young Living to me & my family”.  I’ve personally reached a rank within the company I never dreamed of, and every single day I get to watch my team and my leaders achieve goals within each pillar of the company: WELLNESS, PURPOSE, & ABUNDANCE. What an awesome “job” I get to have!

Young Living truly has become the gift that keeps on giving. From the health and wellness aspect, to being a purpose driven company, to the abundance of time and financial freedom it gives to families. It truly is a GIFT!

Yes, I miss my blogging days. So much. And I miss y’all!

As I’ve thought about this blogging community over the last few days, I thought….why not offer this gift to them? If you have not yet started your journey with Young Living, I would like to encourage you to start your journey with the gorgeous premium starter kit. For the month of December, I am offering $25 back. I would love to get you started on this journey, and plugged into our many mentorship groups and apart of our OIL SISTAS family 🙂


You will thank me later


PSK Christmas Gift

February 25, 2009: The Day that Changed My Life Forever

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” -Revelations 12:11

7 years ago today I learned that I had made a grave decision that affected
the health of my newborn child. I made a promise to my son that day:
Everything I put into his body would give him life and life more abundantly.

Thank-you son for giving me my life back and for helping me learn how to truly live the way God created our bodies to live.


I’ve learned so much over the last 7 years.
I wish I could share it all in a single blog.
I know I still have a lot of learning to go…but this much I know…

God created everything we need for health and healing. Especially for pain. 
I NOW know there is an abundance of options to manage pain.
Non-toxic, non-addictive, safe & effective ways to manage pain.
I learned the hard way.

For me, it was pain medicine. But really, it’s all the same.

Pharmaceuticals. Prescription meds. Over-the-Counter meds.
This list goes on and on.
They all have one thing in common.
They are ALL drugs.
Not safe, addictive, dangerous, toxic.

7 years ago, I gave birth to a son who immediately displayed symptoms of withdrawals to the pain medicine that I was prescribed during pregnancy. A product that I was told was “safe” and “effective” during my pregnancy for my back pain. Sitting in my hospital room after just giving birth, two pediatricians walked in and ask if I had been taking narcotics during pregnancy. And at that moment, reality proved what my instinct had known for many months before, and my world went crashing down. The pain in my heart was worse than the pain of my c-section. Guilt, shame, & confusion. How could I have possibly done this to my newborn son? Watching your newborn experience withdrawals is something no mother should have to witness. Especially when you know it was your own fault.


Getting my life back wasn’t easy. I don’t ever want to minimize what it is like to suffer from addiction. If anyone is reading this post and you are suffering from addiction, I am here to agree with you, understand you, and have compassion for you. Addiction is horrendous.  The day I left the hospital with my son, I entered into the deepest-darkest, living hell of a depression, which would soon be combined with months and months of withdrawal symptoms as I got off of narcotics. I can only describe it as a living hell. During the time I was getting off pain medicine, every minute of every day was riddled with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fear, confusion, hopelessness, insomnia, flu-like symptoms, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, headache, and a complete disconnect from reality! Withdrawals are intense. Especially when you didn’t even know you were addicted. This went on for months while my body was trying to readjust to not being on narcotics anymore. My body was stripped of serotonin and melatonin and all the things we need to function and feel normal.

During those months, I was a non-existent mother and wife. My brain had been high jacked and I was nowhere to be found. I will never forget when my son was a few weeks old.  We were sitting in the living room with him and his two older sisters (ages 2 & 3 at the time). My husband said: “I can’t wait until Brother is older and we can teach him how to ride a bike”. I remember thinking to myself: “I better not still be here. There is no way I can survive year after year feeling and living like this”. I was a miserable, despondent, wretched mess. And I thought I was stuck that way forever.

My reality was so messed up that I could not see these 3 amazing beautiful blessings right in front of me.
Oh my heart breaks of my old self during that time.
I missed precious time with my babies.


That was 7  years ago.

My son of course learned to ride a two-wheel bike.
I remember that day so clearly. I stood there in awe as I watched him ride away.
I felt so extremely thankful that I serve a loving and merciful God who loved me so much that he wouldn’t leave me as a broken mess.
It took a good year to return back to my normal self. I will never forget that year. Although it seems like a lifetime ago, it also seems like just yesterday.

Today I am free.
Free from bondage. Free from addiction. Free of pain.
I wake up everyday and can’t wait to conquer the world.
I have passion. I have hope. I have peace and comfort and joy.
Daily, I live with a peace that surpasses all understanding.
I truly believe that God is glorified when our bodies are healthy and we are whole.

Today (and the last 7 years) 
Today we are a pill-free home. Not a single prescription med or over-the-counter med. Not even Tylenol, or an Ibuprofen. Some people might think this is extreme. Extreme experiences call for extreme transformations. When you have a baby or child that has suffered based on a bad decision that you’ve made, you will do everything in your power to make that bad decision right. And once you know better, you do better. And hopefully along the way, you can teach and inspire and encourage others to do better.


I’ve been called radical in my approach to health and healing and wellness.
I’ll tell you what radical is. Radical is giving birth to your child, only to have Child Protection Services show up in your hospital room to interview you and make sure you are a fit parent to bring your child home. My husband & I sat there answering the routine questions: Yes, we were married. Yes, we had college degrees. Yes, I had a Higher education degree. Yes, we were both employed. Yes, we were Christian and attended church. “Oh wait, the pain medicine you took during pregnancy was prescribed to you? Oh wait, that changes everything. Why of course you are a fit parent and free to go home. We had no idea you were being prescribed these meds by your OBGYN”.

I almost didn’t get to take my baby home from the hospital. Let that sink in. My son was almost taken from me because of something that was prescribed to me by my doctor. 

You see, I was just a typical mother thinking that the decisions I was making based on my doctors “expertise” were the best decisions for me & my child. Sometimes the decisions that we let others decide for us, have tragic consequences if we haven’t done our due diligent research. I made a promise to my son that I would never again make a poor decision that could adversely affect his health!

 Today my son has never been on a single prescription medicine or drug.
No vaccines. No meds. No antibiotics. No fast food. No junk. He’s never been diagnosed with a single sickness or illness. Eating a mostly 100% organic diet since the day he was born and making a research based decision that I would not put a single substance into his body that would compromise his God-given immune system (including, but specifically vaccines), my son is thriving in every way. He is a body full of health!

Why couldn’t I see it then? 
It’s easy to recognize and acknowledge that prescription meds during an entire pregnancy (and through multiple pregnancies) isn’t the best decision. However, it’s hard to make the right decision when you are being told differently by medical “professionals”.

See I know this dilemma firsthand. I was “diagnosed” with chronic back pain caused from a severe car accident.  I was told that the only way to manage my pain was through pain medicine. Drugs were created by a pharmaceutical industry, who need us dependent on what they have to offer. And then we believe the lie that we need them or that they are the “only” thing that will help us. Then that lie takes on a life of it’s own, and the next thing you know, you’re addicted to a product that you thought was meant to “help” you.

I’ve been told that being addicted to narcotics and opiates is harder to get off of then crack. I believe that because I lived it. Even my well-meaning, church going, pain management doctor knew that, yet he wrote my prescription each month and handed it to me without the blink of an eye.  Why? Because he too believed the lie. That drugs were the only option. How blinded we can be.

Well-meaning doctors don’t always know what is best.
I had two well-meaning doctors “caring” for me during my pregnancy.
One was my Christian doctor that went to my church.
Both of these doctors assured me and prescribed me pain medicine during pregnancy. Both told me it was “safe” and the best option for my situation.

 In the same way, I watch well-meaning doctors prescribe young children
a cocktail of meds, in hopes that they will provide “healing” or “relief”.
These doctors don’t do this because they are mean people.
These are all well-meaning doctors. I know mine were.

These same doctors though. Where were they in the after math? My doctors were nowhere to be found when the damage had been done. In the same way I have hundreds of friends whose pediatricians have not a clue that they are living the nightmare of vaccine injury. At the end of the day, we are the only people that answer for the consequences of the decisions doctors make for us.

We are stuck in a vicious cycle.
More people today are suffering from addiction and chronic illness caused by the pharmaceutical industry. And then being “treated” by that same pharmaceutical industry. Guess how we typically get people off pain pills? We prescribe a different pharmaceutical drug. Our country runs sickcare. Not healthcare.
The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has mastered Sickcare.

The pharmaceutical industry has infiltrated every level of the medical field.
And sadly, it’s starts with babies & children.
It actually starts from the moment they are born.
Hep B vaccine now given at birth? And without the blink of an eye, we all agreed.
Really? Our babies must have been born defective.
Good thing for immediate drugs.
And 49 vaccines before Kindergarten.
A very sad vicious cycle.

Healthcare would not allow 1 in 6 children to suffer from autoimmune disease.
Healthcare would not allow 1 in 2 children to suffer from chronic sickness.
Is This The Best We Can Offer? 


The choice is ours. 
At the end of the day, every decision we make regarding our children,
regardless of who we trust or what we believe, that decision falls on us.
And as parents, we get to decide how complicated we are going to let things get.
I made things terribly complicated when I was pregnant with my son.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. If fact, it’s quite simple.
Everything we put into our bodies either gives us life or gives us death.
It’s simple biology. You either feed your body life or you feed your body death.
This includes everything from food and water to medicine and drugs.

God created health and healing. Not Pharma. 
The more I learn about the plants God created. The trees and shrubs and leaves he created for our health and wellness.
Real Food. Clean Food. Fruit. Vegetables. Water.
He created it all. Health is at our fingertips. How did pharmaceuticals take over?
Plain and simple: Money.

A tragic thing has happened.
The Medical Field gets to pretend they have all the answers. Our doctors have become God.  And for some reason we want to push the responsibility that God has given us as the stewards of our own children, onto doctors and the medical field. I know I did when I was pregnant with my son. I prayed that God would heal my back pain, and I believed he would. But I also trusted my OBGYN and my Pain Management doctor to tell me what was “right” and “safe” and “wise”. Even though it went against everything that I felt was “right” and “safe” and “wise”.

Don’t ignore your instinct. 
I will never forget the day that I voiced my concerns to my doctors about the amount of pain medicine I was taking during pregnancy. I will never forget being handed a piece of medical literature showing the narcotics I was taking were in the same safety class as pre-natal vitamins. Ha! I know now, that literature was funded by the same company that profited from the pain medicine,  so of course it was “safe” for pregnancy.

And that day, I ignored my instinct. And medicine played God.


Maternal instinct is the greatest gift God gives us as mothers. 
If something tells you that what you are putting into your body or your children’s bodies may not be best, follow your instinct. I ignored the heck out of mine.
I understand now that my God-given instinct is one of the most powerful tools I have as a mother. Everyday I watch this being stripped from mothers. No-one will ever take that from me again.

See the double standard is this… if we make proper decisions based on true diligence and informed consent, like properly researching the drugs we put into our body while pregnant, or feeding our children properly, or making an informed decision to keep our children free of vaccines and drugs, then those same people that put their trust in pharmaceuticals and pray for God to protect and heal them, they like to say parents like us are trying to play God.
You can’t have it both ways.

A mother doesn’t pop pain pills everyday while she is pregnant and pray that God heal her back pain and keep her & her unborn baby safe.
There are consequences for poor decisions.
I suffered great consequences for my poor decisions.

Don’t get me wrong. God is the God of miracles.
He can and will perform miracles. But I also believe God is looking for discipline and obedience and discernment and a willingness to make decisions based on His word, not based on decisions of the word of a pharmaceutical industry.
As soon as I stopped taking pain medicine, my back pain was gone.

This I know for sure:
God created our bodies to live free of pain, sickness, illness, & disease.
What we put into it will either give us life or death.

7 years ago I chose life. 

Happy 7th B-day Son!
Your birth and life inspired me to seek a life of health and truth!



















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“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
   your works are wonderful, I know that full well -Psalm 139:14

What’s New in Vaccine World?

Oh my goodness gracious, I am writing a blog post.

I’m not gonna lie, losing my blog a year ago really took the wind out of my sails. It was a great 5 year run. Y’all were all such an awesome support as I said goodbye to 1.7 million friends. I truly was heartbroken. But then, I no longer dealt with hate mail and death threats. And I kinda felt like I got privacy back for my family and me. I went from receiving thousands of questions and comments on a regular basis…to none. And that kinda felt like getting a part of my life back. But I’ve missed the fight.

Through the past year, my friend Kim Spencer, co-founder of The Thinking Moms Revolution, has periodically checked in with phone calls, ever-so-gently asking me where the heck I’ve gone. “Hey Jess, where’d ya go? Remember us over here in vaccine advocacy world? Yeah we are still here. Still fighting for our kids. Still fighting for truth. Remember you used to blog on a regular basis? Ever doing that again?” Ha! So between Kim & the CDC adding new vaccines to the childhood schedule on February 1st, 2016, my righteous anger was awakened.

Lioness Arising don’t mess.

So Kim, this ones for you… And TMR, you know I love y’all and miss you like crazy.

So What’s New in Vaccine World? Well…new vaccines of course!

The new 2016 recommended immunization schedule for children and adolescents was released. It includes two new licensed meningococcal B vaccines and the 9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine, for girls as young as age 9 now.

-In the 2016 chart, a new row has been added for the meningococcal B vaccine. A whole new row. We definitely needed another row. This clearly was not enough.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.07.51 PM

-For human papillomavirus immunization, the new vaccine nomenclature has been changed to “9vHPV,” to denote Merck’s Gardasil 9, to replace the prior 4-valent version. There are over 100 strains of HPV. This new vaccines now targets 9 strains, instead of 4. Awesome progression towards…nothing. Still not effective. Or safe. Remember this vaccine was fast tracked to market and never underwent proper safety studies? Another new recommendation on the CDC schedule is you can now give it to your 9 year old little girl. Paralysis, degenerative muscle disease, unknown chronic pain, infertility, thyroid disasters, destroying of ovaries, & death. Thanks, CDC. Every little 9 year old girl thanks you. Not.

When does this growing vaccine schedule end?

2016 CDC schedule

In 1950, there were 3 childhood vaccines. Look at the schedule now. We are up to 74 doses of 53 injected vaccines, with 3 oral vaccines. The most AGGRESSIVE schedule in the world. Remember, we are told that vaccines were created to “save lives” and “protect the herd”. When were children dying in the masses for all of these new diseases vaccines are given for? Rotavirus, a vaccine for diarrhea? PCV, a vaccine for ear infections? This is not normal. These illnesses were not deadly and should have never been chronic enough in the first place to be considered a “vaccine preventable disease”. Let’s just be honest here… these new vaccines are for vaccine-induced illnesses. A 2 month old baby with chronic diarrhea and constant ear infections? Hello culprit; vaccines. There are currently 271 new vaccines in the pipeline. Many just waiting for a name. Nice to meet you Zika virus. Where did Ebola go?

Ya’ll we are up to 3 doses of Hep B. Starting at 1 second old. Given to babies on their first day of life. For a disease that is transmitted through sex and sharing needles. A newborn child has no risk of this disease if the mother was properly screened. We are up to 3 doses now.

We are up to 5 doses of DTaP. That accelular version of Pertussis continues to show itself completely ineffective. What’s the answer? Add another dose. Meanwhile, whooping cough outbreaks continue within vaccinated populations.

Look closely at the current vaccine schedule and ask yourself why have we gone from 3 vaccines in 1950, to 70 doses in 2016?

Considering there is ZERO incentive to make existing or new vaccines safe or keep the schedule at a reasonable level since the passage of the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act. See in 1986 Congress acknowledged that vaccine injuries and deaths are real and that the vaccine injured and their families should be financially supported and that vaccine safety protections were needed in the mass vaccination system. So the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was born.

The law preserves the right for vaccine injured persons to bring a lawsuit in the court system if federal compensation is denied or is not sufficient. By 2010, the U.S. Court of Claims had awarded nearly $3 BILLION dollars to vaccine victims for their catastrophic vaccine injuries, although two out of three applicants have been denied compensation, and less than 10% of vaccine reactions are actually ever reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).VAERS is jointly operated by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

So if our federal government is aware of vaccine risks and reactions and injuries and deaths, you should be to.

Especially since the current vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested.

And no independent oversight agency exists to make sure that people sitting on the board of vaccine recommendations, don’t actually profit from the policy they or their friends on the board  recommend.

Sick is the New Healthy

One of the most profound books I’ve read on this topic, “Vaccine Epidemic”, features more than twenty-five experts from the fields of ethics, law, science, medicine, business, and history. Vaccine Epidemic urgently calls for reform. Chapter 12 in this book, titled “PEDIATRICS: SICK IS THE NEW HEALTHY” should be a must read for every parent.

“It is not difficult to see that American health policy has failed. For the first time in U.S. history, children’s life expectancies may be shorter than their parents.
Despite the rapidly growing vaccination schedule, American children are more chronically ill and disabled than ever”.

“Incredibly, it is now the norm to turn the pharmaceutical spigot on children, starting at birth-and nobody blinks. In the same time frame in which giving babies and children dozens of drugs and vaccines became normal, our children have gotten sicker, not healthier. It cannot be claimed that this style of healthcare works”.

We have an infant mortality ranking that has done nothing but slide from bad to worse since 1950.

U.S. Infant Mortality Rankings:
Year: 1950 Infant Mortality Rate: 3rd
Year: 1986 Infant Mortality Rate: 17th
Year 1995  Infant Mortality Rate: 23rd
Year 2000  Infant Mortality Rate: 31st
Year 2010  Infant Mortality Rate: 46th
Year 2015 Infant Mortality Rate: 55th


These statistics are staggering. 

“Children in the United States today have much higher rates of asthma, autism, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, life-threatening food allergies, obesity, ADHD, learning and behavioral disorders, and suicide than kids did in the 1980’s, when fewer vaccines were given” -Vaccine Epidemic

What if it were true that the way we now vaccinate children causes more death, chronic disease, and disability than it prevents in America?

Top 10 Things I’ve Taken Away From 10 Years of Vaccine Research

Ten years ago this month, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. February 2005. I set out to prove that vaccines were safe and effective, so that I could tell my mom why I WAS going to vaccinate. You see, me & my 3 sisters were not vaccinated (trail blazer mom back in the 70’s). And yes – we were the healthiest people we knew, and not one of us growing up had ever stepped foot into a doctors office for a sickness or illness or a “vaccine preventable disease”. There was no need for prescriptions or antibiotics, and no, I have not one memory of being sick as a child. But still….just because my mom did not vaccinate me didn’t mean I was going to blindly follow in her footsteps. I needed to know WHY, so I set out to prove her wrong. That was ten years and five kids ago. Wow! What has taken place over the last ten years is not anything I could have ever imagined myself doing. If someone had told me back in college that one day I would research vaccines and write a public blog on them, I would have laughed. Or knowing what I know now, I probably would have cried.

So here we go…a walk down memory lane of sorts. I’m going to share the Top 10 Things I’ve Taken Away from 10 Years of Vaccine Research! Plus a few other Top 10’s!


1. Vaccines are a philosophy. The best book I’ve ever read on this topic is “What About Immunizations? Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy”, written by Cynthia Cournoyer. In her book she explains The Vaccine Philosophy quite simply through a definition from the World Book Encyclopedia: “Philosophy and science differ in many respects. For example, science has attained definite and tested knowledge of many matters and has thus resolved disagreement about those matters. Philosophy has not. As a result, controversy has always been characteristic of philosophy”. Cynthia explains this very well: “Whether a person’s beliefs support vaccination or not, the decision is based on a series of beliefs dwelling more in the world of controversy and philosophy, than in pure science”. Looking back on the past ten years of research, I can honestly say that the vaccine debate is based on a belief system and little to none based on medicine, science, or history. In fact, history has pretty much re-written itself when it comes to the truth about vaccines and the eradication of diseases. The belief system that “vaccines saved the world” is so deeply engrained into the minds of people, that it is almost impossible to change. Even though science and medicine and history have proven these beliefs wrong.

2. Writing a blog about Vaccines is a roller coaster ride. I have had some of my highest highs and lowest lows on this 10 year journey.

Highest highs = The love. Moms from all over the world thanking me for the (original) blog. Thanking me for the research, the resources, the references, the science, for learning how to follow their instinct and take control of their children’s health. The recovery stories. The letters of encouragement to keep fighting the fight. Falling in love with the autism community. All of the friendships I’ve made all over the world. Meeting those virtual friends face to face. The platform the blogging world has given me for other areas of my life. Knowing that I’ve stayed true to what I know I’ve been called to do.

Lowest lows = The hate.  The public Facebook group was created that publicly bashed me. These were childhood friends. These were friends that stood in my wedding and I stood in theirs. That was a very hard, heartbreaking, and lonely time for me. But it also prepared me for the hate mail and death threats that I would soon encounter whenever a blog post went viral (hate from people you’ve never met is much easier than hate from personal relationships).  I remember the day I had to remove my children’s names from our blog, the hate mail was so intense.  Entire websites and blogs created just to discredit and bash me, my family, and my blog. Not fun. Blog Bullies and Hate Messages was an actual post I wrote addressing how much a part of my life this is. Yikes! Also the heartbreak from choosing to walk a walk with an overwhelming community of people who are dealing with an entire generation of vaccine injured children. Some days it’s just too much. Please Lord, no more children injured from vaccines. My heart can’t take it some days. And then eventually watching our first blog get shut down through a choice that wasn’t really a choice at all.

I believe Romans 8:28 that says, “The Lord works ALL things for the good of those who love him and are called according to His purpose”. When my daughter was kicked out of pre-school for not eating a cupcake (really because we were already judged as being a non-vaccinating family), I wrote a blog called “Eat the Cupcake or Go Home”.  I wrote that blog with a broken heart. It was my very first blog post to go viral. That post gave me a platform. And although this platform has taken me on the wildest roller coaster ride of my life, it’s been a great ride where I have watched the Lord work ALL things for His good. And through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, I wouldn’t change anything. Even if it means saying goodbye to my original blog that started it all, and starting this new blog.

And you know what? The Lord is Faithful. He called me to this journey.  The passion to research vaccines and write about them is still burning deep inside me, just as it was ten years ago.  Because God is faithful to the call He puts on our lives. Sometimes redirection is necessary. This new blog is a new direction.

I. will. never. stop. fighting. for. truth. Through the highest of highs and lowest of lows. I will never stop. 

3. Journalism is dead. Through the years I have watched this play out with HUGE stories NEVER seeing the light of day. From Dr. Wakefield’s partner Professor John Walker Smith being exonerated, Simpsonwood, Hannah Poling, the autism epidemic, the very damning Congressional Hearings, and recently the CDC whistleblower, to watching the media spit out the same fear mongering, scare tactic, propaganda, lies. Knowing damn well that the media is owned by the pharmaceutical industry (hello every other commercial for pharmaceuticals) and the media has become nothing but a sad joke of dead journalism. Pharma pays and networks cannot bite the hand that feeds. #cdcwhistleblower

4. Vaccines are not mandatory for school. Why oh why is this still not common knowledge? The greatest myth of all myths within the vaccination world (besides the myth of herd immunity) is making vaccines seem like they are mandatory for a child to receive an education. As if. But how crafty. First we are going to create “well-baby” visits, where you are “required” to bring your “well” baby to a sick place at 2 months, 4, 6, 12, 15, 18 months… for what? To tell a parent how much their baby weighs? No, the joke’s on us. Why aren’t they called “shot visits”.  And when the 2 month shots give the baby chronic constipation and reflux, then at the 4 month visit, the baby can get more shots and a prescription to help with the 2 month shot side effects.  These “well-baby” visits (part of our healthcare system) have nothing to do with health, nothing on breastfeeding, proper nutrition, etc… Just scheduled visits, so that these babies have now conveniently grown up to meet the “requirements” they need to go to school.

I’ve written oh-so-many posts on this topic, the latest being Shots Are NOT Mandatory for School. Please parents…know at least this…your child CAN go to school regardless of whether they have received all 49 doses of 14 vaccines before your child reaches the age of six (which is roughly 12 times higher than the number of vaccines administered to children back in 1940). Your child can also go to school whether they have received NO shots, or even if they have received a modified/delayed schedule (still not compliant with the “CDC recommended schedule”), your child CAN go to school. The word “mandated” does not mean mandatory. See there is this thing called exemption. Know your rights. Know your state’s exemption laws. Find them HERE. The fact that vaccines have to be mandated is a sign of their failure. Because if they were truly safe and effective – guess what? We’d alllllllll be lined up. No need to mandate. I’d be the first person lined up with my children. Who doesn’t want to keep their children safe and healthy from “vaccine preventable diseases?”

5. The Thinking Moms Revolution is the bravest and most honorable group of women I know. There are a lot of people in the world doing really great things. Missionaries top the list for me. Whenever I hear of people going out in the world to proclaim the gospel, look after orphans, help the poor, those are world changing people. And the great thing is…most people agree. So their good works and good deeds are admired and respected by pretty much the majority. Autism moms on the other hand, particularly The Thinking Moms Revolution, well these mommas are fighting one of the greatest fights. It’s called truth. First, their children are vaccine injured, so they are fighting to rescue their own child. Secondly, they know EXACTLY what happened to their OWN child. And the world wants to deny it. Not only deny it, but belittle, and condemn, and discredit these mommas. I can’t think of anything worse than knowing that I know, that I know, that I know, that I KNOW what happened to my OWN child, and the world tells you: “You are wrong. You are lying. You are desperate looking for answers. It’s not real. It’s not true.” Thirdly, they SPEAK OUT. They are not only in the trenches rescuing their child, but they are choosing to speak out and fight for truth. It especially infuriates me when I see other mothers trying to condemn these mothers. Since when are we so brainwashed as a people, that we can’t even see truth for what it is? Since when did mothers turn on each other all for the sake of a belief system in a medical intervention? Really? What are you fighting for or against by denying a mother the truth about what happened to her child? What do these mothers have to gain by sharing truth about what happened to their child? NOTHING. YES, Vaccines CAN & DO cause harm and injury. #cdcwhistleblower. Wake-up people! And rock on Thinking Moms Revolution. You guys have my heart!

6. The Lioness Arising Mothers Series is a piece of me. I started the Lioness Arising Mothers Series a little over 3 years ago. And while I’ve only written on nine moms, this series is so much bigger than those nine stories. For every emotional story I’ve told, I’ve had thousands write to me that the story shared was also their own story. These nine stories represent thousands and thousands and thousands of the SAME story. The SAME story. When will things change? These nine stories have led me into the homes of people all over the world who share this same truth. When will we wake up? Time to nurture our Lioness Instinct! And thank-you Lisa Bevere for featuring this series and for your friendship. Every momma in this world with a vaccine injured child thanks you.

7. Enough already trying to discredit Jenny McCarthy & Dr. Wakefield. I love what Jenny McCarthy wrote in the foreword to Dr. Wakefields book “Callous Disregard Autism & Vaccines: The Truth Behind the Tragedy”, and I love what Dr. Wakefield said in the foreword of his book as well.  (and yes, I am PURPOSEFULLY quoting Jenny McCarthy and promoting Dr. Wakefields book…Jenny McCarthy is a true warrior mom that recovered her child from vaccine injury, aka autism, and Dr. Wakefield is the greatest truth seeking doctor this generation will ever know). And I am purposefully choosing to highlight these two people (honestly there are hundreds of reputable doctors and people that I could quote), but I have not seen any two people more scrutinized than Jenny McCarthy & Dr. Wakefield when it comes to this “debate”, and they have stayed true to truth without ever wavering. So what, Jenny McCarthy posed nude for playboy…she is still a mom. And mothers know their children. All mothers. Because guess what? That’s how God created the human race. He gave mothers an instinct, and it’s the greatest gift we have been given to protect our children. More on that next.

by Jenny McCarthy

I’m so glad Andy Wakefield finally has the chance to tell his story. Perhaps no debate on the planet right now is more confusing, more conflicting, or more maddening for parents than the debate over the causes and treatments of autism.

As the parent of a child who regressed into autism after his vaccinations, I have always considered Andy Wakefield to represent the kind of doctor and scientist who will ultimately help us end the epidemic of children with autism.

If you understand Andy’s story completely, I think you will quickly realize that he did the sort of thing most of us expect out of our doctors and something most of us were taught by the time we were in kindergarten: he listened closely to the stories of parents and he told the truth. I really wish the primary trigger for autism was something everyone could dislike like cigarettes or rat poison. It would make ending this epidemic so much easier. Unfortunately, it appears that a product intended for good— vaccines—also has a dark side, which is the ability to do harm in certain children. This ability to do harm has unfortunately increased quite a bit in the last few decades because children today receive so many more shots than when most parents were kids.

I understand that a portion of the population will continue to believe that all of us parents are crazy and that vaccines couldn’t possibly do any harm. I really wish some of these people could have sat with me through the thousands of conversations I have had with parents of children with autism who have all told me the same story: their child was developing normally, and after each vaccine appointment things got worse until they ended up with autism. You hear this story once, it’s disturbing, a dozen times it starts to feel like a pattern, a thousand times and you begin to wonder why this is still a debate.

Andy Wakefield did the same thing. He listened to parents who reported two things: their children with autism were suffering from severe bowel pain, and the children regressed into autism after vaccination. He listened, he studied, and he published what he learned.

I believe history will be very kind to Andy Wakefield. For the moment, he is the symbol of a very unfortunate reality, a reality that a medical system trying to do good may have done just the opposite. With time, I believe he will also be the symbol of someone who stood up for truth, despite extreme pressure to stand down.

For hundreds of thousands of parents around the world, myself included, Andy Wakefield is a symbol of strength and conviction that all parents of children with autism can use to fight for truth and the best lives possible for their kids.

Jenny McCarthy

by Dr. Andrew Wakefield 

 “To the parents I would say, trust your instinct above all else. When considering how to vaccinate your children, read, get educated, and demand fully informed consent and answers to your questions. When you are stonewalled or these answers are not to your satisfaction, trust your instinct. I say this as someone who has studied and engaged in the science and who has become aware of the limitations of our knowledge and understanding of vaccine safety issues. Maternal instinct, in contrast, has been a steady hand upon the tiller of evolution; we would not be here without it”


8. Maternal Instinct is the great gift we have. It’s God gift to mothers. I can’t tell you how many times I have witnessed my own instinct in action and how incredibly thankful I am for this gift. Every single day for the past 10 years I have watched maternal instinct get stripped from mothers. One. well. baby. visit. at. a. time.

My particular story has nothing to do with vaccines (because back when I took my babies to well baby visits, I didn’t even allow the vaccine conversation to exist. My children don’t receive shots. The End. ), but my example is still a powerful example of maternal instinct. When my 2nd oldest was 3 months old (this was almost 8 years ago), she fell asleep in the car in her carseat. I pulled into my driveway and was just running into the house for a minute and then right back into the van to leave again. It was actually Mother’s Day. My parents were having a party at their house, but I ran home to pick up my husband and our 15 month old who was home napping. It was a hot May day in South Louisiana (temps in the 90’s), I left both automatic van doors open. I went inside. My husband saw that I “accidentally” left the van doors open, so from the front porch, with the car keys in his hand, he clicked the button to shut the van doors (he thought the baby was at my parents and didn’t know she was in the car sleeping). About 2 minutes after I got home, as I was changing our 15 month olds diaper to get ready to leave, this overwhelming feeling came over me that something was terribly, terribly wrong with the baby. It was such an overwhelming feeling, that I said to my sister almost in a panic “hurry go check the baby in the car”. She said “she’s fine, we just got here, she is sleeping”. I replied boldly: “JUST CHECK”. She found the baby in the van with the doors closed, the temperature inside the van blistering hot, the baby’s cheeks bright red, lethargic, sweat pouring, and minutes (if not seconds from something tragic happening).

I always think back to that day when that overwhelming feeling came over me and what if I had talked myself out of that instinctual feeling that knew something was horribly wrong. My instinct was telling me that something very bad was about to happen. Or what if I had let my well meaning sister who loves my children like her own talk me out of my instinct by telling me “everything is fine”. Guess what? NO ONE. Even well meaning doctors and family members who love your kids like their own, NO ONE has maternal instinct like a mother. DON’T IGNORE IT!

Every day, instinct is being stripped from mothers. I hear the stories. I get the emails. I get the desperate letters filled with shame and guilt and the “what-ifs”. If I could only give mothers one piece of advice, it would be: FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCT. Sometimes instinct comes in a still small voice, other times it’s an overwhelming feeling…but as mothers we know. We know. Follow your instinct. If something is telling you vaccines aren’t safe, follow your instinct. If something is telling you your child reacted oddly after the first round of shots, follow your instinct. No one else knows your child better than you. And at the end of the day, the only person who will answer for your child is you. That’s why I started Project Instinct, read here. 

9. Herd Immunity is a myth. It’s the myth that continues to drive the reasoning behind why some people think vaccines should not be a choice, but are instead a public health requirement. “Protecting the greater good”. As if. It sounds so good though. As long as the myth of herd immunity is alive, we can continue to lead people through fear and scare tactics and pressure.  And we can continue to blame every outbreak on that teeny tiny small percent of unvaccinated children (don’t worry about the adult population that hasn’t been vaccinated in years). Does herd immunity only apply to children at the age in which “well baby visits” are scheduled and getting an education “requires” shots? How convenient. You can read more here about the Myth of Herd Immunity. (This is one of my most “loved”/hated posts ever).

10. The vaccine topic should not be a debate. Vaccines are a choice. Those who choose not to vaccinate are not “anti-vaccine”.The term “anti-vax” means nothing. And there is no such thing as an “anti-vaccine movement”. Unless of course you are referring to the autism epidemic and well that’s not going anywhere (it’s only growing in numbers). Oh and by the way, those kids ARE vaccinated. Giving those who don’t vaccinate a label we don’t even give ourselves is quite silly. I am an educated parent who has decided not to take part in a medical intervention that has never been proven safe or effective. End of story. Oh hey, did you know that the CDC did a study on parents who don’t vaccinate? They event published it in the Journal of Pediatrics. Here’s what they found: children who hadn’t received any shots at all tended to come from educated families with high incomes. The study ended saying: ”It’s an excellent example of how more education and awareness translates to better health. Parents are gradually waking up to the dangers of vaccines. Those who have a university education and a well paid job, are in a better position to research vaccinations and know their rights. Education is power and they and those most invested in health and research are most likely to avoid vaccinations at all costs, a trend that is welcome and timely for future generations”.  -Dr. Mihalovicis a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research

The only difference in my mom who didn’t vaccinate almost 40 years ago and myself not vaccinating today….is NOT that suddenly an “anti-vaccine movement” began. It’s that along the way….in the last 40 years….there’s this thing called vaccine-injury. Hello National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (that title alone points to fact that vaccines can injure children) in 1986. This released all manufacturers and administers of vaccines from ALL liability from any injury caused by a vaccine. Ever heard of VAERS? Our governments database on vaccine injury claims.  Our government has awarded over $2 BILLION dollars to vaccine injured children, paid out in vaccine court. Did you know there was vaccine court? Only 1% of actually cases even make it there. Did you know there was a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

Vaccine injury looks like many different things. From chronic sickness, chronic ear infections, gut issues, colic, reflux, eczema, allergies, asthma, developmental delays, speech delays, behavioral disorders, to encephalitis, seizures, and death. And this major epidemic called Autism. A disorder that went from non-existent to 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 150, to now 1 in 68. And no it’s not from “better diagnosis”. Because my friends, there is also this thing called the CDC vaccine schedule that has grown from 10 vaccines in 1983 (when autism was 1 in 10,000) to 49 doses (where autism is now 1 in 68). Guess what, pharma? You created the “anti-vaccine movement”. They are called vaccine-injured children. And they are only growing in numbers.

Did you know the current vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested? Not for safety or efficacy? Did you know that the combined doses of vaccines we give infants has NEVER once been tested for safety either? Yikes! That’s a lot of untested vaccines we are giving this generation of children. In fact, according to a Harvard study, we are the most highly vaccinated population in history, yet we are sicker than ever before. Is This The Best We Can Offer?

As for the parents of vaccine injured children who are speaking out about what happened to their children, well if anyone deserved to be called “anti-vaccine”, I guess they would. But guess what? They used to be “pro-vaccine”. That’s why they are in the situation they are in. The only reason they speak out is to help others not live through the living nightmare hell they live every day of their lives.

If we continue to try to debate this topic, we will never get anywhere. Either “side” of the philosophy/belief system can find what they are looking for. For me, I remember the day the lightbulb of truth went off. Ten years ago I sat in the waiting room for a chiropractor visit. My husband & I had been in a car accident and I was in excruciating back pain (pregnant with our first baby). Ready to begin my vaccine research, right there in front of me while I sat in the waiting room of this chiropractor, the book “Are Vaccines Safe & Effective” was staring at me as if someone placed it there specifically for me. I picked it up. I was not 2 chapters in before my name was called to see the chiro and I already knew my children would never receive a single vaccine. Ever. Thank-you momma, I’m sorry I doubted you, you were so wise! I asked to please take the book home to finish reading it. And that was the day it all began…

Why didn’t I just make my decision and stop there? Why did I continue researching? Why have I read more books and published studies than I knew was possible? And why-oh-why-oh-why-oh-why did I start publicly writing on this topic? Well….I still ask myself this…even though I know why. The Lord called me to this journey. I’ve shared many times, specifically in this post Why Do I Care So Much? Please read that post as it explains my heart and soul to why I write and why I care so much.


Top 10 Most Loved/Hated, viral posts:

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10. Is This The Best We Can Offer? 

Through the years, people have asked me If I’ve ever read research that could make me “question” my decision? Yes and no. I think more importantly, I’ve learned how to find truth and I’m not afraid to look for it. I also know how easy it is for people to find the answer they are looking for. If you WANT to believe in vaccines, all you have to do is turn on the tv, open a parenting magazine, visit the CDC website, or take your baby to a “well baby visit” to find the answer you are looking for. Finding truth takes a willingness to be openminded enough to consider that maybe not everything we are told is true. Finding truth takes dedication and diligence. Not everyone wants to do that. Because then you might just have to accept that a decision you made was maybe not based on what you thought or believed to be real or true. And it’s much easier to just throw a derogatory label on people like me and say…”oh you know, she’s one of those crazy conspiracy theory hippie “anti-vaxers”. Vaccines saved the world, who wouldn’t vaccinate their child?”

I wrote a post called “I Hope You’ve Done Your Research” (featured on the Chalkboard Campaign. Huge honor.), but that is truly my hope for others. Please do the proper research. The time you put in to researching cribs and carseats and planning your nursery, put that same time and more into what you will be injecting into your baby starting when they are just a few hours old and for the first year of their life. And if me sharing this information makes me “anti-vaccine”, then so be it. Educated, informed, thinking moms call it called something else. We call it…..informed consent. A choice. Imagine that? Being truly informed so that you can make an educated decision. Why aren’t we called “Pro-Think-for-Yourself?” Think about it. We have chosen to believe in a mindset that goes AGAINST what we are told to believe in. Last time I checked, that’s the not the easiest or most popular road to take. Going against the status quo involves a conscious decision. A decision that goes against what is considered “acceptable” and “right” and involves a mindset that is aware, well researched,  and confident. Every mother wants to protect her child. Even the educated mother who chooses not to vaccinate. Yep, that decision was made to protect her child. Thank God for choice.

This is why the topic will continue to be a debate. Because vaccines aren’t about choice. They are a bullying, scare tactic, propaganda, fear driven mandate, given with NO informed consent. Ever read a vaccine package insert?

Top 10 Vaccine Resources (a simple list to get you started on research):

1. Package Inserts. Who knew? Who knew a product that has been declared “unavoidably unsafe” would also come with package inserts that state that “adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting”

2. International Medical Council on Vaccination: The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an association of medical doctors, registered nurses and other qualified medical professionals whose purpose is to counter the messages asserted by pharmaceutical companies, the government and medical agencies that vaccines are safe, effective and harmless. Their conclusions have been reached individually by each member of the Council, after thousands of hours of personal research, study and observation.

3. Dr. Tenpenny on vaccines. She is one of the most outspoken physicians on vaccines. Her resources are endless. One of my favorites is her truth about the flu shot article.

4. Vaccine Epidemic is a must read book, featuring more than twenty-five experts from the fields of ethics, law, science, medicine, business, and history. Vaccine Epidemic urgently calls for reform. It is the essential handbook for the vaccination choice movement and required reading for all people contemplating vaccination for themselves and their children.

5. Vaccine Illusion. Written by a Harvard PhD immunologist. I love her forword: “I never imagined myself in this position, least so in the very beginning of my Ph.D. research training in immunology. In fact, at that time, I was very enthusiastic about the concept of vaccination, just like any typical immunologist. However, after years of doing research in immunology, observing scientific activities of my superiors, and analyzing vaccine issues, I realized that vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions the science could ever convince the world to accept”

6. National Vaccine Information Center. Excellent resource.

7. 200 Peer-reviewed Biomedical evidence on vaccine safety and effectiveness. Sourced from the US National Library of Medicine 

8. Dr. Palevsky, board certified pediatrician. Excellent interview here. This is one of my favorite interviews with him. Very eye opening.

9. The book Vaccine Safety Manual for Concerned Families and Health Practitioners, contains over 2,000 published studies. The amazing foreword written by world renown brain surgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock.

10. The Thinking Moms Revolution Book. Should be a pre-requisite read before having a baby. Go buy it. Now.

I leave with you this….get out there and speak the truth. Even if your voice shakes. The world is waiting for you….

Measles Shmeasles Goes to Disneyland

Ya’ll seriously. I just read this headline “Disneyland Measles Outbreak Linked To Anti-Vaccine Movement”. This can’t be real life. First, the term “Anti-Vaccine Movement” was created by the very people who caused it. Such a joke.


I’ve written on this topic oh you know a bazillion times already.
You can read a few of those most popular posts here: Measles Shmeasles, Why All The Measles Outbreaks and Thanks, Pharma. You created the “anti-vaccine movement”



In 1967, during a measles campaign, the CDC said: “Effective use of this vaccine during the coming winter and spring should insure the eradication of measles from the United States in 1967”. The cutesy slogan read “Stop measles with just one shot”.

Well that was 47 years ago. And now a child entering Kindergarten needs 3 measles shots.

The measles vaccine is now given as a 3 in 1 shot, the MMR.
In 2011, we added a third MMR vaccine onto the childhood schedule, and also put it on the adult vaccination program as a regular booster.

What happened to eradicating measles by 1967 and only needing “just one shot”?

Good ole measles.


Scientists believe that measles can be eradicated by vaccinating 80% -100% of the population. Theoretically, such “herd” immunity will interrupt measles transmission and end epidemics.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that “immunization coverage of 2 year olds at 80% may be sufficient to prevent sustained measles outbreaks in urban communities”. This is what is referred to as “herd immunity”. So for the sake of the MYTH OF HERD IMMUNITY, let’s break down some numbers.

-We need about 80% of people (children) to be vaccinated to achieve herd immunity and prevent outbreaks.

-The federal government targets 90% childhood vaccination rates.

-Nationwide, Americans are hitting or exceeding that goal for measles, mumps and rubella; for polio; for hepatitis B; and for varicella

-The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said childhood immunization levels are near or above national targets of 90%. 

-Published August 29, 2014, the results of the 2013 NIS indicate that “vaccination coverage among children increased relative to 2012 NIS estimates and less than 1% of children had not received any vaccinations. No change was observed in the percentage of children who received no vaccinations”

Let me repeat: CHILDHOOD immunization levels are near or ABOVE National targets of 90%. And according to NIS statistics published by the CDC, less than 1% of children not received any vaccines. 


Have you ever realized that the “anti-vaccination movement” is ONLY directed at the unvaccinated children? What about the adults? At least half the population, that is the generation x and baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of the diseases for which they had been vaccinated for very early in life. At least 50 percent of the population has been unprotected for decades.

Let me repeat: we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50 percent or less of the population having vaccine protection.

Herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades, and no resurgent epidemics have occurred.

But who cares right? Let’s just continue to blame “outbreaks” on what used to be called the “people who refuse to vaccinate their children”, which has now been turned into the “anti-vaccine movement”. That less than 1% (some estimate 2%) of children are unvaccinated. It would make more sense to blame outbreaks on the adult population (who never contracted measles naturally) but received a measles vaccine as a child. Ask them when the last time they received a measles vaccine? I doubt they are “up to date”.

But instead we preach herd immunity. Our target levels for children are on track. Adults are not. We tried an adult schedule and no-one really complies. So we blame the teeny tiny percent of unvaccinated children.



It’s called Pharma. And to them I say…wake up Pharma. Wake the hell up. There is no such thing as an “anti-vaccine movement”. You created it. You got greedy and added 49 vaccines to the childhood schedule before a child starts Kindergarten. You created an entire generation of sick children. We know them as vaccine injured child. Guess what? These children ARE vaccinated. You know, the GREATER GOOD. The parents believed the lie. They did what they were told. They took their kids in for the shots. They were as pro-vaccine as it gets. This movement you’ve created is not about the 25 measles cases at Disneyland. This movement is called truth. And it will never lose steam. Not until you stop harming and injuring children. This movement is only growing. This movement is just getting it’s steam. Your “anti-vaccine movement label”, it fuels us.

So go find another scare tactic. Your “measles outbreak” scare tactics aren’t fooling anyone.


“It is preposterous to think that a child who is vaccinated no longer carries the bacteria or the viruses that they have been vaccinated against. If, in fact, children are vaccinated, then why are parents and public health authorities afraid that non-vaccinated children are somehow carrying something that their children are not, when they should feel comfortable that their children are vaccinated? You can’t have it both ways…

You can’t vaccinate believing that your children are protected and then feel that your children are not protected because somehow, some non-vaccinated child is carrying some secret organism that no-one else is carrying. You can’t have it both ways. It just doesn’t make any sense”. -–Dr. Palevsky, board certified pediatrician in New York


Measles was a disease that if contracted naturally, permanent and lifelong immunity would be gained. Before the measles vaccine, mothers who contracted measles naturally would develop protective antibodies and passes those along to her baby who would then be naturally protected from measles for the first 15 months of life. Measles was never a risk to babies. Before the vaccine was introduced, less than half of 1% of babies contracted measles. Less than half of 1%.

Today, 30% of all measles cases are in babies less than one year of age.
The age in which children are most at risk from measles.

We took a relatively mild viral childhood illness, that when contracted naturally, served a greater purpose; gave life-long specific immunity to measles, passed protective antibodies to our babies during pregnancy, gave life-long non-specific immunity to degenerative diseases of bone and cartilage, sebaceous skin diseases, immunoreactive diseases and certain tumours, and protected us from asthma and allergies…all of that prevented by the natural measles disease.

AND we traded it for a manmade, fake, temporary, and ineffective vaccine, which isn’t even able to be administered to a baby for “protection” until they are 12-15 months. AFTER the age in which measles is most “dangerous”.


Yes, it can be in malnourished children living in undeveloped countries.
Yes, it can be impoverished areas with poor nutrition and no sanitation.
And no the vaccine is still not the answer. Malnourished children living in impoverished areas need food and clean water. Not a measles vaccine.

A study was done on African children with measles. Half the children received vitamin A, the second group received the routine treatment. Guess what group faired better? Mortality rates in the Vitamin A group were cut in half.

“Data shows that one-third to one-half of the millions of deaths in children across the world, caused by measles, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, AIDS, & malaria, are due to undernutrition, not undervaccination”

In a healthy, nourished child in America, measles is a relatively mild childhood illness that passes without complication.

The truth is, 1 in about 10,000 (not 1,000) may develop inflammation of the brain. However 1 in 50 kids with autism suffer from inflammation of the brain. The MMR vaccine package insert for the measles vaccine actually lists inflammation of the brain as a side effect from the vaccine. Go read the package insert. It’s called encephalitis. Caused by the measles vaccine. Not caused by the natural measles virus.

And to think… the measles death rate had declined on it’s own by 98% before the measles vaccine was introduced. Does the incidence rate when the vaccine was introduced even matter? We are still dealing with incidence rates in 2015. Measles was NEVER a deadly disease when we introduced the vaccine. And vaccines were meant to “save millions of lives”.


Have you ever noticed when a major news outlet reports on the newest measles outbreak that is always caused by the unvaccinated, that the articles always end with sentences such as:
“Fortunately, all measles cases passed without complications, as is usually the cases with measles”.
“Most patients recover after an unpleasant but relatively uneventful period of sickness”

Heck all you have to do is watch tv episodes from back in the day when measles was a laughing matter on tv and referred to by the CDC as “a mild childhood illness”? Before the holy vaccine God turned measles into a big, bad, scary, deadly disease that should most certainly always be blamed on the unvaccinated.

Oh hey did you know outbreaks still occur in communities where 97% of the population is “protected”? But who cares about that…let’s just keep saying “herd immunity” and make them think it’s normal that it’s taken longer than 47 years to eradicate. Let’s call it the “ANTI-VACCINATION MOVEMENT”.



I can give my child 9 shots (3 doses of a 3-in-1 shot) for a disease that is not deadly, that a child is more likely to catch if they are vaccinated, that doesn’t offer permanent immunity, and that has high risks associated with the shot including seizures, encephalitis, blood disorders, sensory impairments, learning disabilities, immune system suppression, inflammatory bowel disease, inflammation of the brain, and many other severe allergic reactions.

Nope. I’ll just stick with my anti-vaccination movement label. And head off to Disneyland…





Shots Are NOT Mandatory for School!

Nothing fires me up more than when I see parents getting bullied about VACCINE CHOICE. I get the vaccine controversy. I’m not arguing the controversy. I’m fighting for TRUTH over the simple fact that parents have a CHOICE.

The truth is that SHOTS ARE NOT MANDATORY FOR SCHOOL. It is a simple truth that unfortunately even our school systems and school administrators do NOT understand.


I first wrote on this topic in a guest blog post for Modern Alternative Mama, in an article titled “No Shots, No School, Not True”. You can read the original article (HERE), although I’m going to share a lot from it again on this blog post.

For the past few years I have been trying to work with my children’s school over the letter that is sent home to children with incomplete shot records. The letter typically reads like….”Your child _______ will not be able to return to school by this date _______if they are not up to date on their shots”. Lie, lie, lie. Bullying. And against the law.

Where is the mention of “your child either needs to turn in a completed shot record OR sign an exemption form”. Why isn’t the exemption form listed as an option? OR. SIGN. AN. EXEMPTION. FORM. (5 words). Adding just these 5 simple words would represent TRUTH. Would represent CHOICE. And would actually be representing the LAW. Why isn’t the law represented? Why is ok to bully a parent into thinking they have NO CHOICE. Did you know every school is required by law to provide exemption forms?

Not only are vaccines are not “required” for school attendance. But did you know it is against the law to deny a child an education because of shots? AGAINST. THE. LAW.

I have gone over this with the school system for 4 years now. I have even helped them re-write the exemption forms to keep up with the current LAW.

In my state of Louisiana, the current law is: Under Louisiana Revised Statues 17:170 Sec E, families can claim exemption from vaccines, for philosophical/personal, religious, and medical reasons.

In the state of Louisiana, a philosophical exemption can simply read:

Statement of Exemption:

Under Louisiana Revised Statutes 17:170 Sec E, I hereby claim exemption from the immunization requirement for Philosophical/Personal reasons.

(Statement of dissent for philosophical/personal reasons.)

I understand that in the event of an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease at the location of the educational institution or facility the student attends, the administrators of the educational institution or facility, upon the recommendation of the office of public health, may exclude the student from attendance until the incubation period has expired or I present evidence of immunization.
_____________________________ Student signature
_____________________________ Date
_____________________________ Parent or Guardian’s signature (if required)

exemption formThis is a picture of the exemption form sent home from my children’s school. I’ve blacked out the letterhead showing parish and school name for privacy reasons. But as you can see very basic and simple. 

That’s it.

I have asked my children’s school to please provide this exemption option to parents at 1. School Registration 2. When the school sends the incomplete shot record letters home and 3. Please attach a copy of this exemption form.

I do not think these are unnecessary requests since it is the LAW after all.

Last year, when my children received yet again another letter informing us that they could not return back to school by a certain date if they were not “up-to-date” on their shots, I called the school office and spoke with school administration. I asked why the exemption form was still not being included in these letters? I felt like we had a very positive discussion and looked forward to see the appropriate changes made.

Fast forward to present time. Yesterday my children came home with a hand written note from the school nurse, including ONLY the exemption forms attached for me to sign. Wow! Thinking I had finally made a difference with what is sent home to parents….not. Sure enough I received emails from other parents who were sent home the “your child can’t return back to school by 12/1/14 without a complete shot record” and NO exemption form. What?!? One parent asked: “What are my options to stop getting bullied by the school about vaccinations?”

First, there has got to be consistency in what the school sends home to EVERY family. Don’t send me the exemption form just to shut me up. I don’t do what I do only for my children. I fight this fight for ALL kids. For ALL parents to know they have a choice. For ALL parents to know their rights. For ALL parents to know the LAW. For ALL parents to know truth.

The schools need to stop this bullying tactic of telling a parent that their child cannot return to school by a certain date without a complete shot record. And they need to start providing parents with the accurate representation of the law, which also provides parents with truth and a choice.

Parents have a CHOICE. Vaccines are NOT Mandatory.


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.10.59 PMNational Vaccine Information Center, screen shot taken 11/6/2014


In the book, Vaccination is NOT Immunization, written by Dr. O’Shea he shares:

Mandated means that there are laws about something.

Mandatory means you have to do something or other. Two entirely different concepts. Vaccines are mandated, but they are not mandatory, as school officials like to pretend.

There are exemptions from vaccination, in every state. Mississippi & West Virginia are the only states that don’t allow Religious and only allow Medical exemptions.

1. All states have a medical exemption.

2. All states allow a religious exemption to vaccination except Mississippi and West Virginia.

3. Philosophical exemption.  The following 17 states allow exemption to vaccination based on philosophical, personal or conscientiously held beliefs: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

Proof of Immunity
Some states will allow exemptions to vaccination for certain diseases if proof of immunity can be shown to exist. Immunity can be proven if you or your child have had the natural disease or have been vaccinated. You have to check your state laws to determine which vaccines in your state can be exempted if proof of immunity is demonstrated.

Private medical laboratories can take blood (a titer test) and analyze it to measure the level of antibodies, for example, to measles or pertussis that are present in the blood. If the antibody level is high enough, according to accepted standards, you have obtained proof of immunity and may be able to use this for an exemption to vaccination, so your child does not need their umpteenth booster shot.

Every school is required by law to provide exemption forms. But they don’t.  You must know about your state’s exemption form before hand.  And don’t be surprised when you find yourself teaching the school officials about a law they don’t know exists.


*To learn more about vaccine laws in each state and what each exemption means, The National Vaccine Information Center provides links to each states laws (HERE)
*Vactruth writes an article titled: “Your Child Does NOT Have To Be Vaccinated To Attend School, Here’s Why…”, you can read that article (HERE)
*One of the most thorough sites I’ve found where you can click on your State and find sample exemption forms, sample exemption letters, etc… Click (HERE)


A Full Circle Moment in Bloggy World!

I can definitely say that this past weekend was a full circle moment for my blog. When I first started writing this blog, I hoped that my closest and friends and family would read it. That was as far as my expectations went. I thought…well if I can just get my closest friends to read my vaccine research, then hopefully I can help them with their decision. I honestly had no idea this blog would one day be read by millions of people, that I would form relationships and friendships with many of my readers all over the world, and that would day I would travel to meet them. Wow!

First let me say….YOU GUYS ROCK!!! I absolutely adore my bloggy friends that read this blog and the community of friendships that have been formed. You guys are the reason why I will never quit writing (even when I want to, which is often). You confirm, validate, and encourage me to keep going.

This past weekend I was able to travel with my friend Danielle to teach oil classes. We traveled to and through 7 different states. I knew I was going to be teaching classes for members in my downline that signed up for YL through my blog, but I wanted I didn’t realize was the amazing testimonies and stories and friendships that would come from it. And that the people who I often refer to as “blog readers” are real life, awesome, amazing people that I get to hug and cry with and talk to and get to know as friends! How cool is that?

Meeting my blog readers face to face and hearing their stories of how this blog has changed their way of thinking, their vaccine decisions, their health choices, and hearing their stories testimonies was simply amazing. It was a full circle moment for sure. This blog talks about many things: family life, adoption, health, vaccines, and oils to name a few. Never did I think that oils would allow me to meet the people who this blog has touched face to face. Many of whom have been touched by my vaccine posts. Wow!!!

Many of the mothers I meet are mothers of vaccine injured children who just want to thank me for being a voice to them. To you guys, I say YOU ARE MY HEROS! When I started my Lioness Arising Series, it was my way to try to give a voice to the autism community. I quickly fell in love with this community and formed many friendships with mommas of vaccine-injured children from all over the world. Your stories literally break my heart and are one of the main reasons why I will never stop fighting for truth. And then there’s The Thinking Moms Revolution. A community of amazing thinkers who many of them have become dear friends to me. I always say I can’t imagine anything worse than knowing that I know that I know that I know what happened to my child, and the rest of the world denies it. I love that The Thinking Moms Revolution is changing the mindsets of many people.

Full Circle Moment: 2 years ago I shared Thinking Moms co-founder, Kim Spencer, sons story of vaccine injury and recovery in my Lioness Arising Series. Never would I have imagined that we would become dear friends, and two years later I’d be traveling 10 hours to spend the weekend at her house, meeting her son, and being cooked for and waited on by her. Haha! Just kidding! Thanks Kim for all the meals and opening your home to us. I love you and your precious family! What a special weekend it was to meet Patrick. Wow! Recovery is real and beautiful. Patrick, age 14, now makes handmade American flags out of wood, steel rods, nuts, and bolts. These flags are amazing. I bought one from him. This American flag will forever hang in my yard as a special reminder that what started out as a simple blog for family and friends has turned into a one of the most special avenues that I have, where I get to travel and meet these amazing heros face to face!

photo 1 (26)

photo 2 (21)

Many of the other mothers I meet are mothers who were searching for truth. Either they had vaccine safety & efficacy questions or they were noticing something in their child after a round of shots and their instinct was speaking to them, one way or another they found this blog. Their stories are amazing. I wish I could share them all!

The past 5 years of writing this blog has been something that is hard to put into words. The loss of friendships when I decided to fist start writing about vaccines was heartbreaking for me. The death threats and hate mail, also not fun. And then the recent FDA adventure. I’m not going to go into details, but for those of you that read this blog regularly, you will see that every blog post I’ve ever written on essential oils is no longer on this blog. You can thank our friends at the FDA for that. Working with a legal team is not something I ever though would happen as a blog writer.  Last week I was ready to be done with this blog forever. And then I took this recent trip and met dozens of blog readers who shared their personal stories of what this blog has meant to them and how it’s changed their families radically, and it was confirmed once again that this is a God-given passion and I will continue to write, even when I don’t want to. The Lord is so sweet and gracious in that He showed me a glimpse into the impact that this blog has made and it was exactly what I needed to keep going. I’m so thankful to serve a faithful God that redeems, refreshes, and restores us. “For He who calls you is faithful, and He will do it” -1 Thessalonians 5:24

I often think of this God-given passion that was given to me. Write about vaccines. Yikes! I know many, many, many friends that do not vaccinate, but they also don’t share or talk or write about it. Sometimes I’m envious of that. I wish I could hide in my own little bubble with my 5 kids, knowing that the decisions that we have made for our families health work for us, and that’s all that matters. But that’s not the case for me. I write about one of the most controversial topics and it’s not always what I want to do. I opened up recently in a post called “Blog Bullies and Hate Mail”, where I share the ugly truth of what bloggers like me deal with when speaking out about vaccines. But the Lord is faithful and constantly refreshing me and this past weekend tangibly showing me that my efforts are not in vain, but are truly helping others.

For those of you that I met this past weekend, thank-you! Thank-you for sharing your story with me. I pray that I can continue to educate, inspire, and encourage you all to follow your instincts and continue to make the health choices that feel right and work best for you and your family!

Really though, this blog is NOT AT ALL ABOUT ME. This is a God thing. And to HIM, ALL THE GLORY!

“Now to Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us. To HIM be the glory” -Ephesians 3:20

Yay for truth!
xoxo, Jessica